Accelerating ‘Arena Viva’, Allianz Parque opens its doors to its fans with its new venues and restaurants – Sports

opened in 2014, Allianz Park Speeds up a bid of goods before it is opened by the team. Palm trees: In fact, it becomes a multi-purpose place where people can be in workplaces, shops and restaurants.. A Towerresponsible for the construction and management of the stadium in the west of São Paulo. home of paulistano, not just palmeirense fans.

Since the pandemic subsided, WTorre has intensified “Arena Viva”, a project created to change the relationship visitors have with the stadium from different experiences, in addition to Palmeiras games, field events and music shows. The plan is to make the arena a multi-purpose place in the city, as the club is entitled to a sum ranging from 10% to 25%, given its potential to attract the public and generate revenue for the construction company, as well as for Palmeiras. fun. The idea is to take paulistano into the arena. Let him spend a few hours there consuming what Allianz has to offer. For this, there are regions where there is a lot of human mobility.

“What I saw when I arrived was that on concert and match days Allianz was recognized as the best arena in town, but the other 300 days of the year it was empty,” says Cláudio Macedo, 38-year-old CEO of Wtorre Entretenimento. an interview with Estadao. He took office at the end of 2020 and has since been working to strengthen this initiative, which was created before the arrival of the executive for further opening of the stadium, but was temporarily suspended.

“Allianz has a special feature to be multi-purpose. This is an important area of ​​São Paulo, there are a lot of people walking around, but the stadium is underutilized in terms of square meters. I thought: How can I maximize this? Arena Viva concept, “It came in the days when there were no games and shows,” he explains..

The idea is to make full use of the stadium, attracting people as well as tourists from São Paulo with new experiences that have been created recently. Today, Allianz has 500-seat co-working spaces – English, co-working spaces -, a vantage point park, event space for up to 2500 people, and three restaurants on the third floor: the Japanese restaurant Nagairô. Mustard, an American-style snack bar that has been in existence since 2017, and Braza, a steakhouse run by chef Giovanni Renê, winner of the third season of the gastronomic reality show Top Chef Brasil.

Soon, La Coppa will join them for Italian food. All these gastronomic areas are operated by GSH, the concessionaire of the food division of Allianz Parque. They are in cabins, facing the lawn, and are also open on concert and match days, but in sealed packages with food and drink included.

The inspiration for the model comes from the outside. Macedo lived in the United States for seven years, where he earned an MBA. There she realized that sporting events in different modalities are also entertainment shows. “It’s a very interesting thing that people Orlando Magic (also NBA) he said to me, ‘Claudio, you are very lucky to have a football field in Brazil because the fans have already put on a show. There is no such thing in the United States. “They need to create a show to attract the crowd,” he says.

The manager says he doesn’t identify with a single arena and entertainment option he’s visited in the United States. It claims to capture a concept of each place. “He also brought in a lot of concepts from theme parks like Disney and Universal,” he exemplifies. The challenge, according to him, is to give the visitor an immersive experience, both in football and in entertainment.

“I already see Allianz Parque as the home of Palmeiras, I also see it as the home of Sao Paulo. This is Palmeiras’ home and will continue to be, but today non-Palmeiras already have an emotional attachment to the stadium where they live. shows and other experiences”, says CEO of WTorre Entretenimento.

Macedo often tells his team that Allianz must always stay ahead of its competitors in terms of innovation. More initiatives will be added to Arena Viva in the coming months. The stadium will feature a selfie museum, an “Instagrammable” space where you can take a picture of yourself, as the term suggests, and an NFT gallery, which are famous non-tradable tokens, digital items added to the crypto-asset universe.

In addition, the lighting at Allianz Parque will be replaced by LED lamps with DMX, which are used in the theater and events industry to control lighting equipment in special effects devices. It will come to life. The stadium faces competition from Shopping Bourbon, which is attached to its structure in the Pompeia district, but arena managers realize that things are not going their way.


Discussions and debates over the differences between Palmeiras and WTorre regarding the unusual contract model outlined by former president Luiz Gonzaga Belluzzo and signed by Arnaldo Tirone, which led to the opening of an arbitration process a few years ago, are a thing of the past. to the parties.. The construction company and the club understand each other very well these days. According to Macedo’s definition, the relationship is “friendly” beyond being peaceful.

“The relationship was already very good (Mauritius) Carry on with Galiotte and Leila (Pereira)“There is an understanding on our side today that Palmeiras is our main partner and Allianz is the home of Palmeiras. On the Palmeiras side, they understand that WTorre is very efficient as an operator. While other clubs are losing their stadiums, Palmeiras has income from the operation of the arena,” he adds. The figures were not disclosed.

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