Dream collection on the catwalk: the creativity of Gianluca Trappetti conquers the Cosmoprof

A global company at the Bologna Kermesse for the Spoleto hairstylist: an entire show dedicated to his legendary collections


Gianluca Trappetti’s ideas and creativity enchant Cosmoprof 2022! The Spoleto hairstylist, creator of the Magical Hero Collection, Rockstar Collection, Cult Movie Collection and TV Series Collection, enters the history of his company by bringing his collections to the industry’s premier global catwalk. On Monday 2 May, the Simone and Gianluca hair salon in Viale Marconi simply entered the history of haircuts. The fashion show, according to the photo gallery, featured hairstyles, cuts and colors inspired by the cult figures of the four collections, literally causing chaos among the fans and accredited journalists of the sector. The only downside, unfortunately, fear of Covid has reduced the turnout of the public, still reluctant to attend an indoor event en masse, despite the event’s global importance. And Covid has always reduced the number of models available to Trappetti, who had to redesign the entire lineup with four absences. “A race against time – admits the hairdresser himself – which we managed to win thanks to my brother Simone and the entire staff led by Mirella Maddaleni, Silvia Mariottini and Nicole Ministrini. I thank everyone for the enormous effort to make sure everything was perfect.”
Returning to the performance, already during the presentation of Alberto Argentesi (Chiambretti Night) and at the entrance of the first cuts, the delirium unleashed for what remains an absolute world premiere in all respects. Thousands of photos taken, posed and not, with social networks gone mad since the first cuts on the catwalk, one on all Instagram.

Trappetti, who has a passion for rock music in addition to hairstyle, has decided to open the event with a tribute to Freddie Mercury – thanks to the head of Matteo Diodato – of the Rockstar collection. After the tribute to Sade Jennyfer, with a great performance on the catwalk by Sharon Caravani. Then it was the turn of the Cult Film Collection and Fast & Furious’s Michelle Rodriguez, played by Marta Evangelisti. Immediately afterwards, Marco Segoni lent his garment to none other than the Great Depression atmosphere of Once Upon a Time in America, one of the most beautiful and highly regarded paintings. Also on stage Michelle Frezza, the daughter of actor Mirko Frezza, along with Carlo Buoncristiani credible “Vikings” for the TV series collection. Buoncristiani was one of the most photographed models of the entire event. And to finish, fireworks with the Hero collection, that is, the ancestor of the Trappetti collections, where it all started: Furio di Titta lent his hair to Old man Logan, while Emiliano Segoloni was the Logan clone. To close the most famous of the “collection cuts”: the inevitable Joker, played by Michele Santini, who traditionally put everyone in attendance! The whole exhibition center almost collapsed…

At the end of the show, Gianluca Trappetti himself expressed his own concept of fashion, along with the models Tudor Radnef and Luca Campagiorni. “I think it’s necessary – said Trappetti – to try to change the trend that the guy with shaved hair, the line, the shades in a certain way, etc. has wanted for years. If we can stretch the top hair a little bit, we have more raw material to shape something new. If you really can’t stop fading on the sides, at least let them grow a little bit in the middle of the head!”. As an example, Trappetti brought two inspired hairstyles, Viking and samurai respectively. “Making a change of image – added the Spoleto hairstylist – I believe it goes far beyond a simple change of haircut. What I am trying to do is a real morphological and structural study, to reach the best equilibrium point that a total but at the same time credible change”.

As proof of what has been said – last two photos of the gallery – Trappetti introduced Furio Di Titta on stage, a gentleman from Spoleto who served as a model to illustrate the concept of “change of appearance” expressed by the hairstylist: a ” before and after’ which stunned a now entranced audience, who greeted with astonished roars what was undoubtedly the most striking sculptural representation of the theoretical concept expressed a little earlier by Trappetti.

The Spoleto collections proved to be the real star attraction of Cosmoprof 2022, to the point that Gianluca went for lunch no earlier than about 5pm. And even then, there was no shortage of photo requests and pleasant intermissions from numerous enthusiasts, who questioned the notoriously humble and sociable hairstylist, who finally saw what he defined as “my best idea becomes reality.”

To Trappetti and to the staff of Simone and Gianluca Parrucchieri, who continue the tradition of the great hairdressers of Spoleto and give prestige to the city, the warmest congratulations from the editorial staff of Spoletonline along with the wish for an increasingly creative and winning future.

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