Disney Debuts First Look at David O. Russell’s Star-Packed Movie, ‘Lightyear’ and ‘Doctor Strange’ at CinemaCon

The Walt Disney Co. took over the CinemaCon main stage Wednesday morning for a 90-minute session that delivered exclusive footage of upcoming films, including the anticipated 3D reveal of Avatar 2together with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesslight yearDavid O. Russell’s Full Stars Amsterdam and Bob’s Burgers

Tony Chambers, executive vp theatrical distribution, began the session by acknowledging a changing entertainment landscape, while countering that “one thing that hasn’t changed and will never change is the power of the movies.” He added: “Nothing can match the combined strength of Disney, Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Searchlight, 20th Century, all led by Alan Bergman, who is in the audience today.”

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Before throwing the baton to Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige, he gave a polite warning of what was to come: “fasten your seatbelt as we take you on a piece of cake”.

The first stop of that tour was an exclusive sneak peek at Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange, a film that Chambers says has already made $42 million from ticket sales leading up to its May 6 release. Feige said he came straight from Marvel Studios’ first personal creative retreat in three years. The event, he said, had a giant sign “that takes us through the next decade, and they’re unique and special and they’re meant for your theaters.”

He teased big 3D offers, saying Ryan Coogler is “working really hard” on the next episode of the Black Panther franchisee. “Are we back? Yes, I know we’ll be back,” he said confidently, referring to the studio’s partnership and huge box office revenues with Sony on Spider-Man: No Way Home† “Anything can happen in the next 10 years with existing characters and new characters and new storytelling tools with the multiverse.”

Feige then introduced the expanded images of Doctor Strange featuring a wedding scene where Rachel McAdams’ character walks down the aisle before a giant, one-eyed octopus threatens the wedding party outside. Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong’s characters sit alongside Xochitl Gomez’s character America Chavez. She later explains the multiverse and her ability to travel through it (while also calling the octopus a henchman who was after her).

Disney Preview of 30 Minutes Pixar’s light year, which opens on June 17 and is the first Pixar title to hit theaters since the start of the pandemic. †SoulLuca and To blush debuted on Disney+.)

The first movie spin-off of the Toy Story movies, the original of which debuted in 1995, light year was effectively developed as the film that made the iconic . inspired Toy Story character, Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear. Voiced by Chris Evans (Tim Allen voiced the character in the original movies), Buzz is therefore not a toy, but the human character that Andy’s toys were based on.

The film opens with Buzz – in his iconic spacesuit – along with his best friend and mission commander, Alicia Hawthorne, played by Uzo Aduba, leading the investigation into a distant planet with a sign of life. But the mission goes wrong and they are stranded. With an escape plan in the making, Buzz is launched into a Space Shuttle-esque craft and accidentally travels through time – multiple times – and sees Alicia betrothed and then start a family with another woman on their mission.

Towards the end of the first act, Buzz loses his friend. Gene. Cal Burnside, voiced by Isiah Whitlock Jr. takes command. Determined to complete his mission, Buzz returns to space. Later in the film, which will also have an Imax release, he will be joined by new characters Izzy Hawthorne, Alicia’s granddaughter, voiced by Keke Palmer; Mo, voiced by Taika Waititi; and Darby, voiced by Dale Soules. light year also features Buzz’s antagonist, Zurg, voiced by James Brolin. And the famous Space Ranger also gets a new compassion, Sox, a digital cat voiced by The good dinosaur helmsman Peter Sohn.

The same-sex relationship (and kiss) became a hot-button topic earlier this year when it was revealed that the film would feature the company’s first-ever animated kiss. According to previous reports, the kiss was always in the film, but during the creative process there were conversations about intimacy and the kiss was removed. Following internal criticism of Disney’s previous public silence about Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, the decision was made in March to reinstate the kiss.

The most recent film in the franchise, Toy Story 4opened in 2018 and topped $1 billion at the global box office on its way to winning an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Russell’s new movie now has a title, Amsterdam, and was described from the stage as an original crime epic about three close friends who are at the center of one of the most shocking secret plots in American history. The three friends are Christian Bale, Margot Robbie and John David Washington, a doctor, nurse and lawyer “who met in Belgium”. They have a scene with Robert De Niro as he questions them about their respective backgrounds.

“A lot of this actually happened,” promises the 1930s period dress teaser featuring a dance scene and another scene with Taylor Swift performing opposite Bale, Washington, and Chris Rock as the four stand over a coffin with “a dead white man in a box” (says Rock).

Russell collected, among others, Anya Taylor-Joy, Mike Myers, Rami Malek, Zoe Saldaña, Timothy Olyphant, Michael Shannon, Andrea Riseborough, Alessandro Nivola and Matthias Schoenaerts. It’s Russell’s first film since 2015 Joy and he is credited as a writer, director and producer. It comes from Disney, 20th Century Studios, New Regency Prods. and Forest Hill Entertainment. Amsterdam opens in theaters on November 4.

The session concluded with James Cameron’s first exclusive teaser trailer Avatar follow-up, which now has a title, Avatar: The way of the water† See THRs breakout coverage of the highly anticipated sequel here.

Theater owners applauded during Disney’s presentation. During the pandemic, the studio sent some movies straight to Disney+ or opened titles in theaters day and night on Disney+ Premier. Some exhibitors were annoyed by the studio, which emphasized its commitment to the silver screen. Disney didn’t tease Marvel Studios Black Panther: Wakanda forever, except for one snippet shown on the first sizzle reel. It was no surprise that the studio stopped doing more, as it often saves a lot of fanboy movies for D23.

Hollywood studios and movie theater operators are gathering in Las Vegas this week for CinemaCon, the annual convention hosted by the National Association of Theater Owners. This year is especially crucial for exhibitors trying to get out of the ravages of the COVID-19 crisis. CinemaCon was canceled altogether in 2020, while last year’s event was a stripped-down version held in late August, as opposed to the traditional late-spring slot.

This year, all five major Hollywood studios are praising their upcoming slates during their time on stage at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. CinemaCon 2022 runs April 25-28.

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