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Pecorino tem como dica or gnocchi with fillet ragu

Eighteen restaurants in Rio are participating in the 16th edition of the Brasil Sabor festival, which will run until the 29th and will be in a hybrid format (for in-unit tasting or delivery). The Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants expects to have more than 700 restaurants in 18 states of the five regions.

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– Our goal is to strengthen local tourism and increase jobs away from home in the food industry by increasing income and creating new jobs. With the theme “World’s largest, original in Brazil”, the proposal is for participating restaurants to use the event by promoting a dish and testing the success of these creations with the ultimate public – details Pedro Hermeto, president of Abrasel RJ.

Páreo features tucupi corn gnocchi with shrimp, spinach and tucupi sauce

One of the participants suggests that Angu do Gomes, the scene of the first samba and capoeira circles in the city, is João Nogueira (R $ 39.90), served with sauce, bread and farofa with garlic. At Aprazível in Santa Teresa, order is caipira chicken ($76) with rustic chicken rice, banana, Minas sausage, chili jelly, surprise beans, and kale. The venue has patios with outdoor tables and serves Brazilian food and artisanal cachaça.

Atlântico Beach in Copacabana recommends the albatross (R$42.90), marinated chicken thighs served on a piece of spinach. To drink, drinks like strawberries and cinnamon, black grapes, basil and gin, and lemon caipirinha with hibiscus.

Botequim Restaurante: mignon mignon with mashed banana and crispy farofa with spice sauce

Seafood seekers have the Provençal octopus (R$99) with black rice, confit tomatoes and zucchini from Bahl. Botequim Restaurante recommends mignon mignon with mashed banana and crispy farofa and spice sauce (R$72). Café Marinas offers picanha with sausage and bacon rice, egg farofa, charcoal cheese and crispy kale with baião de dois ($85R). Offering vegan and vegetarian dishes, Cumbuca has Meditatum 2.0 (R$47.90), black rice salad with edamame, tuna marinated in oriental sauce, Sicilian lemon sauce and yellow tomatoes.

success there: Four Brazilian wines were awarded in France; one cost less than R$40

Feito Com Arte recommends the filet mignon medallion in wood sauce (R$50.90) with bacon and piamontese rice and lace potatoes. Giuseppe Leblon offers fillet mignon chopped at the tip of a knife with steak tartare ($98), classic seasonings, optional egg yolk, and potato chips. To harmonize over 300 wine labels from the Old and New World.

Giuseppe Leblon serving steak tartare

Kitchen Asian Food at Marina da Glória, tuna in three flavors (R$49.90 2022), tuna sashimi with ikura; semi-dried tuna with foie gras; and tuna with sesame crust under a bed of teriyaki cream, shelled pistachios and tapioca dadinho.

Kotobuki has breaded chicken stuffed with cream cheese and yakimeshi (Japanese rice with vegetables and eggs) and tori sunny (R$56). La Carioca Cevicheria in Ipanema bets on Andean pulpo (R$47), grilled octopus, potato salad, roasted garlic, coriander beans, chili, olive oil, and quinoa farofa.

No no!  Sushi Bar is the option top 20 salmon.

No no! Sushi Bar, option is top 20 salmon (R$69.90), salmon sashimi, philadelphia uramaki, maki salmon, salmon sushi and batter (all quadruple items). Shrimp has coconut shrimp as a tip (R$98.90).

Otto’s offers the director’s fillet with palm hearts roasted in the shell (R$139). Páreo in Gávea has tucupi corn gnocchi (R$88) with shrimp, spinach and tucupi sauce.

Pecorino’s tip is the gnocchi al ragu di fillet (R$52) with tomato sauce and grilled mignon strips. Finally, Vizinhando recommends the VZ plate (R$98) with sirloin steak, bacon sausage, pork mignon and thigh fillet; and white rice, beans, farofa, french fries and salad dressing.

Shrimp in coconut from O Camarao restaurant

Brazilian Flavor 2022
Date: 12-29 May
More information on the website https://www.brasilsabor.com.br/


Angu do Gomes
Address: Rua Sacadura Cabral 75, Saúde
Phone: (21) 2233-4561

Address: Rua Aprazível 62, Santa Teresa
Phone: (21) 96741-3850

Atlantic Beach
Address: Unnumbered Avenida Atlântica, in front of Rua Duvivier

Address: Rua Aníbal de Mendonça 112, store A, Ipanema
Phone: (21) 3986-8118

Botequim Restaurant
Address: Rua Visconde de Caravelas 22, Botafogo
Phone: (21) 2286-3391

Sea Coffee
Address: Avenida Infante Dom Henrique unnumbered, shop 1, Glória
Phone: (21) 99880-7979

Address: Rua São Francisco Xavier 503, Tijuca
Phone: (21) 2029-9403

Made with Art
Address: Avenida Nelson Carvalhães 100
Phone: (22) 99790-4708

Joseph Leblon
Address: Avenida Bartolomeu Miter 370/ Loja A, Leblon
Phone: (21) 99591-5277

cuisine asian food
Address: Avenida Infante Dom Henrique unnumbered, shop 101, Glória
Phone: (21) 4042-6161 / (21) 98685-5555

Address: Praia de Botafogo 400, Botafogo Praia Shopping
Phone: (21) 3171-9595

Carioca Cevicheria
Address: Rua Garcia D’Ávilla 173, store A, Ipanema
Phone: (21) 2522-8184

No! sushi bar
Uptown – Avenida Isabel Domingues 300. Blok 12, Loja 106, Gardênia Azul. Phone: (21) 99012-4273

Crystal Mall – Estrada dos Bandeirantes 7967, 113, Curicica. Phone: (21) 3577-6195

Nova Iguaçu – Avenida Abilio Augusto Tavora 1111, store 1003. Phone: (21) 3853-0507
Norte Shopping – Avenida Dom Helder Câmara 5080, store 4701. Phone: (21) 3176-6562
Nova América – Avenida Vicar Martin Luther King Júnior 126, store 507. Phone: (21) 2303-3231

Address: Rua Uruguai, 380/Loja 23 – Tijuca
Phone: (21) 2268-2000 / (21) 99254-1190

Address: Rua Mario Ribeiro 410, Headquarters Jockey Club, Gávea
Phones: (21) 2540-9017 and (21) 99843-8813

Address: Avenida das Américas 4.666, B117C, Barra da Tijuca
Phone: (21) 3520-0186

Botafogo – Praça Nelson Mandela 100, store 1124. Phone: (21) 3546-8362
Crystal Mall- Estrada dos Bandeirantes 7967, 111 and 112 stores. Phone: (21) 3586-5726
Madureira – Estrada do Portela 222, store 406. Phone: (21) 3172-6277
Jacarepaguá – Avenida Ayrton Senna 5,500, block 12, store 105 (Upper Town). Phone: (21) 3172-6277
Barra da Tijuca – Avenida das Américas 5000, shops 119 and 120, New York. Phone: (21) 2143-8466
Vila Isabel – Rua Vinte e Oito de Setembro 20 and 22. Phone: (21) 2146-8600
Vista Alegre – Avenida Brás de Pina 2095, store A. Phone: (21) 3081-5567
Recreio – Rua Lúcia de Castro Silva 160, store D. Phone: (21) 3586-6641
Méier – Rua Galdino Pímentel 39. Phone: (21) 3502-9040
Carioca Shopping – Avenida Vicente de Carvalho 909, department store 220, Vila da Penha. Phone: (21) 2481-7646

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