Anaïs is not sure if she will keep the baby, the drama of the prom is not an accident, Salomé is acquitted (Summary and spoilers episode n° 395 ITC)

“This is where it all starts” preview, detailed recap and spoilers for ITC’s Monday May 9, 2022 Episode 395. In your daily series, a twist on the institution: Constable Brassac makes a terrifying announcement. A nice surprise awaits the brigade at Double A. Between happiness and doubts, Anaïs no longer knows where to go.


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This is where it all starts: Episode 395 recap of Monday, May 9, 2022

Anais is lost

It’s time for Anaïs to leave the hospital. She gathers her things when Kelly confesses that the day before she told her she was pregnant, she accidentally heard the doctor. Anaïs asks Kelly not to tell anyone about it because Lisandro knows nothing about it. She confides in him that she is a little lost.

Lisandro accompanies Anaïs at home. He is relieved that she is there and tells her that he imagined the worst when she was locked in the room. Anaïs later walks with Salomé through the streets of the village and confides that she is four weeks pregnant. Salome does not hide her surprise. Anaïs confides to her that she is lost. Anaïs loves Lisandro and wants to start a family with him, but her job as a butler awaits her in Paris. Salomé advises her to talk to Lisandro to see things more clearly. Anaïs listens to her best friend’s advice and when Lisandro returns from the Institute, she announces to him that she is pregnant. He is overjoyed. But Anaïs keeps her doubts to herself.

Who wanted to kill the ball-goers?

Louis and Charlène meet Salomé and Eliott in the Institute’s park, but when they see them laughing together, Claire’s son becomes annoyed. Louis wants to deal with his ex-wife, whom he still holds responsible for the state of his mother. Charlène and Louis criticize Salomé for not staying in the background. Eliott defends his friend and asks them to leave her alone. The arrival of Clotilde puts an end to this scandal. She sends Eliott and Charlene to class and tells Louis that he has nothing to do on the school grounds. But he refuses to leave and tells Salomé she doesn’t know how much he’s going to make her drool.

Clotilde warns Rose, Guillaume and Teyssier about the vendetta that Louis is about to launch against Salomé. She thinks we should stop her immediately and prevent her from enacting her law. Rose suggests that they talk to her calmly instead of adding fuel to the fire. She thinks it’s normal for Louis to be angry with his mother in the hospital. But Guillaume agrees with Clotilde. Louis is no longer a teacher and has nothing to do with the Institute. Rose feels they can’t treat Louis like an intruder. But Clotilde points out to her sister that Louis is getting out of hand. Teyssier, he thinks that no one has lost control and that it is enough to lift the right lever at the right time.

So he calls Louis to his office and offers him to take over his mother’s post during her absence. But he will have to respect a few rules such as a reserve duty, so no outbursts or rebellions, no threats against teachers or students. Louis thinks that Teyssier is trying to defend Salomé, but that is not the case. What is important to him is the Institute and its reputation. Louis does not need to be asked and accepts.


At the double A, Tom, Deva, and Lionel have to serve in the dining room for the lunch service, because several students felt bad and went home. Lionel likes to stay in the kitchen. Kelly is having surgery today and he doesn’t have the courage to do a service in the room. Hortense offers to replace him, but Theo needs her at the meat station. Mehdi in turn offers himself, but Teyssier’s son needs him for dessert. Theo assures Lionel that he has turned the problem around and sees no other solution.

Lionel hasn’t heard from Kelly yet, the surgery should be over. He begins to worry, because Laetitia also does not respond to his messages. But he is full service and has to take care of a customer. At that moment, he receives a message from Laetitia. Kelly’s surgery went well and he can come visit her. Lisandro explained to Lionel’s client the difficult conditions the students were working under and the client asked if he could see the entire brigade. The client congratulates the students. He is impressed that they are here after what they have been through. The whole room stands up and applauds the brigade.

The police investigation is progressing. The room inspection has started and the owner has to submit the latest report from the safety commission. But a priori it would be the frame of the room that would be in question. There were signs of age on the frame. At some point, the ceiling would have collapsed, and it wasn’t a disco ball and a few lights that would have changed the situation. Granted, they may have contributed to the fall of the lighting structure, but that should never have dragged the ceiling down.

Salomé goes to Claire’s bed, still in a coma. She is very moved. The young woman doesn’t know if Claire hears her, but she wanted to tell her how sorry she is for what happened. But Louis and Charlène arrive. Charlène rebels at his presence, but not Louis. He apologizes to Salomé for her attitude this morning, but once the young woman is gone, he tells Charlene that he is just waiting for the right moment to fuck her.

Back at the Institute, Salomé finds Axel in the studio and offers him her help. Axel asks the young woman if she is recovering from her emotions. Then he alludes to how he felt when they were on the dance floor. They are about to kiss when Teyssier interrupts them. He has come to tell Salome that Captain Brassac wants to see her.

The gendarme informs the young woman and Teyssier of the first elements of the investigation: the collapse of the ceiling was caused by defects in the frame of the room. Salome is therefore not responsible. She will not be challenged. But the policeman needs to clarify a specific point. He asks Salome if the owner gave her the keys to the room. She nods. Salomé explains to the gendarme that she had them with her at the time of the decoration, then she put them in her bag, but she noticed that the keys were no longer there when they left the room. However, the gendarmes discovered that the main door, the one whose handle was broken, was locked. Captain Brassac deduces that before the accident someone stole the keys to lock the participants of the ball in the room. Someone wanted to kill them…

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