Brigitte returns to live with Régis, Tristan lies to the police (Summary of DNA Episode 1179)

“Tomorrow Belongs to Us” preview, extended recap and spoilers for Thursday, May 5, 2022 Episode 1179 of DNA. In your daily seriesthe Police face another murder. Tristan keeps certain things to herself, while Brigitte listens to her heart.


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Tomorrow’s Ours: Recap of Episode 1179 from Thursday, May 5, 2022

Anna can count on Karim’s support

In the hospital, Samuel Chardeau consults Anna in the presence of Karim. The healing will take its course and Anna will have to keep taking her painkillers. The young woman is due to return in a week, and in the meantime a liberal nurse comes to her home every day. Even though Karim is daily present for Anna, Samuel Chardeau thinks she would benefit from psychological follow-up. Karim thinks it’s a good idea. Then he declares to his companion that she must not doubt her, that she is an extraordinary woman and whether or not she can have children, nothing changes.

Before leaving the hospital, they meet Roxane and Sara who come to collect the medical record for the clinic in Spain. Even though things are not going well for Anna, she is very happy for the two young women.

To cheer up his girlfriend, Karim has prepared a nice romantic surprise for her on the beach: a cozy lounge with light streamers and music. After a perfect dinner under the stars, Karim and Anna kiss for a long time, but the young woman is not ready to move on, she will need time. Karim is understanding. Anna confides to him that she felt ready and that she really wanted to have a baby with him. Karim tells Anna that he loves her and that the most important thing is that they are together.


Brigitte listens to her heart

The atmosphere is heavy at the Daunier-Jacob. Not appreciating the unexpected arrival of Régis at dinner the day before, Pierre asks William if it was he who warned his father. Present, Manon admits they called Régis and justifies himself. Even though she loves her two grandfathers, she knows full well that Régis is unhappy and that deep down Brigitte still loves him. Pierre understands that Manon finds it difficult to accept her grandparents’ divorce, and explains that her grandmother is not happy with Régis, while she has wonderful moments with him. William points out to Pierre that his parents have been together for 45 years and that despite everything they remain very united, even though they are currently going through a crisis. Aurore and William then blame Pierre for not thinking that his relationship with Brigitte could cause problems within their family. But Pierre doesn’t care what they think. Feeling uncomfortable, Manon asks her parents if she’s done something stupid by taking her grandfather. William assures him of no and, on the contrary, thinks it’s not too bad. Faced with her responsibilities, her mother will be forced to make a choice between her father and Pierre.

Brigitte woke up late this morning and Régis was worried about his wife. But Brigitte resists. She does not understand what her husband is doing in Sète and wonders what he hopes for. Brigitte points out to her husband that they haven’t said anything to each other for years, they don’t look at each other or touch each other. Régis assures his wife that he can try to change. But their conversation is interrupted by Pierre’s visit. The tone quickly rises between Régis and Aurore’s father. Régis tells him that Brigitte is his wife. He’s known her since she stole luxury jewelry from boutiques, when she was an usher at the Opera. Régis tells Pierre that he shared every hour of every day with her for decades, and that although they betrayed each other, they survived. Brigitte is the woman of his life and if she is far from him, “dies”. Then he grabs Pierre and the sum leaves. But Pierre feels unwell and collapses on the floor.

William thinks his stepfather has had a vagal disease and advises him to stay in the villa to rest. Pierre was moved by the words of Régis and realized how much he loved his wife. Brigitte tells him she feels a little lost. She recognizes that Régis has qualities, and she, her dose of flaws. She explains to Pierre that it was a beautiful parenthesis between them. Pierre tells Brigitte in return that it will take some time to forget her, and that he will always be there when she dreams of freedom again.

Brigitte and Régis have packed their bags. It’s time for them to leave Sète. Régis thanks Manon, because without her he would have lost Brigitte. But the young girl believes that she has not done much and that the credit goes to her grandfather who was able to restore her. William, meanwhile, is relieved that this whole story ends like this.

Loïc Mercier suspected of Sète . serial killer

Bart meets Tristan on the street. He is sorry that Vanessa was unpleasant for him and Gaëlle recently. Tristan quickly reassures him, he knows the character of the head of the Spoon. Then he tells Bart that Gaëlle has hired him in the pastry shop. Bart is overjoyed for him, especially because Gaëlle looks very cute and very professional. Tristan explains to her that he gets along very well with Gaëlle, then confides in her, annoyed that she broke up with her the day before when they were at the beginning of a story. Bart then goes with Tristan to the shop, because he had promised Gaëlle to taste his pastry. But upon arrival at the store, Tristan discovers that Gaëlle is lying on the floor behind the counter. The police are sent to the scene. Damien discovers that his body has been postmortem manipulated and placed in a position identical to Violette Lenoir’s. It shows no marks or struggles or blows. Damien thinks Gaëlle is also poisoned with digitalis. If the toxicological analysis confirms it, it means they are dealing with one and the same killer with a well-defined modus operandi, ie a serial killer.

Martin questions Tristan who is upset. A little nervous, he lies to her about the nature of his relationship with Gaëlle and tells her that nothing ever happened between them. Bart is present and taps. Tristan blames himself for not staying with Gaëlle to help her complete her wedding order. Bart asks Tristan to stop thinking he could have changed things and assures him he had nothing to do with it. Bart takes Tristan to the Spoon. This is still not possible. Vanessa explains to Tristan that it’s normal for the brain to take a long time to process information when someone violently disappears, and then offers him a pick-me-up. But Bart becomes suspicious. Later, he confides to Louise that Tristan lied to the police about his relationship with Gaëlle. Louise thinks she wouldn’t want to talk to the police about her love life instead, especially if it doesn’t help the investigation’s progress.

During the autopsy, Mike found a rosebud in Gaëlle’s trachea. Damien inquired and it is a tiger rosebud, a very rare species. However, Mike has not found one on Violette Lenoir, although the two murders are clearly linked. Damien rejects the idea that the serial killer could have incorporated a new element into his ritual. Georges deduces that something has eluded them and instructs Damien to continue his investigation of this rose.

Sébastien Perraud has an intuition and decides to follow it. In Violette Lenoir’s shop, the prosecutor discovers a certain rosebud under a piece of furniture. He immediately thinks of an old case. Sébastien calls the archives of the Versailles prosecutor’s office and asks the archivist to provide him with Loïc Mercier’s file within the hour.

Martin and Georges report on the investigation. The result of the toxicological analysis confirms that Gaelle is indeed poisoned with digitalis. Yet the two victims have nothing in common and did not know each other.

Sébastien calls Martin to his office and shows him the bud of the tiger rose he found in Violette Lenoir’s boutique. He explains to Commander Constant that the two victims had one thing in common, they were both related to the marriage in their company. Violette made bridal bouquets and Gaëlle specialized in stuffed pieces. Sébastien explains to Martin that this isn’t the first time a killer has attacked marriage professionals. Moreover, it was even the obsession of a murderer he knew well in Paris ten years ago. Sébastien thinks Loic Mercier, the tiger rose killer, has started killing again.

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