Favorite Reality TV Surgeon Accused by 7 More Women of Failed Surgery

After the publication of an initial study by Le Parisien involving cosmetic surgeon Benjamin Azoulay, 7 new women, including a nurse, denounced “failed interventions”, with some of them having “lifelong consequences”. They are now 13 to break the silence.

Far from the glitz of reality TV, anonymous people freedom of speech and listening aesthetic interventions that have changed their lives in a permanent nightmare.

May 5, 2022, the Parisian publishes a first study showing that six patients “indictments, photos and medical examinations in support of the failed interventions of an inhumane doctor operating in trance”† After the publication of their paper, the newspaper receives many testimonials from other victims of Benjamin Azoulay, surgeon up to 58,000 subscribers on Instagram

May 13, 2022, seven other womenagain, supporting pictures and medical examinations, accuse in the columns of Parisianthe media doctor of interventions “failed”by « mutilations »sometimes “irreversible”

For the first time, a nurse collaborate with dr. Benjamin Azoulay breaks the silence, in support of “these women, who sometimes put all their savings into the intervention”precisely the Parisian

A nurse from the Azoulay surgeon finally testifies

The first to break the silence on the ” butchery “ they suffered from the surgeon’s two reality TV celebrities: Emilie Amar and Luna Skye who last May entrusted to the Parisianhave been “admitted in serious condition”after injections performed by the doctor Azoulay, to shape their buttocks. Four other brave women were quick to denounce nearly similar factsbut it seems there are more.

Joined today by seven new women, some are still waiting “better”to ensure the Parisian, before speaking. However, many are now ready to take legal actionwith Me Jean-Louis Saves, the lawyer of the two influencers:

“Probably there will be conversations. At least that’s what my customers hope for. If not, we will go to court. †

A first trial against the doctor Azoulay starts at the end of May

At the end of May Virginie, 34, will present herself for a first civil hearing at the court of Paris to have Doctor Azoulay face to face with “his responsibilities”

“Three years after my rhinoplasty, I’m living in hell. This should not happen to other girls again. The doctors told me to do a cartilage transplant. †

The dream operation at the price of 5,000 euroswhile this single mother from Seine-et-Marne earns only 1,700 euros per month, 2019 turned into a nightmare. While she fears that after the intervention she has caused an affection, she goes back to doctor Azoulay, who prescribes a box of anxiolytics assure her that she is worrying unnecessarily. She eventually goes to an ENT:

“There he realized that” Doctor Azoulay had forgotten the compresses… In my nose! I’ve had them for five months, can you imagine? He had broken my nose so much that I was breathing and sleeping worse and worse. The operation destroyed me, she confides in a trembling voice. I regret every day that I went to see him. †

Over time, Virginie’s nose collapses and she plunges into a depressive state. Work stoppage, consultation with the psychiatrist… After meeting four different surgeons in an attempt to “rebuild” RingVirginie realizes she can’t even afford it anymore. Today she demands justice and wants… “make someone pay” the one who disfigured her.

Pillar and Aurélie also had repercussions after their nose job at the hands of Dr. Azoulay. In the first, he read the scar on the cartilage. And the second he wiped the nasal septum. Reveal both today having trouble with ” to breathe “often have the ” stuffy nose ““almost no smell”

Accelerated interventions and no postoperative follow-up

There is also Laure, a 29-year-old Parisian, who in 2016 decided to redo her buttocks and then turned to the “youngest cosmetic surgeon in France”† The first interview is short, barely 10 minutes Benjamin Azoulay asks his patient for “Don’t go to the negative opinions about it on the internet, they came from frustrated people. †

Laure is still planning her implant placement and liposuction. On D-Day, the surgeon is in a hurry again and operates “right away because he has to catch a train in the afternoon.” † The next days, Laure has a fever, stops eating, and “balls” on his ass. Doctor Azoulay is on vacation, he sends her back to other colleagues, who refuse to take care of her. A surgeon eventually treats her.

“I had an infection. Over time, the scars opened, they bled profusely. The right implant even tipped over. †

Violation of medical secrecy

A year later, when she went to the clinic to get an explanation from the doctor Azoulay, she learns that he has been banned for two years, one of which by the Order of Physicians, for “Breach of medical secrecy” The social media star surgeon was in his own trap: he would have agreed to be filmed during several surgeries “without hiding” the face and identity of the patients. In 2020, she finally manages to confront him:

‘He was odious! He blamed me! I burst into tears in his office. †

There is still Marine and Hilde, for whom? the surgeon slaughtered the breasts† The first performs two mammoplasties, almost 10 years ago, on her hands:

“The first operation protruded my nipple from the bra, the second, my chest was lower than the other. File a complaint? Who at that time would have given me reason in the face of a recognized and wealthy surgeon?

Hilda, she’s coming to the… Parisian as the surgeon’s former neighbor who saw him ” grow “† In 2020, after three pregnancies, she entrusts her breast to him but finds him “strangely nervous”† After the operation, pus develops, her breasts are scarred and she has areola necrosis

“The doctor had to operate on me again. But he’s been out of reach for eight months. I regret trusting him blindly. †

© Benjamin Azoulay – Instagram

Doctor Azoulay wants ‘independent expertise’

the Parisian contacted the media doctor who again claimed to be working with heart and seriousness for more than a decade »

“Many of my colleagues and patients can attest to the quality of my work. I have operated on nearly 6000 patients, who I have supervised and followed through the whole procedure of the surgical procedure, from the first information meeting to today. †

Benjamin Azoulay calling himself “very serene”defends against the lack of postoperative follow-up and ensures ” to be always available to act quickly in the event of complications” Now he wants “that an independent expert can shed light on this affair”

“This procedure allows me to get out of medical secrecy and determine if I have responsibilities and have committed certain shortcomings. My counsel is ordered to charge those who damage my reputation with defamation. publicly without any verification or expertise confirming their allegations. †

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