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Are you considering a trip to Rio Grande do Norte and came across different offers for Natal? So enjoy this list of things to do in the suburbs of the capital Potiguar and how to enjoy every day in one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

Credit: Vladimir Alexander/MTurView of the beach at Genipabu, in Natal (RN)

pirangi beach

Very close to the city of Natal (about 15 km), you can visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil: Pirangi Beach, with water that turns green or blue depending on the weather and the season.

Children and seniors love this tour and enjoy the natural pools with warm water, but that’s not the only thing in Pirangi, making it possible even for beginners to dive and discover the marine beauties of the region.

For those who like to party, there are several programs, such as Viva Folia, which excite the local crowd and visiting tourists.

Credit: Vladimir Alexander/MTurNatural pools on the beach of Pirangi, in Natal

Pirangi cashew tree

Still in Pirangi there is a unique opportunity: to discover the largest cashew tree in the world: the Pirangi cashew tree.

This manifestation of nature’s strength and resilience is unforgettable, and if you’re in the region between November and January, you can pick sweet and juicy cashew fruits with your bare hands.

Praia do Forte

Returning to Natal, one of the most must-see places on the trip is the beautiful Praia do Forte, which is home to the Forte dos Reis Magos, a military building with monuments relevant to its history, including the oldest sculpture in Brazil, the Marco Colonial de Touros. , from 1501.

Credit: Vladimir Alexander/MTurReis Magos Fort is one of the attractions to visit in Natal (RN)

There you can not only learn about history but also enjoy the beautiful natural pools of warm water that surround the fort.

Historical centre

One of the main places in one of the most beautiful capitals in the country, it offers countless possibilities for tours for visitors as it is a great region to have a good coffee – there are even cafes inspired by the best coffee in the world to provide incredible experiences for tourists and locals alike.

Potengi Palace

A cultural center and a very interesting art gallery occupy what was the seat of government of Rio Grande do Norte until the 1980s, and those who like to get to know places of great historical value will surely fall in love with the place.

Memorial Camara Cascudo

Besides a building in honor of one of the Brazilian exponents of Letters, Luís da Câmara Cascudo, the place has an impressive library with about 10 thousand books!

Mother of Our Lady of the Presentation

The first church in Rio Grande do Norte, the Matriz, also known as the Old Cathedral or Old Cathedral, is a must for those who do religious tourism and for Catholics who want to know a temple with a very interesting architecture.

Praia do Meio

One of the first beaches to visit in Natal is Praia do Meio. There you can contemplate beautiful scenery, eat in restaurants and bars that offer fresh seafood and enjoy the local nightlife.

Artist Beach

Speaking of nightlife, right next to Praia do Meio is Praia dos Artistas, which has a vast stretch of sand with beautiful coconut palms, and several bars and clubs with all kinds of styles and for different audiences.

There you will also find the handicraft center of Praia dos Artistas, where you can buy some souvenirs from the city to give to family and friends when you return from the tour.

Areia Preta Beach

Despite its name, the sand of Praia da Areia Preta is the color of regular sand and is close to other very popular beaches, but with one difference: it is one of the best-maintained beaches in the region.

Credit: Frankie Marcone/MTurAreia Preta Beach, in Natal (RN)

Despite the beauty of the transparent water, it is recommended that swimmers be careful as there are many rocks along the coast.

Newton Navarro Bridge

One of the postcards of Rio Grande do Norte is a recently built bridge, which impresses with an incredible view of the Potengi River, one of the most important in the state.

South Tibau

Credit: Humberto Sales /MTurPraia do Amor, in Tibau do Sul, near Natal (RN)

Tibau do Sul is a municipality about 80 km from Natal and was used by surfers looking for good waves.

In Tibau, besides attractive beaches for surfing, there are beautiful places with super calm and blue water to take the whole family, including children.

Cacimbinhas Beach

Anyone who likes adventure and extreme sports will enjoy getting to know Cacimbinhas Beach, a paradise full of dunes, perfect for kitesurfing and surfing, buggy rides or horseback riding!

The place is also ideal for those who have never had one of these experiences, as it is possible to count on several instructors, both to rent equipment and to assist in its use.

love beach

One of the favorite spots for surfers in Rio Grande do Norte, it has rough seas, perfect for practicing the sport, and has a touch of romance, created by a beautiful cliff in the shape of a heart on earth.

Anyone who knows any of the above destinations will have an unforgettable experience that really deserves to be lived.

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