date in France, ideas for messages and gifts

Mother's Day 2022: date in France, ideas for messages and gifts

MOTHERS DAY. Mother’s Day does not take place on the same date in all countries! Here’s the exact date in France, as well as messages and gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2022.

[Mis à jour le 9 mai 2022 à 12h33] We can quickly get tangled up: Mother’s Day date is not universal. In France it is the sunday 29 may that should be on your agenda. But for example the United States, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada or even Spain already celebrate their mother on May 8, as they celebrate it every year on the second Sunday of May. For their part, the people of France have three weeks to find a personalized gift to send to the first woman in their lives.

Discover on our special page gift ideas, but also messages, quotes, poems and Mother’s Day cards on the occasion of Mother’s Day 2022! also sheds light on the origins of “Mother’s Day”, which this year celebrates its 116th anniversary in France. Knowing that the appearance of the Mother’s Day tradition actually goes back much further…

The date of Mother’s Day 2022 is scheduled to sunday 29 Can. Mother’s Day 2022 will also take place three weeks before Father’s Day, scheduled for Sunday, June 19…

Every last Sunday in May comes the date of Mother’s Day. Not to be confused with Father’s Day, every third Sunday in June; nor with that of Grandmother’s Day, every first Sunday of March. An exception is that if Pentecost falls on the last Sunday of May, as was the case in 2020, the date of Mother’s Day will be postponed to the following Sunday.

And Mother’s Day has a gift for confusion. Will it take place in June or in May? Is it the same as in UK or US? Indeed, the date of Mother’s Day is not universal. Mothers are celebrated across the Channel in March, whileacross the Atlantic, the festival takes place on the second Sunday of May (this is also the case in Belgium, Switzerland or even Spain). So this year it is Sunday 8 May. Of course, this is an opportunity for celebrities and influencers to share love messages with their mothers on social networks.

From the traditional bouquet of flowers to more original gifts, there’s no shortage of gift ideas for Mother’s Day. And it’s never too late to please your mother. Until D-Day it is possible to find the idea that will achieve the goal. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the most frequently offered gifts, as well as more innovative ideas:

  • fresh flowers : Interflora (the well-known historic flower delivery service), Florajet (delivery in 4 hours, if ordered before 12:00), Bloom & Wild (for creative bouquets delivered in cardboard boxes), 123 Fleurs (one of the leaders in online flower sales since 1999, with same day delivery for all orders before 5 pm, but also on Sundays and public holidays) or Aquarelle (for a good value for money).
  • An eternal rose (and the symbol of the flower that never withers: Amazon
  • heart shaped balloons : the company “Better than flowers”
  • A personalized “photo gift” : Cheerz
  • institute care : Yves Rochero
  • A gourmet or beauty subscription : for example in the magazine Marmiton; or a Glowria beauty box for the month of May (including 1 bestseller of the star brand of the moment + 1 beauty novelty excavated by our experts, but also: products to complete your beauty routine, accessories, surprises and advice to follow the trends of the season.) .
  • A mother/daughter photo shoot : Studio Lenoir (229 euros)
  • Two tickets to a concert or a play : Ticket Tac
  • An assortment of tea : Kusmi Tea Paris (19.50 euros)


For those who celebrate Mother’s Day with words rather than objects, there is the enduring tradition of “Happy Mother’s Day”. Short or poetic, modern or childish, consult our dedicated page for examples of “Happy Mother’s Day” messages to inspire you, as well as ready-made poems to say “I love you” to your mother! Finally, we offer you beautiful quotes about mothers, to slide on a card or a text. Good writing!

Do you want to wish your mother a happy birthday? Send your wishes for Mother’s Day! Program your virtual greeting cards from our new collection of free cards now. Discover all our personalized and original “Happy Mother’s Day” cards and always the birthday card, happy birthday card, love card, friendship card, thank you card, Christmas card…

Every last Sunday of May we normally celebrate Mother’s Day. But do we really know where this tradition comes from? As L’Express reports, Mother’s Day was born in 1906, when the village of Artas (Isère) organized a ceremony in honor of mothers of large families. Two mothers of nine children then received the High Maternal Merit award. The village today continues to claim the creation of Mother’s Day in France. In 1918, after World War I, Lyon followed the United States-born movement, paying tribute to mothers and wives who had lost their sons and/or husbands. This Mother’s Day was made official by the government in 1929. In 1942, Marshal Pétain gave the event a more solemn tone, most notably in a radio message: “Only you know how to give everyone this taste for work, this sense of discipline, modesty, respect that make healthy men and strong peoples . You are the inspiration of our Christian civilization”. Rather than celebrating mothers, the goal is to increase the birth rate in

But the tradition of Mother’s Day actually dates back to the dawn of time, or almost! The Greeks already celebrated mothers in their own way, worshiping Rhea, the mother of Zeus, at the time of spring. Kind of like Mother’s Day, because they also celebrated fertility. Also among Christians this symbol has long endured. Every year, on the fourth Sunday of Lent, believers went to pray in the “Mother Church”, the most important in their region. It was a matter of celebrating in a special way a passage from a Gregorian chant, the introitus, which is reminiscent of breast milk.

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