Does Hélène have behavioral problems? (Summary of Episode 882)

“Un Si Grand Soleil” already with the full and detailed summary of episode 882 of Wednesday, May 4, 2022In your daily series, Hélène becomes more and more intrusive. And Alex’s investigation to find the counterfeiters is on hold.


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The comprehensive summary of the previous episode of Un Si Grand Soleil is also online.


Un Si Grand Soleil: Pre-Episode 882 of Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Alex came home late last night. And on the pretext of not waking Julie, he slept on the couch for two hours. In the early morning he gets ready to leave and if Julie hadn’t woken up, she probably wouldn’t have seen him. Julie sees that Alex is not well and is annoyed that he does not speak to her. Alex puts his stance on his ongoing investigation and the pressure he has faced. But Julie senses his discomfort and meets Manu moments later. She doesn’t feel comfortable talking to Alex behind Alex’s back, she’s just really worried. Julie has never seen Alex look this bad during an investigation. She then tells about the return of Alex’ ex in her life. Manu, still unaware that his colleague and friend is investigating the submarine on behalf of the justice system, tries to reassure her. He tells her that nothing is happening between Alex and Gaëlle and tells her that she has gone abroad.

Alex and Faïza of the special brigade have started analyzing the clues on Gaëlle Lestrac’s message. The counterfeiters are said to be in a warehouse accessed by a dirt road, which itself is connected to a road in a remote area surrounded by ocher-colored soil. Gaëlle also mentioned the presence of wind turbines about 2 km from the shelter. She also timed her journey from the first shelter to this shelter at 50 minutes. The police established a search perimeter from the first shelter and the warehouse would be located in the north of Montpellier. Police are scouring the area with satellite images. They think they’ve discovered a warehouse that matches Gaëlle’s clues, but the images aren’t precise enough. They decide to go there and set up a device. When night fell, the police launched the attack. But the warehouse is empty. This is the wrong warehouse, much to Alex’s chagrin. For her part, Pauline has found the right color for the counterfeit 50 euro note and is launching the prints. Cards are ideal.


Hélène’s disturbing personality

It’s been five days since Claire found shelter with Hélène. The latter advises her friend to take her day off to rest at home, because she is exhausted. Then she takes a pill for high blood pressure. Claire receives notifications on her cell phone. Florent left him many messages. Hélène hopes Claire didn’t answer her, which she has. But Claire thinks Florent is right and that they should talk to each other. Hélène strongly urges Claire not to answer, as Florent has not apologized for doubting her aggression.

Claire is with Paul, a patient when he feels unwell. He’s short of breath. Claire calls 911 and escorts Paul to the emergency room. He has taken an opioid overdose and is in rehab. dr. Alphand relies on Claire to convince Paul. Claire then meets Hélène in the hallway who proposes to go home together. But Claire planned to see Kira. Hélène remains intrusive and tries to figure out what she’s going to tell him. Hélène then offers her boyfriend to cook. Claire asks him to do something simple.

Meanwhile, the man suspected of drugging Claire at Senso’s inaugural party is interrogated by Elise, Franck Damin claims he is innocent. He claims not to have drugged or forced Claire. He also denies having published the photos of him kissing Claire.

Claire and Kira have a drink at Les Sauvages. Claire confides in the teenager what happened at the Senso. And then she warns her about what can happen in the evening. She advises her to watch how she drinks and that if she drinks despite everything and doesn’t feel well, she should immediately find the first person she trusts.

Kira wants Claire to come home, but the latter must first consult with Florent. Then they nibble on some tapas. When Claire returns to Hélène, she is impatiently waiting for her, music in the background and dim lights. Hélène offers her to eat immediately, but Claire is no longer hungry. However, Hélène has prepared both a salmon in a salt crust and the dessert. She takes it badly, especially since she’s crisscrossed the entire city to find the best fishmonger. Claire is confused. She didn’t realize that Hélène would bend back and ask her forgiveness. Hélène completely changes her attitude. She apologizes for overreacting. Hélène softens and smiles again.

Does Hélène have behavioral problems due to her hypertension treatment?

Un Si Grand Soleil: Summaries and Spoilers Ahead

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