Gilson Machado, a former minister who is to be a candidate, traveled to Recife 8 times in 2022.

From the beginning of the year until April 4, when he left the federal government, the then Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado, a native of Pernambuco, born in Recife, made 34 official trips supported by Brazilian Air Force aircraft, the second record of the corporation itself. In 2021, the minister made 7 trips over the same period. No for Pernambuco.

In 2022, the most frequent destination is the northeast, with 11 trips (32%), most (8 times) in Recife. According to press reports, President Jair Bolsonaro announced on April 10 that Gilson Machado would be a candidate for the Senate. “We are joining forces with our provisional candidate for the Pernambuco government, Anderson Ferreira, as well as Gilson Machado for the Senate.”.


In January, the Minister traveled a total of six times, three of them to the northeast and one to Recife. His first trips were from Brazil to Rio de Janeiro on the 13th, accompanied by 13 people. Thus, after a visit to the National Secretary for Tourism Development and Competitiveness, Fabio Augusto Pinheiro, Gilson went straight to Leblon. There, he took part in the opening ceremony of Rio de Janeiro Innovation Week, a venue that, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology, will facilitate major meetings, debates and workshops on innovation and technology.

On the 25th, the northeast became part of the travel destination. The first one was in Maceio (AL). On this occasion, Gilson Machado invited 14 people to attend the opening of the Northeast Arretado Roadshow in Maceio, Alabama. According to an interview with Brasil TV, the project aims to help northeast tourism, which, after two years of the pandemic, can finally return with more force.

He left for Parnaiba (PI) on the 27th with an offer to take part in the official program of the Cerapió rally. In its 35th edition, the competition aims to create attractions and entertainment through racing in five modalities: cars, bikes, motorcycles, ATVs and UTVS. A few days later (31) the minister went to Recife (PE). This time, within the framework of the institutional visit, a meeting was held with the Board of the Federation of Industry of the State of Pernambuco with the right of a technical visit to the port of Recife. As such, he took the opportunity to follow up on the dredging work, which cost an estimated 28 million reais, according to Porto’s own website.


In total, Bolsonaro government ministers made 173 flights in February. Gilson Machado traveled the most with 15 voyages. Most of the time he traveled to the northeast, making 7 flights, five to Recife (PE). Accommodating, on average, in all his travels, he took 12 people in his entourage.


In the same month, Gilson demonstrated the superiority of incentives created in the region where he was born. In February (4th) he participated in the restoration works of the Menino Deus Church and the re-qualification of the Menino Deus Square in Sobral / CE, and also visited the Estaiada Bridge over the Akarau River.

Now in Rio de Janeiro (7th) he presented the title of citizen of the state of Rio de Janeiro and the medal of Tiradentes. The following day, he traveled to Salgueiro (PE) and appeared at the Eixo Norte Pumping Station and the opening of the San Francisco River Transposition Operations Center. On the same day, he went to Jati (CE) to take part in the act of freeing the waters of the San Francisco River for the state of Ceara. Now in Sao Paulo, he went to the Pele Museum in Santos.

In this regard, after 6 day cycles (16), the former minister went to Goiania (GO) and took part in the ceremony of transferring the position of the former chief of police. He stayed in Minas Gerais for 3 days, during which his routine was summarized in Ouro Preto (MG) to revive the Igreja Matriz de Santo Antonio, in Mariana (MG), in the church of Nossa Señora do Rosario- dos Pretos and Sabara (MG). Sobrado and City Hall there.

On February 18, he flew to Recife (PE) and met with Archbishop Fernando Saburido to strengthen the bonds of agreement and cooperation between the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife and the Ministry of Tourism for the purpose of valuing cultural heritage. these two areas.

The calendar marked the 21st and Gilson Machado was in Barcelos (AM), he stayed there for 3 nights and met with local leaders to do fishing tourism, visited the Marioua archipelago, Jau National Park and visited the airport at the opening.

From the 24th until the end of the period, he traveled to Fernando de Noronha/PE to install new internet antennas; The contract for the study of the harbor and the supply of computers, together with the Ministry of Communications, invested in negotiations with local authorities and tourist trade, carried out the restoration work of the houses of the Air Force transferred to ICMBio, together with the Commander of the Air Force and checked the PIC do Leão (National Park) to have access to internet antennas and the end of the inaugural tape.


On the first day of the month, Gilson launched the Safe Tourism program. The launch meeting took place in Brasilia. The minister joined the launch in Recife, this initiative to create a program can bring a big advance for tourism in the country, according to the GDF, as it aims to develop political and public actions to improve the tourist experience, the project includes 59 actions along seven axes, among them the creation of a diagnosis of tourism security. After that, he took care of the signing of the contracts signed with the funds of the FNE – Banco do Nordeste for the tourism sector.

From Recife he returned to Brasilia, and on the 3rd set off for Fortaleza. ceremony delivery of the restoration work of the Igreja do Menino Deus and a technical visit to the Estaiada Bridge over the Acarau River.

In this context, he spent a weekend there and went straight to Rio de Janeiro, he was included in ceremony awarding the title of citizen of the state of Rio de Janeiro and the medal of Tiradentes, and there were 14 people in his entourage.

In Minas Gerais, the former minister was more interested in religion, mostly participating in ceremonies in churches, which were the churches of Igreja Matriz de Santo Antonio and Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos.

The state of Pernambuco was again his destination on the 18th, he was again present on television Nova Nordeste while still in Recife and continued to participate in the opening of internet antennas and meetings with local authorities.

The following week, the destinations were Ceara, Paraiba and Pernambuco. He was on the President’s committee for a technical visit to the Eixo Norte Pumping Station and the opening of the São Francisco River Transfer Operations Control Center.

He was also part of the President’s entourage in the Act for the Emancipation of the Waters from the San Francisco River to the State of Ceara, and was part of the President’s entourage during a visit to the Kaisara Reservoir.

After a full week of videoconferencing, mostly via Skype, Gilson Machado went to Amazonas. In the state, he held meetings with local chiefs to talk about fishing, handicrafts, and toured the archipelagos.


The plan for March included the resumption of work at Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens (AL), the inspection of work at the Araguaina airport and the convention center in (Araguaina / TO), with a visit to the upgrade and qualifying work at the Araguaina airport (TO), the construction of a bridge Xambioa, launch of the “DNA do Brasil” program, foundation stone of the New School for Army NCOs (PE), Water Resources Task Force (CE). He opened the new headquarters of the IPHAN Directorate in Pernambuco (PE) and participated in the handover ceremony of the popular “Planalto Muribequinha” houses in Jaboatão dos Guararapes, in partnership with the Ministry of Regional Development (PE).

Former Tourism Minister Gilson Machado traveled 9 times (5 to the northeast and 2 to Recife). With a trip to Alagoas on the 7th, the minister entered into ceremony about the resumption of the restoration work of the Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens in Coqueiro Seco, and also went to meet Maria Decele Damaso de Almeida, Mayor of Coqueiro Seco (AL). In Sao Paulo he went to ceremony Opening ceremony of the 14th Feira Pesca & Companhia Trade Fair.

On the 18th he returned to set out on a journey to the northeast. This time he visited the City Hall of Jaboatão dos Guararapes (PE), visited the City Hall of Jaboatão dos Guararapes -PE and met with the local authorities. After that, in Tocantins, he was on the presidential committee in Ceremony Launch of the “DNA do Brasil” program. And on the same day, he returned to Brasilia for a Thanksgiving service to celebrate the birthday of First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro.

At the end of the month, on the 25th, he traveled to Maragogi (AL) where he gave an interview to Cassiano Vercose, reporter for Maragogi FM radio. After that, he returned to Recife (PE). On the 29th, he returned to the capital and entered the Launch Triumph Method: Would you like to and met with Corina Keller, vice president of CNN International. Gilson Machado’s last act was to open the new IPHAN Superintendent Headquarters in Brasilia, where he said goodbye to his position.

During the consultation, the Ministry of Tourism did not respond to questions sent by the report. The former minister could not be contacted for comment on his travels.

Monique Del Rosso, Natalia Maciel and Maria Eduarda Prado
Photo: Isac Nobrega/PR

Led by Luis Claudio Ferreira

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