How I Met Your Father on Disney+: The Embarrassing and Tasteless Return to Zap

Eight years after the end ofHow I met your mothera new band of New York friends appears on our screens. How I met your fatheravailable on Disney+, connects all the codes from the 2000s sitcom. Except we’re in 2022 and it’s being missed.

Nobody expected him, nobody really asked about him, but that’s it, we’re finally going to find out how Sophie met her son’s father. Do you care? That’s good, so are we, and that’s the whole problem ofHow I met you FatherThe ten episodes of which will be available on Disney+ from Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

Derived from the cult sitcom of the early 2000s, this series features a new gallery of characters and independent stories, all set in a New York setting, between huge apartments and run-of-the-mill bars.

A suite prisoner of his model

The problem is that this comedy, which is more or less a sequel to the original series, doesn’t have much left to save the furniture (and it’s a fan ofHow I met your mother who tells). Let’s face it, we were a little skeptical about the production of this new season from the start. And watching the first seven episodes, out of ten, didn’t really change our mind. Despite strong references to his elder, but also visible attempts to break with it, How I met your father doesn’t quite come close to him. Entangled in a legacy that may be too heavy to bear, the sitcom never fails to create an identity of its own.

Whether you're a fan of the original series or not, this sitcom isn't exactly going to be good news //Source: Hulu/Disney+
Whether you’re a fan of the original series or not, this sitcom isn’t exactly going to be good news //Source: Hulu/Disney+

The series thus places the beginning of its plot in 2050, twenty years after the story of Ted Mosby’s love life to his children. This time it’s Sophie, played by Kim Catrall (Sex and the city), who tells his son the romantic adventures of his childhood over the phone. We have to show that we are on the cutting edge of technology! We are then in the mirror ofHow I met your mother : the frame does not show the child in question as in the original, but simply Sophie, comfortably seated on her couch, a glass of wine in her hand. A role reversal that isn’t successful though, as it doesn’t add much to the narration in the end.

On top of technology (or not)

You don’t have to wait long to see other nods to the band from Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily and Robin: the credits are clearly similar and it could very well be that well-known Apartments or a new version of “Haaaaaa, have you met Ted? † make their appearance. How I met your father even took over his eldest’s worst trump card: the pre-recorded laugh, ladies and gentlemen! Didn’t you think you could escape it?

Prisoner of a dated format, the series thus never manages to play with these codes or even question them. When you need to look for excellent variants of sitcoms like WandaVisionthis return to the early 2000s hurts a lot.

The series goes all out to prove it's on the cutting edge of technology //Source: Hulu/Disney+
The series goes all out to prove it’s on the cutting edge of technology //Source: Hulu/Disney+

More How I met your father does not stop at this bygone era. She tries everything for everything and tries with every episode to prove that she is on top of the technology, well anchored in 2022. So Sophie spends her life on Tinder, one of her friends tries to keep a relationship at bay thanks to connected sex toys and a nightclub is even called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). The second episode even ends in a bit of a moral way “We spend our lives on our phones but never enjoy the present moment”

Too many cliches kill the cliche

If you still doubt the overly modern aspect of the series, here’s a brief presentation of the characters. Sophie, therefore, our heroine who will be present as a voiceover narrator in 2022 and 2050, is desperate for love on all dating apps. One night, when she takes an Uber to reach one of hers dates, she meets Jesse and Sid, two in their thirties. Then they tell each other their lives (like in a classic Uber race, of course) and then go their separate ways. But disaster, Sophie switched her phone with Sid! She will therefore join them in a bar and thus find a new group of good friends.

Discover a new group of thirty-something New Yorkers, far less interesting than their older ones //Source: Hulu/Disney+
Discover a new group of thirty-something New Yorkers, far less interesting than their older ones //Source: Hulu/Disney+

There’s also Valentina, Sophie’s roommate, who presents herself as a “Mexican stylist assistant” from her first minutes on screen. We would say the spectacular attempt at diversity on the part of . don’t want to missHow I met your father† From the pilot, she begins a love story with Charlie, a wealthy British disconnected from reality. Oh wait, Jesse’s adopted sister Ellen just happens to be a lesbian of Vietnamese descent. Come on, the series ticked all the boxes for inclusivity bingo, great!

In fact, this sequence of roughly assembled shots clearly lacks the subtlety to give the characters a semblance of life. As we watch the series, we are gradually won over by a sense of intense shame, mixed with a total lack of interest in the protagonists’ adventures.

embarrassing jokes

And the casting doesn’t quite manage to rectify the situation. As Sophie, Hillary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) barely manages to exude enough charm to make you bond with her. By his side, Francia Raisa (Grown-Ish) and Tom Ainsley (Versailles) struggle to break out of their respective stereotypes. Only Chris Lowell (Veronica Mars) inspires enough empathy to want to chain the episodes.

Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) epitomizes Sophie, the series' heroine // Source: Hulu/Disney+
Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) epitomizes Sophie, the series’ heroine // Source: Hulu/Disney+

But each 25-minute chapter isn’t even funny enough to spark interest. In fact, it’s rare to just smile at their really embarrassing jokes, where the original series managed to find quite original stories and situations.

Yet created by the duo of Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, who were responsible for writing the excellent This is us or Love Victorseries How I met your father didn’t really know how to turn us on or even make us want to see the second season, already ordered by Hulu.

In short, this group of New York friends is clearly not worthy of its two main sources of inspiration: How I met your motheralso available on Disney+, and friends, on Netflix. If you want to change your mind for a good sitcom, we suggest you go back to basics and skip this slightly tacky comedy.

The verdict

If there are no more, there are still! If you miss 2000s sitcoms, How I met your father will try to accommodate you. Problem: The series can’t break free from its models and offers a story that is more embarrassing than endearing. In 2050, Sophie tells her son how she met his father thirty years earlier. Despite a group of friends with very different personalities, How I met your father connects clichés and dubious jokes. Even fans of the original series will have little to chew on, with overly penetrating winks. In short, this sitcom, available on Disney+, is far from legend – wait for it – ary

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