a serial killer is on the prowl in Sète, and Aurore and William discover Brigitte and Pierre’s secret (Summary of DNA Episode 1177)

“Tomorrow is ours” preview, detailed recap and spoilers for DNA Tuesday May 3, 2022 Episode 1177. In your daily series an investigation is opened after Violette’s suspicious death. The police believe they have found the culprit. Victor plays the art dealers. The secret of Pierre and Brigitte is revealed


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The summary of Tomorrow is ours from Monday 2 May 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Tomorrow’s Ours: Recap of Episode 1177 from Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Aurore and William discover the truth

Pierre and Brigitte spent the night at the hotel and in the early morning they recall with some amusement the reactions of William and Bénédicte when they received confirmation the day before that their mother did indeed have a lover.

Bénédicte and William are worried, because it is almost eleven o’clock and their mother is not home yet. They fear that Brigitte has run into someone who wants to harm her, a con man who has taken advantage of her naivety. Etienne reminds them that their mother is anything but a fragile thing. When Brigitte comes home, she assumes she has spent the night with her lover and tells her children that she doesn’t care what they think.

But William and Bénédicte still want to know more about this famous lover. Aurore and her husband conduct their investigation and are amazed to discover the truth. Aurore’s father and William’s mother have an affair. For her part, confided in Dorian, Manon is stunned. She knows very well that her grandfather is still in love with Brigitte and that he is only waiting for one thing, which is that she will return to Paris. Manon calls on the field of Régis. She tells him that Brigitte is starting to see someone. Régis decides to take the first train the next morning.


Victor wants to light up Christelle

Victor has not lost sight of his goal and continues to manipulate Christelle. During a conversation with her, he learns that the Morenos want to invest in a pied-à-terre in Paris. Christelle becomes curious when Victor tells her that there are other more interesting investments. During his break, Victor admires paintings on the Internet when Timothée visits him. He congratulates himself in front of his son that his plan goes exactly as planned. Timothée is afraid that his father will return to prison. Victor promises not to hurt anyone. After his work he finds a gallery owner friend who made copies of works of art in the past. He stopped playing counterfeiters because his gallery is doing very well. In addition, he is about to sell a painting for 200,000 euros to a wealthy heir to Golf. Victor is eager to have a copy and regrets that his friend is no longer playing the counterfeiter, especially since he has found the ideal person. His gallerist friend is tempted.

Victor contacts Christelle to tell her about this master painting, signed by a colorist painter whose online appreciation continues to rise. He convinces her to go to the gallery to see this painting. Sophie overheard Victor’s conversation and soon realizes that he wants to sell a reproduction of a work of art for the price of the original. She warns him of the risks, namely two years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros. But Victor claims to the lawyer that he is dealing with an enlightened collector who is not the type to be manipulated. In the gallery, Christelle was seduced by the artwork, but the price of 200,000 euros scared her off. Victor pretends to try to convince the gallery owner to make an effort for the prize. The latter offers Christelle to sell him the canvas for 160,000 euros. Christelle wants to take the time to think.

Violet was murdered

The florist, Violette Lenoir, was found dead in her shop the previous evening. It was Alex Bertrand who made this macabre discovery. The scientific police are sent to the scene. Sara is a little moved. Violette was a guest at her mother’s hotel and over time Beatrice and the florist had become friends. Investigators say it was a murder. Violette’s body has been manipulated post mortem. The killer carefully installed the florist with her arms folded so that the police would find her in this position. But researchers have no clues yet. The store was not equipped with cameras and no one saw or heard anything.

Alex didn’t sleep much last night. Every time he closes his eyes, he sees the florist again, with outstretched arms. Violette’s death also comes as a shock to Chloe, who has also spent a lot of time with the florist for Bart and Louise’s wedding in recent days. Alex thinks Violette was killed because she wasn’t in a natural position when he found her. Besides, the more he thinks, the more convinced he is that he heard a noise when he entered his shop.

Béatrice goes to the police station to give her testimony. She always felt that Violette’s friend was bullying her. Violette had recently left him and Beatrice felt she was afraid of him. Béatrice came to visit her at the store a few weeks earlier and her friend arrived just as she was about to leave. Violette did everything she could to stop her. Béatrice, a former victim of domestic violence, understood that her friend did not want to be alone with him. When she tried several times to broach the subject with Violette, she withdrew into herself as if ashamed. Béatrice blames herself for not pushing and pushing Violette to file a complaint. Sara assures her mother that the only culprit is her boyfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

According to the initial findings of the coroner, Violette died of cardiac arrest. According to her sister, she had no family history. Violette’s medical record shows nothing alarming, just a few old wrist fractures. After death, a bruise appeared on Violette’s face. Investigators conclude that someone beat him before poisoning him and faked his corpse. Damien wouldn’t be surprised if toxic substances are found in the florist’s blood.

Chloe has decorating ideas to present to Bart and Louise for their wedding. Louise offers Vanessa to watch with them, but the latter refuses. Vanessa often passed by the flower shop and she is a little touched by her death. Tristan for his part is happy. Gaëlle and he had a great weekend. But Gaëlle is distant when Tristan wants to kiss her in the shop. The pastry chef explains to him that she does not find this professional and then she does not like to put on a show in her shop. Gaëlle then receives a notification on her phone. Thanks to an info alert, she discovers that Violette’s death is suspicious and is shocked. Tristan wants to reassure. The police soon find out who the killer is.

A DNA found on Violette leads investigators directly to Carl, the victim’s ex-boyfriend. He is known to the police for acts of violence against his ex-girlfriend ten years ago. Sara and Karim leave to question him, but Carl makes misogynistic comments when the young woman asks him to explain his scratches on his face. The two officers take him to the police station.

During this time, the killer is still at large and about to return to the deed. In the last seconds of the episode, the latter takes a rose from a refrigerated cupboard, which also contains bottles of digitalis. Digitalis, however, comes from foxglove, a plant that is extremely poisonous and can cause death.

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