Anna tries to rebuild herself, Nordine doubts Sophie Novak’s sincerity (DNA episode 1175 summary)

“Tomorrow is ours” preview, detailed recap and spoilers for DNA Friday, April 29, 2022 Episode 1175. In your daily seriesNordine decides to follow her intuition. Bart is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Chez Brigitte, Bénédicte and Étienne make a strange discovery.


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The summary of Morgen is ours and will also be online from Thursday 28 April 2022. Good reading.


Tomorrow’s Ours: Recap of Episode 1175 from Friday, April 29, 2022

In the hospital Bart is at Anne’s bedside and is attentive. Bart tells her that they and Louise are thinking about postponing the wedding date and waiting for her to feel better. He needs Anna to be there, especially since Flore won’t be there. Anna wants her son to maintain his marriage. She tries to make him realize that life goes on in spite of everything and that you should now focus on the positive things, such as your marriage. Anna advises her son not to wait to realize his plans with Louise. She explains to him that sometimes we don’t do things right away for the wrong reasons, and that afterwards she regrets that it’s unfortunately too late.

After visiting Anna, Chloe visits Bart at the Spoon. He confides in her how difficult it is for him to see her in this condition. Chloé wants to be confident, she knows her sister is a solid person. She then encourages Bart to keep the date of his wedding. Bart explains to him that the preparations are progressing. Louise has to take care of the table plan, and he has to take care of the decoration, although this is not his forte. He shows Chloe on a catalog some things he’s already seen. Chloé makes no secret of her surprise when Bart explains to her that Vanessa insisted that white be the theme of the wedding. Bart admits to Chloe that he doesn’t have the strength to face Vanessa right now. The latter suggests he adds a little color. She proposes to completely take care of the decoration of her wedding, much to the chagrin of Vanessa who has already invested a lot in this project. Vanessa and Chloé make sure Bart has explained to her that everything on her menu must be met. Vanessa suggests that Chloe show her her ideas before presenting them to Bart and Louise, on the pretext that they are overwhelmed at the moment. Chloe tells him about her idea of ​​adding color. Vanessa complains that she wants to change everything as soon as she arrives. Chloé shows herself to be a pedagogue. She makes it clear to Vanessa that it is not a matter of a project, but of a wedding and that listening to the newlyweds is paramount. Plus, Chloe understood that they wanted something cheerful. She thinks she and Vanessa have the same goal: to make this day as beautiful as possible. Vanessa admits. Meanwhile, Gaëlle and Tristan grow closer.

Chloe returns to see Anna in the hospital. She helps her take a few steps down the hall when Anna becomes dizzy. Chloé confides in her sister how guilty she feels for asking her to accompany her to the Mas. Anna forbids him to blame himself and blames Ophelia. But Chloe knows how much her sister and Karim wanted a baby and asks her forgiveness.

Audrey has agreed to do Louise’s makeup on her wedding day and she’s trying. The seamstress has loaned Louise the dress she will wear to the wedding, but Bart comes home unexpectedly because he forgot his phone. He discovers that Louise is wearing her wedding dress. Bart thinks she’s sublime. But Mathilde is superstitious and asks Bart out.

Aurore leads the investigation

Bénédicte and Etienne are back with Brigitte after a night in a luxury hotel. The latter is getting ready to go out, which her daughter does not miss. Before she leaves, Brigitte reminds Dorian of her promise from the day before. But after he leaves, Bénédicte and Étienne make a strange discovery. They find a scarf impregnated with a perfume for men. Meanwhile Brigitte finds Pierre. She wants their story to remain a secret. For their part, Bénédicte and Etienne rush to announce to William and Aurore that Brigitte has a lover. William has doubts. To convince him, Bénédicte and Etienne explain to him that they have proof. And especially Bénédicte has not seen her mother so happy in 20 years. William regrets that his mother is comforted in the arms of a stranger while she is not yet divorced. Driven by curiosity, they all eventually want to know the identity of the chosen one.

Pierre visits Aurore because they plan to spend the end of the day together. Aurore confides to him that Brigitte has taken a lover and that she is investigating his identity. A little embarrassed, Pierre points out to his daughter that it doesn’t really concern her. But Aurore amuses himself at the idea of ​​knowing more. She believes this is just a return of things, especially since Brigitte put them through hell when they took her in.

After dinner, Pierre announces to Aurore that he knows the identity of Brigitte’s lover. He makes his daughter believe that he told Brigitte that he had a mistress and that no one knew about it. In return, she confessed to him that she had a lover. And Pierre makes his daughter believe that he promised Brigitte not to say anything. He can just tell her that this guy looks like a gentleman and quite attractive. Aurore sees nothing but fire.

Sophie manipulates Nordine

At the police station, Sophie Novak is interrogated by Karim. She admits to having been in contact with Ophélie and Anthony Messy 20 years ago when she was an intern. She has since denied having any connection with them. True, she went to see Ophélie Messy in the prison visiting room, but at her request. The young woman wanted to meet her and ask her to defend her before her trial. Sophie assures the policeman that she did not recognize the young woman and assures him that it was mutual. Karim doesn’t believe her for a moment. But the lawyer locks herself in her silence. To make her falter, Karim tries to make her realize how dangerous Ophelia is. He explains to her that she has just injured a woman who almost died and who will never be able to have children again, then he tells her about the death of Ulysse Rivière. Sophie is confused, but she assures Karim that this has nothing to do with her. Despite everything, Karim holds her responsible. Nordine and Martin follow the interrogation behind one-way glass. Nordine can’t bear to see Karim get his girlfriend over his nerves. He intervenes and convinces Martin to let him question Sophie. He knows full well that as long as she’s in a hurry, she won’t talk. Martin accepts that his son is questioning him, but he warns Nordine to let her talk and not to cheer her up.

Nordine takes over from Karim. Sophie Novak lets out a few tears. She explains to him how hard it was for her to see the Messy snatched from their father because he loved them. She leads Nordine to believe that everything surfaced when Ophélie contacted her for her trial a few weeks ago. Sophie explains to him that she then had a shock because Ophelia had become a hard, cold and aggressive woman. She claims to Nordine that Ophélie did not remember her. Sophie speculates that an inmate has given her her name. And she makes Nordine believe that she was very hesitant to help her with her trial and so she went back to see her in prison. When she saw her again, she realized she was hesitating for all the wrong reasons. She would have told him who she was and Ophelia was annoyed by his refusal.

Maarten will not be fooled. He is convinced that Sophie walked around her son during the interrogation. But Nordine can’t bring himself to hear it. On the contrary, he is convinced that Sophie’s story is believable. Nordine thinks her father is largely blinded by his antipathy for Sophie. Martin wants to harass the lawyer. Nordine is sure the prosecutor won’t accept it, because they have nothing against her. Sophie is released and Nordine takes her home. She shows herself a little sarcastic and asks him if he would like to come in and do another quest. Nordine then defends himself for doing his job during the interrogation. He assures Sophie that he believes she is innocent, and swears to her that he didn’t mean to hurt her.

In the middle of a dilemma, Nordine starts to have some doubts and, under pressure from Martin, decides to follow his intuition. Nordine hides in front of Sophie’s building. At nightfall, Sophie waits downstairs for a delivery person as Ophelia joins her. Sophie reminds him that she doesn’t want anyone to see them together. But Nordine gets out of her car and approaches them. Ophelia sees him and threatens Sophie with her gun. Then she orders Sophie to drive her car. Ophelia threatens to kill her if Nordine tries to follow them. Nordine watches helplessly as the car drives away.

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