Hortense comes face to face with Hugues Leroy, Zacharie falls in love with Constance Teyssier again (Summary and Spoilers Episode No. 388 ITC)

“It All Starts Here” preview, detailed recap, and spoilers for Thursday, April 28, 2022, Episode 388 of ITC. In your daily seriesHortense finds a confidant in Gaëtan and decides to face the wounds of the past. Zacharie falls in love with Constance Teyssier again. As for Jasmine, she goes from disillusionment to disillusionment.


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This is where it all starts: Recap of Episode 388 from Thursday, April 28, 2022

Axel doesn’t want to go to the ball anymore

Lisandro called the teaching staff together to discuss the prom. Guillaume, Laetitia, Zacharie and Claire are ready. It is not surprising that Teyssier has no intention of going to the prom. In the double A, Jasmine criticizes Salomé for wanting to put herself forward. Anaïs stands up for her boyfriend. As for Salomé, she decides not to play Jasmine’s game, hoping she will calm down. Jasmine later confides to Axel that she feels she has lost control of the evening and has been replaced by Salomé and Anaïs. It connects the disillusionments. Axel, a little ill at ease, announces that by the looks of the others, he doesn’t think he’s going to the prom. He’s already having trouble adapting and doesn’t want to be seen as a parasite. Jasmine makes no secret of her disappointment and later confides in Greg. He tries to reassure her and explains that if Axel doesn’t come to the prom, it doesn’t mean nothing is happening between them. But Jasmine isn’t sure if she’s her style. Greg assures her that she is sublime.

Zacharie falls in love with Constance Teyssier again

Constance Teyssier would like to get back to work with the guitar and has spotted courses that will take place in the region this summer. But she is rejected on this subject by her husband. Charlène thinks the youngsters on the track will hallucinate if they see her coming, especially since she doesn’t have the style for this sort of thing. Constance eventually realizes that she won’t have an internship. Moreover, the guitar is another part of his life. She does not want to think about the past and wants to look to the future. Constance confides in Zacharie again. Moments later, the confectioner makes a pavlova passion. It’s an old creation that came back to him. At the time, he had called it the round of passions. When he was only 20 years old, he had made this dessert with the thought of a woman he loved. Zacharie confides in Lisandro that he will fall in love with this woman again, the problem is that she is married.

Meanwhile, Constance confides in Clotilde that she’s feeling a little better. She’s less hot-tempered already. She has decided to stop expecting anything from her husband and thinks it’s up to her to find a new project to fulfill herself. She is even thinking of changing careers. Constance had believed that she had found her calling and that helping others was her passion, but today she realizes that she has had to make many sacrifices. Now she wants something different. Clotilde encourages him to go for it, but it’s not that simple. Constance doesn’t know what she would like to do.

Hortense reopens the wounds of the past

Célia has to accompany the freshmen during Chef Guinot’s lesson. But the young woman worries about her friend Hortense, who has been missing since the day before. She would like to be replaced. Claire understands Celia’s concerns, but she feels this is neither the place nor the time to talk about it. But the tone quickly rises between Célia and Tom. Célia reminds him it’s his fault if they did this to Hortense. Tom defends herself and points out to Célia that the young woman has left because she has bulimia. Claire intervenes to end their quarrel. She then tries to reassure Célia and explains that Daniel Rochemont and Mehdi have gone to the gendarmerie.

But much to Hortense’s father’s dismay, the gendarmes refuse to launch a wanted message. Daniel explains to Mehdi as they leave the police station that they must act anyway, whether she is an adult or not, because there is a risk of putting herself in danger. Daniel remains determined to send Hortense to a specialized center if they find her. Mehdi disagrees. He believes that his father does not have to decide for him. Daniel explains to him that this is the most effective solution to cure this disease. Mehdi points the finger at Daniel that he still thinks he knows what Hortense needs and complains that he doesn’t remember mistakes from the past.

Hortense has rented a room in Calvières and meets Gaëtan in the street. He asks the young woman to reassure her relatives, but she refuses. She thinks they don’t need to know where she is, then she begs Gaetan not to tell anyone. Hortense confides to him that she just wants to be quiet, then she feels unwell. When the young woman refuses to visit Constance at the Institute, Gaëtan decides to take her home so he can keep an eye on her. He asks Hortense to at least send a message to her parents to reassure them.

Hortense gains confidence and confides in Gaëtan about her eating disorders. The sports teacher shows herself to be a pedagogue and persuades her to have lunch with him. But later he hears Hortense reading an article about Hugues Leroy. He got out of jail a month ago. Gaëtan finds out that Hortense was super brave in filing a complaint. He thinks this story is now a thing of the past. But Hortense wonders if her bulimia attacks aren’t related precisely because of this story and if she shouldn’t face the wounds of the past by confronting Hugues Leroy. Gaetan believes that the young woman is unable to see him and, above all, that Leroy is dangerous. Gaëtan has to give a sports lesson and has Hortense promise to wait for him. But during his lesson, concerned about Hortense, Mehdi is a bit aggressive. Gaëtan finally tells him that the young woman is at his home. But the young woman went away, leaving her bag behind. Gaetan is not very reassured. He explains to Mehdi that Hortense was wondering if she should arrange certain things with Hugues Leroy, who has been released from prison. Gaëtan does not think Hortense went to him and assumes that she went for a walk in the salt marshes. Mad with worry, Mehdi calls Hortense. The young woman claims to have left for a breath of fresh air. But the young woman lied to him. Hortense rings the doorbell of Hugues Leroy and finds himself face to face with him.

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