Hélène is arrested by the police, she is an erotomaniac (Summary prior to episode 885)

“Un Si Grand Soleil” already with the full and detailed summary of episode 885 of Monday 9 May 2022In your daily series, Alex rejects Gaëlle while Hélène is convinced Claire has feelings for her. Margot, for her part, follows Christophe.


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Un Si Grand Soleil: Pre-Episode 885 of Monday, May 9, 2022

Julie confides to Alex that she hasn’t been able to have fun with her friends because of the distance he’s put between them lately. They don’t see each other anymore, they don’t talk to each other anymore. Alex regrets and admits that he was unavailable for a while due to an important mission that monopolizes him. Alex reveals to Julie that it is an infiltration mission and that Gaëlle is the infiltrator. He does not hide from her that he was moved when he saw his ex-fiancé again. Alex explains to Julie that it is not easy for him to know that she is in danger, even though it is ancient history. Julie thinks Gaëlle still has feelings for Alex, so she asked him to be her contact. Alex assures Julie that he has no feelings for his ex-fiancé and tells her that she is the only one he loves.

The investigation into the network of counterfeiters is progressing thanks to the photos taken by Alex. Police identified JC as Jean-Christophe Gide, the mastermind behind the operation. He has been cited several times in cases of forgery, use of forgery and association of criminals. He has known Pauline for years because she took her first steps with him. Police have no doubt that he financed the fugitive’s escape.

Gaëlle takes Elvira outside and takes the opportunity to join Alex who is still hiding in his patrol car. She hands him a counterfeit 50 euro bill that she managed to get hold of and tells him that the transaction will take place the next day. Gaëlle confides to Alex that it’s harder to cheat on her in front of others because she’s terrified. She is sure they will lose her once the counterfeits are delivered. Alex tries to reassure her. He assures her that they will arrive at the right time and then, from now on he is there, protecting her. Gaëlle comes over to kiss him, but Alex gently pushes her away. Granted, they kissed last time, but it was under pressure. Alex explains to Gaëlle that he is in love with his girlfriend. After drying her tears, Gaëlle returns to the warehouse.

Margot makes a disturbing discovery

Margot questions Johanna about her relationship with Christophe Lemeur and asks her why they broke up. The beautiful lawyer does not go into details. She confides to Margot that their relationship had become very toxic and that it nearly ended badly. They loved each other for ten years, but their love soured when she cheated on him and he underwent heart surgery. Johanna then tries to reassure Margot, whose sister, Judge Alphand, is Christophe’s new companion. She explains that every relationship is different. But Margot remains suspicious and after being allowed to quit her job earlier, she follows Christophe. She is stunned to discover that he spends his free time with a teenager, Achille.

Helen has been arrested

Hélène is feverishly waiting for Claire when she is visited by Lieutenant Cross. Seeing the police officer, the nurse panics and immediately imagines that something serious has happened to Claire, but Yann reassures her that her boyfriend is okay. Then Yann asks Hélène to follow him. At the police station, Hélène hears from Elise that Claire has filed a complaint against her. Claire accuses him of being drunk and kidnapping her. At first Hélène laughs and thinks all this is ridiculous. They are friends and work together. ‘Why would she have kidnapped her? she asks Elise. The police ignore her, but one thing is certain: Claire has been drugged. His analyzes from the day before confirm it. Elise points out to Hélène that she was the only person present with Claire at the time of the events. Hélène explains to Elise that it is a misunderstanding. She heals people, she doesn’t anesthetize them. Hélène thinks there is an explanation for Claire’s accusations.

Elise tells Hélène that they will have to search her home and workplace after all. She then advises him to hire a lawyer, but Hélène thinks she doesn’t need one. At the hospital, Elise and Yann search Hélène’s locker in the presence of the nurse and Janet Lewis. Hélène lies to Janet and pretends she doesn’t know what’s going on. She is confident, but the police discover GHB in her locker. Janet explains to them that some patients can be given GHB to treat sleep disorders. She did not know that Hélène had this product in her locker, especially since it is strictly forbidden. Janet tells the police that the vial is not from the hospital inventory.

A confrontation ensues between Hélène and Claire who did not consider it useful to hire a lawyer. Hélène admits to having given Claire GHB and justifies it. Claire’s couple was in bad shape and she couldn’t sleep. Claire intervenes and denies it altogether. She reconnected with Florent and prepared to return home. She accuses Hélène of drugging her so she wouldn’t leave. But Hélène is in denial. She claims Claire asked her to take her in because she couldn’t handle living with Florent anymore. Claire assures that none of this is true and reports the truth. They were colleagues and got along well, and Hélène offered to lock her up for a few days because she had argued with her partner.

But Hélène has lost all sense of reality. She’s convinced Claire’s been giving her signals for months. It was clear to her that Claire was in love with her, as she watched her all the time and wore her favorite perfume. So when Claire asked her to come live with her, Hélène thought her boyfriend had understood that they were made to be together. Claire is hallucinating. Elise tries to make it clear to Hélène that you don’t do drugs without their knowledge just because they feel bad, especially if it’s a friend. But Hélène claims to have drugged Claire to help her, quite the contrary. Claire loses her temper because she was nearly raped by her, but Hélène sees herself as the person who saved her. Claire doesn’t know what to say, feels crazy. Hélène repeats several times that it is not nice to say such a thing.

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