Arakati boosts economic recovery through event tourism

With almost 50 km of coastline that includes dunes, cliffs, open beach and coves, Aracati, which is 150 km from Fortaleza, has established itself as a place for solar and sea tourism, attracting tourists from all over the world to see its beauties. . But since 2017, the municipality has stood out by hosting major events that contribute to the economic development of the region.

“Event tourism is a driving force in the economy, moving it from the spread of the city, in transit through the hotel park, restaurants, rental houses, supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, gas stations, almost the entire production chain,” Hoseni analyzes. Soares de Souza, Minister of Tourism and Culture of Aracati. “This is the great value of the events, they increase the collection of taxes and, therefore, income,” he adds.

This month, the city is gearing up to host major events and save the power of post-pandemic tourism with three programs that include sports, gastronomy, entertainment and religious celebrations.

On Friday, the 15th, starting at 16:00, the traditional performance of the Passion of Christ will take place in the Kihaba area. The production is over 20 years old and features fishermen’s families and local artisans who make all the stage props. “People perceive the show as part of a figuration, following scene after scene. And the apotheosis is in Arena da Paixão, with a beautiful view of the beach and white cliffs,” says the secretary.

Legend: Arena Cacimba do Povo will receive a fence with a vaccination passport fee.

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Caption: Cacimba do Povo Arena will receive a fence with a vaccination passport fee.

On the evening of 16 and 17 April, on Saturday and Sunday, the municipality will host concerts by Bell Marques and Zé Vaqueiro respectively. The parties will take place on Avenida do Ginásio, in the Cacimba do Povo area, at the entrance to Aracati. The event will take place in a fenced area, with the payment of a vaccine passport for 3 doses. “Everything is done in conjunction with the security authorities, such as the fire department and the military police, who oversee all the planning of the event,” the manager reinforces. And on the 20th there will be a Leo Santana show in Canoa Quebrada.

At the end of April, Praia de Canoa Quebrada will host the Brazilian Universities Beach Games 2022. From April 28 to May 4, more than 1,200 athletes from all over Brazil will take part in the tournament.

Event sector is being restored

According to the Brazilian Association of Event Organizers (Abrape), the events sector has become one of the hardest hit in the economy due to the pandemic, with 97% of companies in the sector negatively impacted. Aracati, which has about 92 hotels and hotels and 196 restaurants, bars, etc., has experienced losses along the entire production chain.

“The restrictive measures have canceled all activities of any scale involving thousands of workers in the area, causing enormous damage to everyone. In addition, the entire network of self-employed professionals such as street vendors of snacks, coconut water, various drinks, popsicle sellers, buggies, quad bikes, tour guides, etc. [foi afetada]”, says the Secretary.

The easing of Covid-19 prevention protocols has given the sector a new impetus to work towards the economic recovery of the municipality of Arakati. “According to a study by Fundação Getúlio Vargas conducted in 2019, for every real invested in event tourism, 13 real is returned to the economy. Aracati and its employees recognize the importance of this sector. The economy of the city, where 40,000 residents live in the headquarters alone, has been warming up for months after the events, ”the manager notes.

Legend: Aerial view of the Majorland promenade where the Tablado 360 will be installed.

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Programs such as Carnival, Gastronomy Festival, São João and Virada Cultural have placed Aracati on the national calendar of events, opening up great opportunities for the economic development of the region. Of these, Carnival is one of the largest in the state, with an audience of 450,000 per night, according to a 2019 survey by the Instituto Vale do Jaguaribe.

“Events are a driving force even among those who do not go to the event itself, but visit the city, come with friends and enjoy all the beaches of Aracati during the day. Others come with families as the events are only for children, and then we combine an all-ages destination with an infrastructure that makes it easy to cater to any audience,” highlights Joceni Soares de Souza.

Check the Arakati Events Calendar

Friday the 15th
16:00 – Passion of Christ.
Kishab region

Saturday, April 16: Cachimba do Povo
23:00 – Opening
02:00 (Sunday morning) – Bell Marques

Sunday 17 April: Cachimba do Povo
21:30 – Diego Faco
23:30 – Ze Vaqueiro,
01:30 (Monday morning): Matheus Fernandez

Majorlandia – Saturday and Sunday, 16 and 17 April.
Platform 360 on the promenade of Majorlandia
13:00 to 16:30 local groups

Canoa Quebrada 4/20
Leo Santana

From April 28th to May 4th.
Brazilian Universities Beach Games 2022
Canoa Quebrada beach

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