Anaïs is pregnant and Claire is in a coma (Summary and spoilers episode n° 394 ITC)

“It All Starts Here” preview, detailed recap and spoilers for ITC’s Friday, May 6, 2022, Episode 394. In your daily series, Teyssier makes a disturbing decision. In the hospital, Anaïs hears some shocking news and Louis wants justice!


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It all starts here: Episode 394 recap of Friday, May 6, 2022

Claire’s health deteriorated overnight and she had to have surgery. Given the circumstances, Emmanuel Teyssier offers his team of teachers to suspend classes until Monday. Guillaume, Clotilde and Lisandro accept. But Teyssier makes a troubling decision. He wants to keep the double A serve and feels there is no reason to close it. Guillaume points out that with a teacher in critical condition and students in the hospital they have reason not to open the restaurant. Clotilde points out to Emmanuel that the students have barely slept and are in shock. Lisandro and Theo think that the students will not do excellent work. But Teyssier asks his son to summon the brigade that was scheduled for this afternoon.

Emmanuel knows full well that the students are concerned and that some of them have not slept all night. He assures them that they are aware of the state they are in. But they form a brigade, that is, a team. And before Chief Teyssier, a brigade doesn’t bow and complain. The students agree to take their shift. Teyssier stays in the kitchen to help Theo, because his brigade is understaffed. A number of students who were scheduled in the schedule have indeed returned home.

In the hospital, Louis and Charlène are at Claire’s bedside. dr. Lepaon explains to them that they had to operate on him because his brain hematoma was found to be compressive and it was necessary to use trepan to lower his pressure in the skull. Charlene asks the doctor what “trephine” means, but Louis interrupts her. He doesn’t want to know. What really matters to him is whether his mother makes it or not. At this stage, Dr. Lepaon unfortunately no comment. The doctor explains to Louis that Claire is being kept in an artificial coma to protect her brain while the hematoma disappears. Doctors will know more in the coming hours. Louis is devastated by what is happening to his mother. Charlène supports and comforts him.

At the Institute, Salomé still feels responsible for what happened at the ball. She feels guilty for insisting on installing the disco ball. Axel thinks the building was fragile after all. But Salome does not flinch. She saw that the ball was heavy and blames herself for not asking more questions. Axel assures her she had nothing to do with it when Greg and Eliott joined them. Greg has immobilized his shoulder. Eliott and Greg believe that Axel and Salomé knew how to handle the situation when there was total panic around them.

While the service at double A is in full swing, Louis arrives and makes a scene. He finds it disrespectful to leave the restaurant open while his mother is in the hospital and has always fought for this Institute.

The Public Prosecution Service has decided to open a judicial inquiry to clarify the circumstances of the accident and determine the causes, and it is Captain Brassac who is conducting the preliminary investigation. He came to the Institute to audition with the participants and the organizers because he needs to know what happened before and during the party. He goes to auditions starting with Rose, Guillaume and Jasmine.

Louis learned that there was a gendarme at the Institute and interrogates Jasmine. She explains to him that he wanted his version, as she was the one who took care of the ball at the base. She then quickly declines responsibility for those who arrived at Salomé and failed to check safety standards. Jasmine tells Louis that the disco ball is the young woman’s idea. She then regrets that Salomé wanted to do her very best to impress Teyssier’s nephew.


Louis then confronts his ex-wife. Axel, Eliott and Greg are in attendance. Louis blames Salome for what happened at the ball. Axel intervenes and explains to him that he is on the wrong target. Salomé admits that she did not think it necessary to ask the owner for permission to place the disco ball. She then admits that she did not check the safety instructions. Louis makes her responsible for his mother’s condition. Salomé assures him that she will assume her responsibilities in due course and points out that there is no evidence for the time being.

Teyssier congratulates the brigade on their work. Of course not everything was perfect. He thinks they will resume their tracks tomorrow. Lionel revolts. He wants to spend the day in the hospital with Kelly. And then he thinks they need rest. But the director of the Institute is steadfast. He wants to see his students tomorrow at the same time and in uniform.

It’s Salomé’s turn to audition with Captain Brassac, while Jasmine complains that the latter preferred to party and be the center of attention. Eliott points out that she is going bad. Axel intervenes. He doesn’t feel like speculating and asks Louis to relax as he makes Salome look like a murderess. Louis asks Axel to stop defending her and tells him, “Don’t worry, you’ll hit her eventually, it’s not very complicated”, and Jasmine outdoes it by replying that it’s not wrong. Axel asks Jasmine to be lenient towards Salomé, but the young woman turns her back on her. Jasmine tells Axel that he’s been so blinded by Salomé that he doesn’t even realize she’s been irresponsible.

Constance doesn’t like the idea of ​​her husband pressuring the students the way he does. Teyssier admits to his wife that he feels responsible for what happened. He wants to make up for that by helping the students. He blames himself for not being with them or with his wife. Constance asks her husband to accept that he can’t control everything.

Louis hears from the doctor that his mother’s condition is stable. But he needs answers and has researched the internet. Louis is afraid that his mother will become a vegetable and would not bear it. Charlène gives her unwavering support. She assures him that her mother is a fighter, that she will wake up and recover 100%. But Louis is willing to do anything to get justice and contemplates taking revenge on Salomé.

Anaïs gets shocking news

Anaïs and Kelly share the same room at the hospital. Lisandro came to visit his companion and brought her some things. Kelly, meanwhile, had fallen asleep on the painkillers. The doctors preferred to keep Anaïs under observation because she was nauseous last night. The young woman thinks the doctors are worrying for nothing, especially since she’s already feeling better. But Lisandro doesn’t share his opinion. Anaïs has bumped her head and cannot take any chances. Therefore, he advises her to rest rather than revise for her year-end exams.

Laetitia and Lionel later visit Kelly. She has a complex fracture of the tibia and fibula and requires surgery. And while they are concerned about Kelly, she minimizes the risks.

Anaïs has undergone tests and Dr. Lepaon tells her she doesn’t have a concussion. Anaïs therefore attributes the nausea and vomiting to stress, but Dr. Lepaon explains to her that it’s not quite that. He then hands her the results of his blood test. Anais is pregnant!

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