how Nicolas got out thanks to “Koh-Lanta”

INTERVIEW – The ambitious manager of a sports store in Nîmes aims for the overall victory in the Philippines by playing intelligently on several fronts with the ex-Yellows and ex-Reds. A participation in the adventure game that almost never happened.

The events of this “Koh-Lanta, the Cursed Totem” take us back to the time of the very first seasons of the adventure game when, after reuniting, the numerically superior tribe took out its competitors one by one. On the 23rd shooting day last fall in the Philippines, eight ex-Reds (Louana, Maxime, Fouzi, Géraldine, François, Pauline, Jean-Charles and Ambre) joined six ex-Yellows (Anne-Sophie, Colin, Olga, Nicolas , Bastien and Yannick). In addition to Pauline, who was immediately eliminated after an immunity test, Colin, Yannick and Anne-Sophie paid the price for the unchanging solidarity of the ex-Reds on the councils.

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In this unbalanced duel, Nicolas is the only adventurer to play discreetly on both counts by remaining officially in solidarity with his ex-Yellow partners, while discreetly playing informant with the ex-Reds’ boys. A way for the friendly 39-year-old Gardois to keep his place in the game for as long as possible and hope to pass the orientation test where everything becomes possible from then on.

Results of the Third Reunification Council:
– Anne Sophie
: 7 voices (Maxime, Louana, Fouzi, Géraldine, François, Jean-Charles and Ambre)
– Maxime: 5 voices (Anne-Sophie, Nicolas, Bastien, Olga and Olga’s black voice)

Anne-Sophie joins Colin, Pauline and Yannick on the final jury. Olga received the black vote for the third time in a row.

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LE FIGARO. – What was the motivation for your registration for “Koh-Lanta”?
Nicholas BELON. †
This program is 20 years old and I will be 40 this year. I have been watching this show from the beginning, it is a symbol of adventure and personal challenge. You push your limits both physically and mentally. I was 20 years old when I opened my sports shop in Nîmes, I wanted to register but I was in a period of my life when it was not easy to do so. I started two years ago because on the one hand I have employees who can replace me in my absence and on the other hand because I came from a serious health problem. †

What happened to you?
After an injection in my knee, I developed an infection that started in my right arm so bad that I could barely use it from my fingertips to my shoulder blade. When I was told I would never 100% recover my arm use, I used “Koh-Lanta” as a target to get out. It had become the engine of my recovery. Mentally I didn’t give in. I have a healthy lifestyle, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and I exercise a lot.

In your portrait of “Koh-Lanta” you present yourself as a “potential candidate for victory”
Because I have a recent experience that showed me that anything is possible if you really believe in it. If you have been selected from thousands of entries in this game, it is better to stay at home if you do not believe in your chances of winning. I like all challenges, I have practiced different sports like athletics, karate, skiing then racket sports, tennis, badminton, padel tennis and now squash.

“I was sorry to lose an ally like Setha”

Nicholas Bellon

In the Philippines, the beginning of your Green team was complicated with several defeats and Franck’s voluntary retirement…
I’ve made good friends with everyone at the Greens (Jean-Philippe, François, Pauline, Ambre, Franck, Louana and Lili, editor’s note), the first color you wear in the game is often the color that is most counts. Some of us came from the south of France and Franck is from Biarritz. He is someone I value greatly and we all enjoyed having him with us. We did everything we could to stop him from leaving the adventure. For him, so he wouldn’t regret it later, and for the team he got into trouble. It’s his choice. At the time, we were very angry with him, but in retrospect we can understand that the difficulties of the game prompted him to give in. I just hope he doesn’t regret anything today.

Were you calm during the ambassadors’ meeting between Colin and Louana?
When Colin leaves, he assures us that he will go to the black ball anyway. So in our minds it was either he or Louana or an ex-Red coming out. We told ourselves that we were not risking anything, even if there is still part of the doubt. I was sweating a lot when I saw them come back with a confident Louana, it smelled like bad lemonade. I immediately felt like the target, it was me and Setha. I was sorry to lose an ally.

Since the reunion, the ex-Gels and ex-Reds are against any council, but you are a discreet ally to the opposing team. Were you surprised that you were the only ex-Yellow not told about Olga’s immunity chain?
This is part of personal tactics and strategies. As Setha could do with this immunity chain that she claimed to have but in fact didn’t have, everyone does what they feel according to their affinities. Olga found a necklace, she talked about it with her best adventure friend Anne-Sophie and then with Bastien… I don’t blame her for not telling me, it was certainly a way of keeping maximum secrecy.

“At no point have I been influenced in my voices by the ex-Reds”

Nicholas Bellon

Why were the ex-Reds’ voices focused on Anne-Sophie and not on Olga or Bastien?
Since the reunion I really consider myself white, even though I know that ex-yellows and ex-reds value me. Even though we give each other information with the ex-Reds, I’ve always followed the ex-Yellows’ voting choices. The decision to release Anne-Sophie was made solely by the ex-Reds, it was their bet and I knew nothing about it. Only they can explain their choice.

What conversations have you had in secret with the ex-Reds guys?
My goal was to make sure I could get as far as possible. I knew I was valued by the ex-Reds, but everything remained fragile. These discussions allowed me to maintain a certain margin of safety, but at no point was my vote affected.

The archery challenge where you have Francois earn your portion of cassava until the end of the game, is that any way to immunize yourself with him?
No, François is an adventure buddy and it was just a fun little challenge to decompress. There was no ulterior motive on my part.

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