Alessandra Sublet confides in her chosen celibacy, and that feels good!

French journalist Alessandra Sublet poses for a photo interview ahead of Christian Dior's fashion show during the Spring/Summer 2018 Haute Couture Collection on January 22, 2018 in Paris.  / AFP PHOTO / Patrick KOVARIK (Photo credit should read PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP via Getty Images)

“I don’t suffer my loneliness”: Alessandra Sublet confides in her chosen celibacy, and that feels good! (Photo credit must read PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP via Getty Images)

In a recent interview with Paris Match, Alessandra Sublet returned to her new life in the south of France and the trajectory of her career. The chance also for the now actress to discuss her love life and her way of understanding motherhood, who has never been weighed down by narrow-minded criticism from some.

A few days ago, Alessandra Sublet announced that she would soon be resigning from her duties as a TV presenter to devote herself to other loves: comedy. On May 2, 2022, TF1 will broadcast “Handi Gang”, a TV movie in which it answers disabled swimmer Théo Curin. “The more I am told that this choice is insane, the more convinced I am that it is the right one. I purposely did not tell anyone about it. It is a decision that I have matured for a year,” confides Alessandra Sublet. the columns of Paris Match. Words true to what it has always been: candid, without concessions or filters. And this, even when it comes to talking about his more intimate life.

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A supposed lifestyle choice

“Do not believe that my 20-year career has been a long, calm river. They cost me two marriages, I think …” she launched a few days ago in an interview with Télé 7 jours. After a first marriage to Thomas Volpi, which ended in divorce in 2009, it was in the arms of Clément Misérez that Alessandra Sublet married in an ordinary marriage, until 2018. Together they had two children, Charlie, born in 2012, and Alphonse, born in 2014. Originally from Lyon, Alessandra Sublet saw this divorce as an opportunity to get away from the capital: “When we broke up with Clément and we talked about shared custody of our children, I realized I had nothing to had to do in Paris. I am provincial at heart.”

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From now on, it is in a house in the south of France that she runs more serene days. And having lived an idyll with Jordan Deguen for some time, Alessandra Sublet today tastes the joys of a desired celibacy, as today it is clearly still necessary to specify it. No, celibacy is not inevitable, regardless of age, social class, or the number of divorces and marriages. And that, even Alessandra Sublet’s entourage seems to doubt it, as she confided to Paris Match: “I’ve been single for a year, my friends make faces when I tell them, but I have my children, my friends, a lot of work, and I often wonder where I would fit a man in the middle of it all.” Single for a year, Alessandra Sublet now enjoys chosen solitude: “I had a very nice first life together, only I had my dose! It’s already hard to take care of yourself. So maybe I can remarry, but I won’t live under same roof as everyone else.”

Since she made the decision to leave Paris, the 45-year-old actress has been regularly confronted with the judgments of her relatives, who have doubts about her new life. Never mind, Alessandra Sublet isn’t the type to take offense: “They all think I’m crazy for creating a space to isolate myself, while it’s my home! J I’ve gained ten years since I’ve been here! This serenity is now more important than my professional future. I would go back for nothing in the world,” she assures in the columns of Paris Match. But sadly, it’s not Alessandra Sublet’s only choice that has been criticized by others…

“I will never have another child”

“Contrary to what some people think, I haven’t let my kids down! I’m going back to see them,” she insisted in her interview with Paris Match. When she no longer lives in Paris, Alessandra Sublet goes back and forth between the South and the capital. Be with her children every other week, who live with their father. In 2021, despite herself, the actress had raised real questions about the place of mothers in our societies. In explaining her choice not to live with her children, she had been the center of fierce criticism, all insidiously based on archaic and sexist precepts according to which a divorced mother must live under the same roof as her children. Conversely, a father who does not live with his children will never be chosen so much. Of course.

Faced with criticism, Alessandra Sublet responded quickly in the columns of Le Parisien, in June 2021: “Fortunately, I can choose my life, without worrying about the judgment of others! I go to my children every other week, like many divorced I want them to stay in their house, with their friends, with their school.” The host had also reassured the brooding minds: her children will not be “unlucky”, as apparently it must be specified in order to be entitled to the label of “good mother”, awarded generously by an anonymous and Puritan mass. And Alessandra Sublet understood that it was better to move on from all that: “It’s obvious at the beginning of 2022 when a woman says, ‘I’m going to see my kids every other week and I’m going to live somewhere else,’ other women who calling themselves feminists, feeling that she’s letting them down. I feel like I’ve moved on. Let’s leave these people in the Middle Ages.”

Asked about her new life by Paris Match, Alessandra Sublet confided her role as a mother: “I will never have another child. I have two, I love them, but they are enough for me. I do not suffer from my loneliness, on the contrary, I went to seek this freedom, it is priceless. I don’t care what other people think.” An important message, but one that proves that there is still a long way to go before a woman’s life choices are no longer sacrificed on the altar of sexism.

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