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Grazi Massafera and her daughter, Prince Charles, Rafa Brites and Felipe Andreoli have already visited Alter do Xao.

Grazi Massafera and her daughter, Prince Charles, Rafa Brites and Felipe Andreoli have already visited Alter do Xao.

Those looking for tranquility, beautiful beaches on the banks of one of Brazil’s most famous rivers, and outdoor adventures will love what Alter do Xao has to offer. The village is located in the municipality of Santarém, in Para, and has been gaining popularity among Brazilian tourists in the last decade, earning the title of the Brazilian Caribbean, a definition that matches the destination.

Samara Felippo, Gisele Batista, Windersson Nunez, Principe Charles, Grazi Massafera, Felipe Andreoli and Rafa Brites are some of the celebrities who have already visited to appreciate the exuberant nature of this place and the huge stretches of sand that cross the fresh waters. This place is also visited by famous international figures, one of the most memorable visits is the visit of Prince Charles in 2009.

With its beautiful beaches, magnificent forests and regions of impressive biodiversity, Alter do Xao is one of the top Brazilian destinations for those who want to enjoy top-notch ecotourism. This place is also preferred by those who are versed in sustainable tourism. This contact with nature can be enhanced on trails, mountain peaks and even sports such as canoeing on the region’s serene waters.

The culture in the region is strong, be it the cuisine or the different carimbo presentations that bring the city to life. Good beach infrastructure and a large number of bars and restaurants by the sea make this destination even more favorable for those who want to enjoy it in silence.

It is better to choose Alter do Chao during the dry season to get to the most demarcated beaches. However, the flood period is considered the most beautiful because it brings out the natural landscapes of the village to the maximum; however, this is the period when it rains the most and may prevent some tours from taking place.

How to get to Alter do Chao?

The only way to get to Santarem is via Belen, Manaus and Brasilia. With a departure from Sao Paulo, you can find flights from 2 thousand reais *. Arrival is via Santarem International Airport – Maestro Wilson Fonseca.

From there you can get to Alter do Xao by public transport. Take the bus that leaves from Avenida Tapajós and then take another bus to Praça Barão de Santarém. The journey takes about 40 minutes. Those who want more convenience can opt for a taxi or transfer, but prices can be higher.

If you are leaving Manaus or Belém and have time, it is worth considering taking a boat to Alter do Xao.

What to do in Alter do Chao?

Tapajos River

It is one of the most famous rivers in Brazil as it flows into the Amazon River. The Tapajos section passes through Santarém where it has a strong meaning and a strong presence. The surroundings of the river are home to mangroves and fauna that can be explored by walking or diving.

You can also go on a cruise of up to five days or take a trip of several hours in a speedboat, boat or canoe. Tours can be arranged from agencies on the outskirts of Santarem. You can visit with a guide or choose the areas of the beaches.

Ponta da Pedra beach

The beach is located on the banks of the Tapajos River and is one of the most famous in Alter do Xao. This is one of the areas with the most beautiful scenery in the village, mainly due to the rock formations that surround part of the coast and frame the green sea. A good program is to cross the Tapajos towards the Jari Canal where the friendly local community lives. It is recommended to stay there long enough to have lunch, as the variety of restaurants on site will add to the experience.

Pindobal beach

This beach is considered the most popular among tourists. Reason: The region is synonymous with decompression and tranquility. When you get there, just give yourself up to the clear and calm waters and enjoy the charming stalls. Praia do Pindobal is also a popular destination at night, with concert halls, restaurants and carimbo performances thrilling the region.

Tapajos National Forest

Also known as Flona, ​​this is a complex that has almost 70 meters tall trees that represent kapok and streams. It is an ideal place for hikers who enjoy hiking and activities that provide a connection with nature and the forest. The forest is divided between the communities of Maguari and Jamaracua, each with different trails. Get ready to embark on a journey between vineyards, lakes and beaches.

Island of love

Excellent infrastructure and the charm of a small peninsula on the Tapajos river make this place unforgettable. Ilha do Amor is on the outskirts of the city with white sands and crystal clear waters. In addition to being a good place to relax, you can sample the local cuisine at the stalls or enjoy sports such as canoeing and footvolley. The morning program is to take advantage of the early hours of the day to hike to Serra da Piraoca, from where you can see some points of Alter do Xao de Cima.

* Prices are correct as of May 6, 2022.

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