Chloe serves as bait to stop the killer, Victoire moves in with Samuel (Summary of DNA Episode 1181)

“Tomorrow Is Ours” preview, detailed recap, and spoilers for DNA Episode 1181 Monday, May 9, 2022. In your daily series, Chloe helps the police catch the killer. Sébastien Perraud puts his personal interests above his professional conscience.


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Tomorrow’s Ours: Recap of Episode 1181 from Monday, May 9, 2022

Sara and Roxane are soon to be mothers?

Roxane and Nordine are back from Barcelona. Sara wants to know their journey down to the last detail and then treats her wife with care. Nordine resumed his post at the police station. Martin is proud of his son. He gets to know him as he goes and discovers an unexpected maturity. Nordine tells him that he was thinking about his mother who was alone during her pregnancy and he imagines that it must not have been easy. Martin tells him he’s sorry he wasn’t there at the time and underlines that they’re lucky they can catch up today.

Sara is happy and confides in Aurore. She is almost certain that they will become mothers. In Barcelona, ​​the doctors managed to collect ten eggs and performed in vitro fertilization. Two embryos were created and Sara is convinced that it worked. She is so impatient that she has already bought an early pregnancy test. In about a week, Roxane will know if she’s pregnant. Aurore crosses her two fingers in front of the two young women. But Sara projects herself so much that she’s worried about Roxane.


Victoire moves in with Samuel

It’s a big day for Victoire, who leaves her apartment to move in with Samuel. Noor helps her take down her things. She is delighted to be able to restore Victoire’s room. Samuel picks up his girlfriend and meets Mona. Georges’ mother has heard of Samuel, but not for good. She is a little suspicious of him, then she gives Samuel some instructions for life together, such as loyalty or respect.

Samuel’s dressing room is as full as an influencer’s. Victoire has no choice but to store her clothes in dressers and in the guest room. Then she gets her hands on a well-hidden secret: a toy in the shape of a duck. Victoire takes advantage of taking a bath with Samuel to tease him about it.

Chloe plays the ace

Chloe has escaped an attempted murder. As she was about to enjoy a glass of wine, Alex told his wife that he could have been poisoned. The scientific police, who were sent to the Delcourt-Bertrands, conducted investigations. The wine was indeed poisoned with digitalis. He would have killed Chloe in minutes.

Chloé explains to Martin that she hasn’t noticed anything abnormal, either on the street or in her house. But the scientist is formal. Chloe wasn’t alone. Unusable fingerprints were found on the porch and a tiger rose bud was found on site. Chloe realizes the killer was in her house and was waiting for her to die.

Prosecutor Perraud is convinced that the serial killer will reoffend. This was the case ten years ago. A photographer narrowly escaped an attempted murder by Loïc Mercier, but the next day he took action again and killed her.

Martin wants to place Chloé under police protection. But Sébastien wants to use Chloé as bait. So he summons her and tries to convince her that she is the only one who can help them stop the serial killer. Chloé hesitates, she is terrified. Sébastien explains his plan to arrest Mercier. Chloé finally accepts, because she would live very badly if Mercier killed someone else through her fault. The prosecutor promises Alex that nothing will happen to his wife.

Sébastien knows very well that Loïc Mercier is a proud man. That’s why they’re going to provoke him by starting an interview with Chloé in the local press to urge him to respond tonight. Then they trick him into thinking Chloe has a last minute high school reunion, and they intervene.

At the exit of the courthouse, Chloé and Alex are approached by Philippe Blondeau, journalist of the Infos du Midi. At the request of the public prosecutor, he conducts an interview with Chloé. Chloé declares that she does not know the patient who attacked her and that she hopes he ends up in prison. Loïc Mercier has taken the bait and Chloé’s interview makes him angry.

Louise and Bart wonder if it’s the right time to get married given the circumstances. Vanessa thinks their love should be stronger than anything else, but for Bart, that’s not the point. Vanessa loses her temper and apologizes. She thinks she’s invested a little too much in their marriage and realizes she shouldn’t interfere.

Raphaëlle has heard of her father’s plan and she is beside herself. She accuses him of putting his personal interests above his professional conscience. Raphaëlle then blames her father for putting Chloé’s life in danger out of pride. But Sébastien remains determined to do everything he can to get Mercier out of the way. Raphaëlle warns her father. If the serial killer has a third victim or if something happens to Chloe, she won’t forgive him.

Aurore provided Chloé with a headset and a microphone. Marianne and Alex are concerned. Martin and Aurore assure them that they will not let her go.

Night has fallen. Chloe returns to her parked car at the school, but is followed by a black figure. She loses contact with Aurore. Chloe gets scared and only speeds up when Aurore intervenes. She challenges the suspect and seems very surprised when she discovers his face.

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