“Cheap travel” is the most searched on the internet. Look no further because we have the solution – Tips

Cheap holidays is a combination of words that appeals to almost everyone, so read on and get inspired. With a little sleight of hand and budget gymnastics, it’s even possible to go on more than one outing than you planned.

We again use Google Trends, a tool that shows by category and filter what the Portuguese are looking for. It is possible to determine the destination or even the most searched words. At the top it says “cheap travel”.

To make the job easier, we have collected the cheapest cities to visit in Europe, because this way you don’t have to worry about passport and visa, which are sometimes travel costs. There were four criteria to arrive at an average value: hotel, food, beer and taxi kilometer. Find out what they are in the photo gallery below.

Before heading out, keep two aspects in mind:

1. There are no cheap destinations. There are options to make our travel more economical, choosing to buy meals in supermarkets instead of restaurants, staying in an apartment instead of a hotel or taking public transport. Paris (which is on the list) is one such destination, for example. You can stay in the best hotels in the center of the Parisian capital and go to the best restaurants or choose to stay in an Airbnb on the periphery and eat baguettes or salads in the many gardens around the city. You will see that the budgets are very different.

2. We took flights into account (almost all direct) cheap depart from Lisbon, Porto and Faro airports. We researched the best fares and these were the destinations with the best prices for the last months of the year.

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