AEW Dynamite Results for April 27, 2022

AEW Dynamite Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)

The commentators are Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur.

– Tonight is AEW Dynamite, the show kicks off with CM Punk arriving and taking his place with the commentators for the first game.

Qualification Owen Hart – Singles

Dax Harwood vs Cash Wheeler

At the end of the fight, Harwood hesitates to Sharpshoot his partner, Wheeler knocks him down with a quick count, but Harwood reverses the count in his favor to complete the three.

Gagnant: Dax Harwood

– After the fight, Harwood and Wheeler celebrate an FTR chant together.

– Commenters announce that Adam Hangman Page Defends His AEW Title Against CM Punk at Double or Nothing† CM Punk ringside with the microphone. Punk says Hax and Cash should be congratulated. He has never seen so much talent on a list. When he got here, he wondered if he could still do it. Now he’s here in Philadelphia and he knows the answer is he still can! He is a fan of Adam Hangman Page. Punk says all his matches were a warm-up for Double or Nothing. He cannot promise victory, but he promises that he will give 100% for the fans. Without us he would never have come back and he would never have had that match at Double or Nothing. The PPV will be in Las Vegas, he never liked to gamble, but if he put the money down it’s up to him. He will fight until the wheels fall off.

– Behind the scenes we find Dan Lambert and Scorpio Sky. Lambert says it’s no coincidence that Sky has their TNT title match. Sky says it’s no fluke that his Tag Team titles are winning, a Ladder Match Revolution win and a winning streak. He’s not here to complain, he credits Guevara for delivering great moments in Ladder Match. But tonight the fans are here to watch him beat Guevara. We can only have a TNT face and we look at it.

Trios competition

The factory (QT Marshall, Aaron Solo and Nick Comoroto) vs Blackpool Combat Club (Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta and Jon Moxley) accompanied by William Regal

At the end of the fight, Comoroto punches Yuta, Yuta knocks him down for submission. Marshall and Solo want to intervene, but Moxley and Danielson trap the two in Sleeper to block them. Yuta Blackslides Comoroto for the three counts.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club

– Backstage is Tony Schiavone with Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm to talk about the Owen Hart tournament. Baker says they want to talk tonight, not hits. Storm says Baker has a boyfriend and she too wants to introduce her boyfriend who is qualified. Ruby Soho arrives. Soho says that every time Baker has to come in, she seems insecure. Baker always has something to say, but it’s time for a change. Baker says she is hungry and goes to visit her house in the cafeteria.

– Back from the break, backstage Tony Schiavone is at Jurassic Express to provide commentary after last week’s loss. Jungle Boy says it’s hard because he knew he could finish the match, he sounds like a loser. Christian Cage says Jungle Boy is a loser, but he’s still a champion. It was a teaching moment. So he challenges the top 5 teams. Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs arrive. Starks says they are top 4, he wants the competition everywhere for the titles.

– We find MJF and Shawn Spears in a locker room. MJF says he sees a lot of women here. Does he know what women from Philadelphia use for birth control? Their personality! MJF is being booed. MJF says we’ll be even more frustrated when his man Archer goes to destroy the pig.

singles contest

Lance Sagittarius accompanied by Jake Roberts vs Wardlow

At the end of the fight, Archer Blackouts Wardlow and covers him, but he resists. Wardlow quickly counts him, but Archer resists. Archer punches him and props him up on the corner for another Blackout, but Wardlow pushes him back and sends him a Senton to cover him, but Archer resists. Wardlow continues with a Powerbomb. The crowd asks for another. Wardlow picks up Archer for another Powerbomb and another Powerbomb and another Powerbomb for the three counts.

Winner: Wardlow

– After the fight, Wardlow leaves with the guards.

– Back, the Jericho Appreciation Society arrives sur le ring† Angelo Parker says Tony Khan gave this time to JAS because he knows sports entertainment is good for business. Parker says they have given their word to Khan and they are giving it to the AEW galaxy, there will be no physical altercations in the ring between the clans. Eddie Kingston’s clan arrives in the ring. Jericho says we are lucky enough to live in the age of Jericho, despite the age of the planet. Meanwhile, he is thrown out of Rampage, even though people have paid to see him. He asks Eddie Kingston to apologize for that. Ortiz says he’s better than an apology. Ortiz reaches into his pocket and pulls out a middle finger. Santana also takes a middle finger out of her pocket. Santana says the problem is that Jericho turned on the two guys who know him best. Daniel Garcia says they’re having a hard time, but the threats aren’t important. It’s not like he can hit them.

Kingston says he doesn’t like that shit. Kingston throws the table and the objects. Kingston says they’ll get Jericho anyway. He has to stop his sports entertainer shit and they have to fight. Jericho says it’s 5 to 3. They are too stupid to understand that. So he will take care of them, one after the other. He’s going to give it a big kick. Kingston says one shot kills him. Jericho asks if Kingston is going to beat him to get fired and fired again at another company. So he wants to hit him? Kingston says he feels fear in Jericho. He better be ready to push someone into the ground.

– In a video, Sammy Guevara says that tonight he will have the chance to defeat Scorpio Sky for the third time while everyone has forgotten about him.

Philadelphia Street Fight

Serena Deeb vs Hikaru Shida

At the end of the fight, Shida Avalanches Falcon Arrow at Deeb and covers her, but she resists. Shida continues with a choke using the Kendo Stick, Deeb pushes her away using the ropes. Deeb sticks a finger in her eye and D-Toxes her on a chair to cover Shida, but she resists. Deeb bumps her knee on a chair and then proceeds with a Texas Cloverleaf to knock her out.

Winner: Serena Deeb via submission

– Backstage, Lexy Nair asks MJF and Shawn Spears for their reaction to Wardlow’s win. MJF yells at Lexy to leave. MJF says he’s calm because he has a plan. MJF calls a man who agrees to play a game for a lot of money. MJF says Wardlow will meet a bigger, stronger, smarter man and “you can’t learn that”.

– Back, the lights go out and we find Fuego Del Sol KO on the podium. The House of Black arrives on the scene. Malakai Black tells Del Sol who fought the wrong man. Black wants to take off his mask, but a man in the ring tells him it’s sacred to take off a luchador’s mask. He has been dressed like this for a long time to thwart them. Penta Oscuro comes on the scene with Pac! The man in the ring takes off his mask and it’s Rey Fenix † Fenix ​​wants to attack them with a shovel, but House of Black dodges it. The clash breaks out between the two clans. The Death Triangle Clan kicks House of Black out of the ring and then launches a suicide jump on them.

– For Friday will be announced on Rampage: Swerve Strickland vs Darby Allin for the qualifiers of the Owen Hart tournament. Behind the scenes, Tony Schiavone is with the two men to comment. Strickland says they are two rivals who have faced each other in the past, but Allin has come of age. Rampage becomes Swerve’s home again when he defeats him. Allin says Swerve can’t come to a company that says it’s his house. He has been here since day one and this is his home. On Friday he will show why it is his tournament.

10-Man Tag Team Match

Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson vs Dante Martin, Griff Garrison, Brian Pillman Jr, Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson

At the end of the fight Cole’s clan takes advantage and throws all the wrestlers out of the ring. They do a group BTE Trigger on Johnson and Cole completes with his Boom for the three count.

Winners: Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson

– After the fight, the Young Bucks agree to wear the Undisputed Elite t-shirt and celebrate with them.

– Behind the scenes we see the Jericho Appreciation Society attack Santana, Ortiz and Eddie Kingston. Jericho throws a fireball in Kingston’s face and the clan flees before security arrives.

– We’re adding for Rampage: Hook vs Danhausen, Jade Cargill, Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan vs Willow Nightingale, Trish Adora and Skye Blue, Colten Gunn vs Keith Lee and Samoa Joe vs Trent Beretta for the ROH World TV Championship. For next Wednesday at Dynamite: Deonna Purrazzo takes on Mercedes Martinez, Wardlow vs a mysterious opponent (Big Cass?), and Bobby Fish vs Jeff Hardy in the Owen Hart tournament.

– Back, the wrestlers arrive.

TNT Championship – Ladder Match

Scorpio Heaven accompanied by Dan Lambert and Ethan Page against Sammy Guevara (c) accompanied by Tay Conti

At the end of the fight, Sky goes up a ladder, Guevara launches a springboard, but Sky blocks him with a TKO from the top! Sky grabs a ladder wrapped in barbed wire and climbs into the ring. Sky takes him for a TKO, but Guevara pushes him away and Spanish Fly him up the barbed wire ladder! Lambert steps into the ring to check on Sky. Guevrara catches Lambert, Conti takes the opportunity to give him a Low Blow! Paige VanZant enters the ring to beat up Conti. VanZant turns around for a few seconds to celebrate with Sky, but Conti gives him a Running Kick. Guevara and Conti install the barbed wire ladder on cables. Sky surprises Guevara with a DDT and climbs the ladder, but Conti jumps onto his back. Guevara goes up on the other side, but VanZant jumps on his back. The two wrestlers go up the ladder and the girls fight at the same time. The girls fall. Sky and Guevara exchange blows at the top of the ladder, Guevara knocks him down. Guevara wants to take the title, but Sky knocks him off the barbed wire ladder! Sky climbs the ladder, but Guevara gets up within two seconds and kicks him. Sky knocks Guevara back to the ground and wins the TNT title!

Winner: Scorpio Sky – New TNT Champion

The show concludes with a celebration of Sky, Lambert and Page. Frankie Kazarian arrives in the ring to congratulate his friend Sky and confirm that he wants his promised TNT title match.

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