Audience in April: TF1 leader drops sharply, F2 progresses, M6 weak, BFMTV and LCI jump

The month of April 2022, which was dominated at the end of the presidential campaign, benefited the four news channels, all of which increased in a year. With a viewership of 3.9% of the total audience, BFMTV made the biggest step forward with an extra viewing point. All this in a context where total listening time has dropped significantly. In April 2021, the French had spent 3h59 in front of their television screen. A year later, the average duration this time was 3:27, the lowest since October 2021 (3:22).

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France Télé remains in the lead, the crushing leader of the TF1 group FRDA

France Télévisions (France 2, France 3, France 5 and franceinfo:), devoid of – let’s not forget – the audience of channel 14, remains at the top of the curb in the general classification. According to Médiamétrie, the group led by Delphine Ernotte relegated 28.0% of the audience aged four and over in April 2022, trailing the TF1 group by 1.4 points (26.6%). The curve over one year is in favor of the public service. When the latter advances by 1 point compared to April 2021, Gilles Pélisson’s group, which includes TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Series Films and LCI, lost 0.8 viewer points at the same time.

At a great distance, the M6 ​​group (M6, W9, Gulli, 6ter) naturally climbs to the third step of the podium. But with an audience of 13.7%, the entity led by Nicolas de Tavernost admits the biggest drop in a year (-1.6 points). Just like in March, the Next group (7.7%), supported by its flagship BFMTV, dominates its Canal+ counterpart (7.1%) and makes the best progress over a year (+1.3 points) . Stable over a year and up slightly over a month (+0.1 point), the NRJ group (2.4%) remains at the bottom of the pack.

On the commercial goal, the TF1 group again significantly outperforms its competitors. More than one in three women responsible for purchases under 50 (FRDA-50), present in front of their television screens, was connected to a channel of the Gilles Pélisson group in April 2022 (34.0%, +0.7 points over one year). Ambush at 21.4%, the M6 ​​group is the only one to fall back. The Neuilly-sur-Seine group’s channels lost 2.3 points in one year on this advertiser’s favorite target. If France Télévisions is isolated in third place with 15.0%, the battle rages, also on this goal, between the groups Next (6.9%) and Canal + (6.8%). NRJ brings up the rear at 2.8%.

“Clem” and “Grey’s Anatomy” press TF1 on the 4+

In detail, the TF1 channel currently has a market share of 18.6% among those aged four and over. La Une shows a 1.4 point drop over a year, the largest for all channels combined, confirming a complicated start to the year for the public as a whole. Small consolation, the chain is advancing on its 0.2 point commercial target, reaching 22.6%.

Politics should be ranked among the successes of the month. The first channel outperformed France 2, its main rival in this niche, by far during the two election evenings of Sunday 10 and 24 April. The night of the first round, which TF1 chose to shorten to rebroadcast “The Visits,” recorded a score on the highest since 2007. The front page also replaced its public service counterpart on Wednesday, April 20, the evening of the inter-round debate against Emmanuel Macron against Marine Le Pen. Another safe bet this month, the “Research Section” farewell enticed more than one in four viewers on Thursday, April 21. On the entertainment side, Season 3 of “Mask Singer”, airing since Friday, April 1, has retained over 20% of the viewership share (up to 21.0% on Friday, April 8) for its first five weeks of broadcasting on the general public. and performs on the FRDA-50 (up 39.1% on Friday, April 8).

Among the disappointments of the month, “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”, consistently beaten by “Don’t Forget the Lyrics!”, remains weak. The third entertainment box on Tuesday is not full either. Certainly uniting on the FRDA-50 target, “Koh-Lanta” is frozen below 20% on the 4+ in the first part. Presented by Denis Brogniart, the program crossed the 4 million fans mark just once this month, on Tuesday 19 April. On Monday, the new season of “Clem”, for its part, sealed the average of the A by collecting an average of 12.5% ​​and 13.5% of the entire audience on Monday, April 4 and 11, respectively. Audiences for “Grey’s Anatomy” on Wednesday are barely satisfactory for ages 4 and up (average 10.7% on Wednesday, April 13, for example). Finally, note the small return of Julien Arnaud during “13 Hours” of TF1, Friday 29 April.

“Captain Marleau” on France 2 still crushes the competition

With a market share of 14.8%, France 2 made progress of 0.5 point over one year. La Deux could count on a solid entrance. Thanks to the performances by maestro Kristofer, “N’oublie pas les mots” broke his season record in viewer share on Tuesday, April 26 (21.1%) and achieved its best month of the season in viewer share on its two issues from Monday to Saturday with 2, respectively. .2 million viewers (16.3% of the audience) at 6:40 PM and 3.2 million viewers (19% of the audience) at 7:15 PM. France 2 also released her golden egg hen on Friday. “Capitaine Marleau” crushed the competition on Friday, April 8 with a viewership of over 30%. In the fiction department, the launch of the new season of “Murders in Paradise” on Monday, April 11, mobilized nearly one in five viewers, and “Disturbing Disappearance”, at the top of the audience, did well. Wednesday, April 13.

On the side of the magazine, note the audience record achieved on Thursday, April 28 with the issue of “Complément d’Enquête”, devoted to assault and rape allegations against Patrick Poivre d’Arvor. The magazine, carried by Tristan Waleckx, managed to attract more viewers that evening in the second half of the evening than “Special Envoy” aired for him in prime time. “Télématin”, finally, offered an annual weekly record in viewing figures. Between Monday 25 and Friday 29 April, the first morning show in France attracted an average of 850,000 viewers, or 28.9% of the audience.

France 2 nevertheless lost its smile on Tuesday 12 April with the launch of its new documentary series “Mediterranean, the odyssey of life”. The flop of the month is a credit to Faustine Bollaert. At the wheel of the second issue of “A Flirt and a Dance”, on Tuesday, April 26, the presenter of “It starts today” gathered barely 1.16 million fans, ranking him behind Manchester City – Real Madrid, Champions League semifinals offered encrypted on Canal+. Contrary to his scores in entry, Nagui disappointed with “The 2022 Maestros Tournament”. Airing on four consecutive Saturdays in prime time, the show alone, at best on Saturday, April 23, brought together 2.14 million singers or 11.2% of the audience.

M6 and France 3 weak

Behind, M6 and France 3 are neck and neck. The chain, led by Nicolas de Tavernost, dropped 1.1 points by 8.7% in a year. On the FRDA-50 target, the decline is even sharper (13.9%, -1.9 points). In difficulties with access under the leadership of “Chefs à domicile” since April 25 for the entire public as on the FRDA-50, the station suffered from the poor performance achieved by “Pékin express” for the entire public. The final of the adventure game worn by Stéphane Rotenberg reached its historic low on Thursday 14 April, despite staying well on track. With three special nights – “NCIS” on Tuesday, “The Rookie” on Friday and “MacGyver” on Saturday – M6 is also weakened by the weakness of the US series this month.

However, the chain can be satisfied with its Monday night’s scores. The lineup, “Married at first sight””And if we met” – particularly appeals to the FRDA-50. M6’s 35th anniversary party and the Feyenoord Rotterdam/OM match, the first leg of the UEFA Conference League semi-finals, were also successful on Monday 11 and Thursday 28 April.

As usual, France 3 gives the change with its boxes dedicated to French fiction. “Face à face”, the series with Claire Borotra and Constance Gay launched this winter, confirmed the good results on Tuesday (average 4.2 million viewers for the season). Original fact on Saturday, a rebroadcast of “Cassandre” attracted more viewers with a rebroadcast on April 23 than with a new one on April 16! Conversely, the public broadcaster is also plagued with access issues. The national “19/20” was at its lowest on Friday, April 29. As a bonus, France 3 still finds no solutions on Monday. “Research heirs” like “Secrets d’histoire” don’t meet their audience. On Thursday, La Trois suffered many setbacks with the documentary “Deneuve, Queen Catherine” on April 14 or the film “Tellement close” a week later. Les Bleues du XV de France also failed to boost the channel’s audience on Friday, April 22.

BFMTV and LCI jump in a year

BFMTV confirms last month’s fifth place. With a viewer share of 3.9%, it is still ahead of France 5 (3.6%) and confirms its supremacy over its direct competitors. If Marc-Olivier Fogiel’s channel does not set a new historical record (4.5% in March 2022), it will remain at a very high level. Driven by strong news, Channel 15 distinguished itself thanks to several editorial “hits”, such as the expected interview with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on April 20. Another highlight, the interview Emmanuel Macron gave to Bruce Toussaint, attracted an average of 874,000 viewers or 4.9% of the audience on April 11.

Among its competitors, CNews passed the 2.0% viewership share and rose 0.2 points over a year. However, the channel, worn by Pascal Praud’s “L’heure des pros”, sees LCI growing in its rear-view mirror. The TF1 group’s news channel has climbed 0.6 points to 1.7% viewership share in a year, and has fallen far behind its public rival. franceinfo: credited with 1.0% viewer share in April 2022, still up 0.3 point over a year.

France 5 is therefore in sixth place with 3.6% of the generalist channels. The audience of the public channel was increased by 0.4 point in one year, mainly through “C à vous”. On Wednesday, April 18, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine’s magazine achieved its historic visitor record with Emmanuel Macron (9.1%). The second part, “C à vous la suite”, exploded on the same day, setting the historic record on both indicators. For TMC, the increase is less spectacular. Channel 10 gained 0.1 viewer points (3.1%) in one year and was ahead of Arte (2.9%) and C8 (2.6%), whose curve trajectories are comparable. Of the DTT channels, two fell in one year: TFX (1.5%) and NRJ12 (1.1%).

April 2022 Channel Ratings

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