A Varoise said she was near death: Reality TV candidates denounce cosmetic surgeon’s actions

On December 13, 2021, the Varoise Emilie Amar, an influencer who took part in the show in particular Reality TV Angels 9resembled a video message broadcast on social networks.

She was hospitalized and followed by the Infectiology Department of Saint-Anne Hospital after an injection in the buttocks performed at a private clinic in Paris, then said she was suffering from a painful situation.

The treatment damaged my liver and I have drug hepatitisshe explains, warning about the dangers of these injections.

She then indicated that she weighed only 45 kg and had to eat 600 calories of protein drinks to regain her strength.

According to the young woman, the infection was the result from a staphylococcus“who would resist antibiotics”after an injection in the buttock

She wouldn’t be the only one suffering from this kind of medical disappointment.

We are four [candidates de la téléréalité] in this case not to get out“, she assures. Between going back and forth to the hospital for five months and the treatment, her body weakens.

In her video, Emilie Amar indicates that her body can no longer withstand the effects of the drugs. †We don’t know how to proceed. The product, we cannot remove it (…). It’s not like hyaluronic acid that you inject into the lips and can remove it

A second candidate, Luna Skye (Les Marseillais), had been hospitalized in the United States following the same procedure, before being repatriated to France.

50,000 followers on Instagram

According to Le Parisien, cosmetic surgeon Benjamin Azoulay, known in the world of reality TV, is in turmoil after long research.

The 41-year-old man who has had several love affairs with candidates has worked in the reality TV world to redo the nose, breasts and buttocks of young women.

Followed by 50,000 subscribers on Instagram, he regularly exhibits photos of his patients.

The surgeon who works in the beautiful neighborhoods of the capital, according to Le Parisien, is involved with six patients, including two reality TV stars, who suffered serious complications after surgery between 2014 and 2022.

They condemn, with supporting photos and medical examinations,”failed interventions“an inhuman doctor”“, That “would operate in a daze”according to a survey by the national newspaper.

Banned from practicing for two years

Benjamin Azoulay has already had to cease his activities between 2017 and 2018 after he was sanctioned by the National Disciplinary Chamber of the Order of Physicians with a two-year ban from practicing, one of which has been suspended for repeatedly “violating medical secrecy and discredit the profession”.

He had a famous Youtuber film the intervention of several patients. At that time, before the decree of December 22, 2020, advertising of medicines was banned in France.

A product that is injected into the muscles

Influencer Luna Skye, 26, seen on the reality show “Les Marseillais”, raised the alarm after injections of Hyacorp, a hyaluronic acid gel, aimed at shaping her buttocks.

The young woman said she had eight hospitalizations, two of which were in intensive care. Because according to the MRI, the surgeon injected him with the product into the muscles, which can cause a deadly risk of embolism.

On her YouTube channel, the starlet told how she got this operation, before the shooting of W9, in June 2021.

She explains that she met the doctor during the birthday of one of her friends in Dubai, when he gave her injections in a bedroom of the villa she was in.

At the end of the summer I got little purple spots and dots‘ she says in her video.

This is followed by nausea, insurmountable pain. While in the United States, she needs to be cared for and pays a heavy price.

Today she is still not healed and she talks about her discomfort daily.

Very “intimate” interventions

Le Parisien met other young women such as Cindy, 26, whose nose surgery didn’t go as planned, as well as a 28-year-old ex-patient, who suffered a hemorrhage after shrinking small vulval lips.

Reality TV candidate Maeva Ghennam had also sparked controversy by praising this intimate operation on social networks.

I think it’s super important to have a nice vagina. Like me, I’m lucky, I have a very nice vagina, I don’t have protruding lips, but you have to keep it up. So it’s too good. Like it’s like I’m 12 years old like”she announced.

What the Doctor Says: “I’m Not God”

On Thursday, May 5, the day the Paris study was published, Dr. Benjamin Azoulay posted a story on Instagram of a series of photos titled “Vyou are going to watch a demonstration of buttock injections

The cosmetic surgeon has responded with the Parisian to all the allegations leveled against him.

I am not God. Complications are part of the job. There is no surgeon who has not experienced complications in his career” while specifying that he operated on over 6,000 patients and had few complications.

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