INFORMATION YDD. Treasures from Bernard Tapie’s collection go on sale in July

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Until the evening of his life, Bernard Tapie did everything he could to welcome his visitors at the top of the steps of the courtyard of the Hôtel de Cavoye, bought from Hubert de Givenchy in 1986. Visiting the owner for the first time facing a huge and exceptional table in the center with six Atlanteans carrying a top covered with green jasper of the Empire period, according to a design by Luigi Valadier, installed under the stone staircase that led to the private apartments. On its wall hung the Triumph of Neptunean emblematic work by the Flemish painter Paul de Vos.

A few steps further: the Régence living room lit by a chandelier with eight sconces from the Régence period attributed to André-Charles Boulle. Acquired by the La Rochefoucauld family from the famous cabinet maker, it was listed in 1948 as a historic monument and therefore cannot leave France. It is estimated between 120,000 and 150,000 euros. The room opens onto the main living room where the Tapie couple spent most of their time. On the floor, two huge polychrome carpets from the Savonnerie Louis XV period with floral decorations sewn together. One (6.97 m × 5.37 m) and the other (6.71 m × 6.37 m) are estimated between 20,000 and 30,000 euros each.

Opposite the fireplace, decorated with a Louis XVI double-walled fireplace screen, three red sofas frame a coffee table. Along the walls are a pair of X-shaped folding chairs from the same period in richly carved and gilded beech wood. Further on a chest of drawers, the flat-topped travel box in gilded red morocco, with small irons bearing the coat of arms of Madame Adélaïde, daughter of Louis XV…

In this room Bernard Tapie liked to receive his real friends. And later his lawyers and then his doctors. This is also where, against all odds, his four children and grandchildren gathered for birthdays and carillon celebrations.

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Terrible poor thing to do

The Hôtel de Cavoye and the furniture that adorns it were the subject of terrible arm wrestling. In turn, the Crédit Lyonnais, the CDR, creditors of all kinds and the state wanted to seize this symbol of success that Tapie had acquired the year Greg LeMond won his first Tour de France, succeeding Bernard Hinault, in the colors of La Vie claire , pearl of the Tapie group. The former singer then began his incredible life as a centipede. Record crossing of the Atlantic aboard the Phocéa, of which he had a model made that sat in one of the small salons on the ground floor, several titles with OM; takeover of Adidas, purchase and resale of Wonder, the best deal of his life, debut in politics… Then came the bad news: his 1996 conviction – he will be in prison for almost six months -, the bankruptcy filings, the court for defeats proceedings, the creditors call at the wine-colored carriage door of 52, rue des Saints-Pères.

I will not redecorate, they will come back, I have no doubt…

In July 1994, a team of movers sent by Crédit Lyonnais, accompanied by a police commissioner, a bailiff and an auctioneer, came to empty the rooms. At the end of a Homeric legal proceeding, “ the seizure was canceled due to lack of form, but the corporate officer preferred to keep the furniture given the significant debts of Bernard Tapie’s businesses and holding company”, recalls Maurice Lantourne, his former lawyer. Convinced of his rights and his lucky star, the businessman refused to replace them. “I will not redecorate; they will be back, I have no doubt”he assured. “We saw the electrical wires sticking out of the ceiling, the traces of furniture and paintings along the walls, reports someone familiar with the place. At night you would have thought you were in a haunted house. † The optimism enshrined in Tapie’s body turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy. In 2008, fourteen years later, the furniture finally returned to the owner’s home. It was in this setting that he was so proud that he died just before 9:00 am on October 3 in his room on the first floor.

This furniture is now for sale. They will be distributed next Wednesday, July 6 at the Atelier Richelieu in Paris. Liquidator’s order: The joke has gone on long enough. The phoenix has won many battles, but death takes the copies: the war is lost.

“A requirement and a curiosity for art”

The takeovers of the “billionaire Tapie” have caused many fantasies. “These are fakes”used to mock his opponents, “a collection of opportunities and goals”assured the others, “a heap of gilding that would have repelled even the emirs of the Gulf”the latter concluded. This auction therefore becomes the justice of the peace. « “The Bernard Tapie Collection, a French passion” offers many exceptional pieces. Three of them could be of particular interest to our museumsreveals Me Estelle Nguyen-Hong, auctioneer of the Parisian house Artus Enchères Allemand Nguyen-Hong, appointed by the courts of Paris and Bobigny to execute the sale and settle the debts of the Tapie spouses. The pieces presented as the place serving as the decor show a requirement and curiosity for art in general, and more specifically for the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. centuries, but also underline a certain taste for“French way of life”† †

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Witness a painting by Hubert Robert (1733-1808), Landscape with the Tivoli . waterfalls† This imposing canvas (241 × 219 cm) estimated at between 300,000 and 400,000 euros was hung in the dining room, the room following the large Regency living room behind the fireplace. Faced with this huge painting, a “rare chest of drawers known as Buffon chest of drawers” attributed to Martin Carlin is estimated between 250,000 and 300,000 euros. The value of the furniture is also sentimental, as it was one of the businessman’s first purchases from the famous antique dealer Bernard Steinitz.

On the first floor the private apartments and offices of Monsieur and Madame Tapie, often decorated with Asian lacquer furniture. Could admire the intimates of the couple The morning by the French painter Joseph Vernet hanging in the private drawing room.

A total of 180 lots – 13 paintings, 128 furniture, 25 lamps and 14 carpets – for a conservative estimate between 4 and 5 million euros. An amount that is probably less than the purchase price of the whole, but which reflects the considerable loss of prestige of the furniture of the 18th century. “Given the very nice works on offer, I naturally think that the great collectors of the art world, French or international, will be interested in this sale”, concludes Estelle Nguyen-Hong. Among the first prizes we note a rattle from the 19th century, estimated at 100 euros. Something to tempt unconditional admirers of the former minister at a lower price.

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