7 themed hotels to stay in Brazil

After spending so much time indoors due to the pandemic, many people have jumped at the first opportunity to travel. And the numbers are proof of that. In 2021, national tourism increased by 12% compared to 2020. According to data obtained from the Sao Paulo Federation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (Fecomercio-SP) and … Read more

Campos do Jordao, trip in winter

The city of São Paulo is one of the most popular destinations for Brazilians from all over when temperatures start to drop. Temperatures are already starting to drop in many regions of the country, and winter tourism is already beginning to be in demand in travel agencies, of course, for those who like to warm … Read more

Remote work is more efficient, says Airbnb CEO – May 11, 2022 – Market

The current office, if it didn’t exist, wouldn’t have been invented the way it is, says Brian Chesky. CEO of Airbnb. He appreciates that the model is something from the pre-digital era, and that it needs to be redone for new times, like the very idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwalking into the office. Chesky says the company … Read more

Eastern European countries continue to receive tourists despite the war

Impressive and charming architecture, World Heritage-listed historic centers and an extremely complex and fascinating history. Add to all this beautiful natural scenery such as symbolic seas and rivers, beautiful mountains and an extensive collection of fully preserved medieval buildings. These are just some of the beauties travelers can find in Eastern European countries. Eastern Europe … Read more

Vivalá launches Adventure TBC in Lencois Maranhensis

Vivalá Turismo Sustentável in Brazil is expanding its destinations and experiences and has just arrived in a new conservation unit, Lencois Maranhenses National Park, the eighth reserve in its portfolio. The park is located 370 km from the capital of San Luis in Maranhao. The destination is the company’s first foray into community-based adventure travel … Read more