How a Marvel Tweet Could Complicate ‘Moon Knight’ and Oscar Isaac’s Emmy’s Odds

“Moon Knight” has become popular with critics and superhero fans around the world, with huge numbers for Disney+ and Marvel Studios. As a result, the two studios are gearing up for a strong Emmys campaign with the show in the limited series categories, especially after the success of ‘WandaVision’, which received 23 nominations (three winning ones) last year. However, a tweet shared from the Marvel Studios official Twitter account could throw a potential wrench into their campaign.

Created by Jeremy Slater, the entire promotional tour for “Moon Knight” had the two major studios referencing the show as a “limited series”, assuming it would be a standalone television outing for the Marvel Comics character. . On Monday, however, Marvel’s official Twitter page shared the trailer for today’s final episode, calling it “the epic series final’, but the tweet was deleted and corrected 14 minutes later to ‘season final.” The tweet hints at a possibility for a second season for the Oscar Isaac starring the vehicle, but no official plans have been shared.

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The social “blip” could lead the Television Academy to reject the entry for “Moon Knight” in the limited series categories, forcing a move into the drama races. Once a network has applied, the TV Academy can decline it and cite prior marketing materials, including social media, stories and interviews. While fans would be happy with another outing from Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Mr. Knight/Moon Knight, the Emmys have proactively tried to revise the category and close loopholes for shows that seemingly take advantage of the rules.

In 2017, HBO’s “Big Little Lies” dominated with eight Emmys in the limited series categories. However, after the awards show expired, a second season was announced, forcing the show to move to the drama races for its second outing in 2019. PBS’ “Downton Abbey” won six Emmys in the limited categories in 2011, including outstanding miniseries or movies . Still, the ongoing story forced the shift to drama, where it didn’t perform as well.

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According to the Academy’s rules, the eligibility criteria for limited series entry are: “The program must tell a complete, one-time story and must not have a continuous storyline or main characters in subsequent seasons.” in April, Variety exclusive of Disney’s initial plans to submit another MCU vehicle, “Loki,” on a limited basis before it was scrapped due to the post-credits reveal for a second season.

Currently, the superhero studio goliath is submitting “Moon Knight” in the limited categories alongside “Hawkeye,” the six-episode spin-off starring Jeremy Renner, which hasn’t announced a second season yet, after its closing in December.

Disney Plus - Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus – Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus

For star Oscar Isaac, both outcomes will tangibly keep him in the Emmy conversation. The 43-year-old is also one of the show’s executive producers and has four shots at Emmy Love this year. In addition to “Moon Knight,” he is the lead actor and one of the executive producers in HBO’s remake of the 1973 Swedish miniseries “Scenes From a Marriage,” along with recent Oscar winner Jessica Chastain. However, the raw passion he brought into his portrayal of Jonathan, a husband confronting the pitfalls of his marriage, could be the more “price-friendly” vehicle. With an Emmy snub under his belt for 2015’s “Show Me a Hero,” if the Academy calls “mistake” on “Moon’s” entry, Isaac’s nomination chances could increase significantly, avoiding a potential split of votes.

The deadline for entering Primetime Emmy consideration programs is May 12.

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