“I have the impression of being scammed”, “Incredible”, “Awesome”… The identity of the crocodile shocks and divides Internet users

Two new personalities were unmasked on Friday 29 April in mask singer, including the one that was hidden in the crocodile costume. While many internet users were betting on Mika, they were shocked to discover a celebrity who had already been spotted on the show a few weeks earlier.

TF1 has aired its fifth bonus mask singer this Friday, April 29. New clues have been revealed for each character. Confronted with researchers Kev Adams, Jarry, Alessandra Sublet and Anggun, the tree, butterfly, crocodile, deer and banana provided high-quality services before unmasking a new celebrity. After the elimination of chef Yves Camdeborde disguised as a pig last Friday, viewers have finally discovered the identity of the crocodile.

Who was hiding behind the crocodile costume?

From the beginning, TF1 announced the arrival of an international star in this fifth issue of mask singer† After actress Teri Hatcher, made up as a ladybug, the four judges had to find out who was hiding under the disco cowboy costume. When they first thought of Ricky Martin, Robbie Williams and Ed Sheeran, the judges recognized British singer Seal, who performed the U2 song. One† An arrival that particularly upset the singer Anggun. But the surprise of the evening remained the revelation of the crocodile’s identity. At the end of the evening performances, the audience decided to save the tree and eliminate the crocodile. If internet users and judges were convinced it was Mika, the hidden personality was… Marc Antoine Le Bret† A real shock for viewers as the impersonator was eliminated three weeks ago while in a different costume.

it sucksi hate itgu*ule’s mistake”, disappointed Twitter users

Marc-Antoine Le Bret was previously hidden in the costume of the tigress† If his first appearance was welcomed by internet users, this time, some Twittos didn’t hide their disappointment to see him on the set of mask singer season 3† †Wait for the crocodile, was it the same man as the tiger? I doubt it, it’s great and at the same time it sucksFrankly, I’m disgusted by the Croco, I feel like I’ve been ripped off… How do you recognize someone who changes their voice?? And put the same person twice!! I got the impression ah I got you right… Again. Disappointment“, we could read in particular on the social network.

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