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In 2022, there are only two options left for those who want to enjoy this break of up to four days: Corpus Christi (Thursday 16 June) and Proclamation of the Republic (Tuesday 15 November). You still have time to plan trips for both occasions, but each has its own characteristics.

O g1 spoke to Mariana Aldrigui, President of the Fecomércio de SP Tourist Board and Tourism Researcher at USP, to find out what advice he has for those who want to enjoy dating. See below:

Corpus Christi (additional item)

Contrary to the opinion of many people, Body of Christ This is not a national holiday. The date is generally considered an optional item in the federal public service, and is a state or municipal holiday in some places—which is why many consider it a long “holiday”. So, the first advice is to check how it will look in your city / at work.

1. Should I still think about traveling by plane?

Besides the fact that Corpus Christi is less than 1 month away, trips to distant countries are not the best option for June, as Airfare prices often rise due to the constant rise in fuel prices..

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“There is an increase in the price of fuel, and the price in dollars. Aircraft fuel, for example, increases in the base price and is charged in dollars. It’s like being doubled in one article,” he explains.

Air Ticket – Photo: Eva Darron/unplash

If you want to forego a public holiday in June and enjoy the Proclamation of the Republicprices in November will be more attractive.

If you don’t want to stop flying to Corpus Christi, even if you pay dearly, beaches in the northeast, for example, are good options for those who want to escape the cold and because they are not in high season, unlike destinations such as Campos do Jordao (SP), Gramado (RS) and others.

“It’s a holiday where we don’t see a lot of families going to the beaches because it’s the end-of-semester period and because a lot of people are studying.”

“Natal, Fortaleza, the coast of Bahia and Lencois Maranhensis have some pretty cool attractions for this time of year. It is worth looking at the northeast as a whole. And the more flight options, the easier it is to find the best prices. there is only one flight, then it comes out more expensive, ”says the researcher.

2. Does he pay for international travel?

Mariana says that buying a travel package in advance is not so much a matter of logistics as a matter of budget. A month before the trip, you can go, for example, to neighboring countries. However, the prices will not be the lowest, as these places are in high season..

“For those who love winter trips, it’s time to go to Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, especially to enjoy the cold and gastronomy. of course, the more expensive,” he says.

for those who want to travel for the United States or Europe, values ​​are expected to be increasingly higher as of June due to the onset of summer.

“This is the year when all restrictions are lifted, such as mandatory masks and Covid testing. Analysts note that this should be the most expensive and crowded summer in Europe and the southern region of the United States. [Flórida]”, emphasizes Mariana.

“The cost of a flight from Brazil to Europe will now be twice as high as in November because demand is high and the schedule is very interesting.”

3. What if you are traveling by car or bus?

Even though fuel is expensive, the situation is not the same as with air tickets if a person is thinking about traveling 200 to 300 kilometers from where they are.

In this case, some hotels in places that are not in high season (such as the beach) may even offer promotions if you are looking a month before your trip. “And then these shares compensate for the high cost of fuel,” the expert says.

To save more, instead of staying at a more expensive hotel, people can look for a simpler hotel, reduce the days they go out to eat… okay, and you can enjoy it.” he teaches.

Proclamation of the Republic

The next official national holiday is November 15, the date of the proclamation of the Republic. Since today is Tuesday, the amendment depends on the rules of each company or institution. And don’t forget that the date is almost a month before Christmas and New Years.

1. Should I go before the holidays?

“For those who want to make a purchase, for example, it is advantageous to travel in November, because prices are lower. Planning now, six months in advance, is a great time.”Maryana says. “And the economists’ advice is that as we live in a year of political and economic uncertainty, you can pay in installments and reallocate costs.”

2. And the impact of the World Cup?

The researcher also claims that since the World Cup will be held (from November 21 to December 18, in Qatar), the advantage of visiting destinations in November is much greater than in December.

“In December, Brazil only plays on weekdays and companies need to balance holidays and changes. Prices are likely to rise depending on the combination with the World Cup and the end of the year. Traveling in November can be convenient for this reason, because you will avoid the big guy in the group who wants to enjoy the holidays and the beach,” he says.

3. What are the best destinations?

Mariana says the beaches are still good options as the high season doesn’t start until December.

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“In November, we have the Northeast, but you can already go to the beaches of the south of the country or on the coast of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. So there are a lot of packages, especially considering the purchasing power. families aiming to buy in Brazil and not abroad.”

4. When should I buy flights and accommodation?

Despite constant adjustments, it is recommended to buy a ticket in the first semesterto find the best prices and be able to pay in installments.

“If part of the cost of the trip is saved, it is worth paying in installments. In addition to leaving a portion paid for when you return, this is less burdensome with additional expenses you will have, such as shopping and food. This is used as a scheduling criterion, and many agencies and services split up to 10 payments for clients,” says Mariana.

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No matter when you plan your trip, there are important planning tips. Researcher Mariana and Luis Trigo, professor of tourism at USP, listed the most important of them:

  1. Set a budget for all types of expenses such as transportation, lodging, food and entertainment;
  2. Choose the type of trip you want: a destination without a lot of people on the streets or in hotels, or with crowded cities?
  3. Look for places, also thinking about fellow travelers. if you are going to take the kids, for example, checking if there will be a recreational and safe option;
  4. If you want to adopt a pet, see if it is safe and can be taken care of.
  5. Find out what the weather will be like so you can do your expected activities, as well as what clothes to bring with you.
  6. Search for accommodation based on the profile of travelers. When choosing a place, you need to consider whether you are going to be a child, an elderly person, a pet.
  7. Check out the price, quality, location and safety before booking. Good places put all the information. The more information, photo and map, the safer the place.
  8. A very different promotion and a much lower price deserves attention, as it can hide an unpleasant surprise, such as hotels in unsafe areas that differ from the published images;
  9. Please keep your receipt when booking and call for questions if needed.
  10. If you are traveling by car, it is important to maintain the vehicle and avoid driving at night in unfamiliar places;
  11. If you’re flying, buy tickets from trusted websites, such as airline websites or websites that have security stamps, privacy policies, and contact information.
  12. If possible, buy tickets at least a month in advance. If you have a problem, you are more likely to solve it. It is also necessary to arrive at the airport in advance and not forget about health;
  13. If you are traveling by bus, always find out where the bus station is, where buses drop off from, so you know if you need other transportation. Book days in advance so you won’t be surprised to find that the bus is full;
  14. If you are going to rent a car at your destination, be clear about the final cost. Ultimately, this is beneficial when traveling with friends and over shorter distances.
  15. Look for agencies that are trusted and offer proven security, such as those with a privacy policy, reputation, comments from people who have used the service, and contact information.
  16. Review the entire package and see if it includes fees such as aircraft landing fees and fees for services offered at accommodation. The cost is calculated per day.

Travel Luggage — Photo: Pixabay/Reproduction

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