Kévin, Vike, Pauline and Ofé “saved” by their coaches tell how they experience this second chance

It gets more and more serious in season 11 of The voice† The first episode of the “cross battles” was broadcast on TF1 on Saturday. During this phase, in each round, two coaches choose a talent from their respective teams to take the podium. Once the two candidates have sung, the audience on the set, equipped with a box, votes for their favorite: the talent that gets the most votes is qualified for the next stage, the other is eliminated… Unless his coach presses the buzzer to fish him out. A joker that can only be played once in each team. Florent Pagny, Amel Bent, Vianney and Marc Lavoine didn’t wait to apply this new rule called “save” as they all used it during the same episode. Kévin, Vike, Pauline and Ofé are the lucky ones who got this second chance… 20 minutes collected their responses.

Florent Pagny team: Kévin needed “six years to achieve”

“I expected the public to overwhelmingly vote for Caroline Costa [de l’équipe de Marc Lavoine]† To me, his proposal – in addition to his undeniable talent – ​​was much more in line with what the spectators can appreciate. I took a voluntary risk on this step [en chantant Love Again de Dua Lipa]† I wanted to have fun, push my limits and so I wasn’t surprised at all. The first thing I felt was a great pride in Caroline, she is someone I appreciate very much. I have often told him that it is an honor for me to “lose the battle” to someone I admire so much. I left with my head held high. Frankly, I no longer had in mind the possibility of being rescued by Florent. I had completely forgotten about that detail (laughs). I was already planning how I would store my things in my suitcase. In addition, numerous extraordinary talents remained in the team. Anyway, I didn’t think it would be for me. When Florent Pagny buzzed, I felt like it took me six years to make it (laughs). I remember hugging Caroline really hard, telling her not to cry and to be proud. Then came the cry of the crowd and I thought I heard Nikos say “Talent saved”. At that moment I looked at Caroline, turned my head and saw Florent’s chair on it. My brain had a bug probably similar to the one expected in the year 2000. I felt every possible emotion, I wanted to cry, scream with joy, dance a little dance Macarena with Caroline. I was in the eye of the emotional tornado. It remains a unique moment. Since the beginning of the adventure I have felt an enormous kindness from Florent Pagny. It allows me to regain a confidence that I haven’t had in a long time. He is an artist and a person I admire greatly and to have his approval and trust has been and will continue to be a key moment in my life as a person and an artist. †

Amel Bent team: For Vike, everything was “a bit surreal”

“I didn’t really understand what was going on at the time. Everything is moving very quickly and everything is a bit surreal. I was not disappointed in my performance, but Charles Kaylan [de l’équipe de Florent Pagny] destroyed everything. Of course then I thought of the possibility of being saved. I think at a time like this it’s on everyone’s mind. I can’t remember exactly when Amel buzzed, but I was clearly relieved. I really didn’t want it to end now because I still have things to show! It is true that Amel and I have different worlds, but she understands music in the broadest sense of the word. He is someone who knows how to capture the essence, the soul, of a piece. Even though we do different things, she is sensitive to the emotions I can convey and that is more than enough. She fully believes in it and it is a big motivation for me. †

Vianney team: Pauline fears not pleasing the public

“When I saw that it was Jean Palau . used to be [de l’équipe de Florent Pagny] who won this battle, I was happy and proud of him! He is a genuinely nice person with whom I have been able to discuss and exchange. When we learned this new rule, we inevitably hoped to be saved, so did I! But I never thought I would be. It is true that between the moment I saw the result (Jean winning the battle) and the moment Vianney saved me, very little time passed, so I did not have time to say to myself: “Pauline, the adventure is over for you… When I realized Vianney had saved me, I was relieved and happy, very happy! Has being rescued given me confidence or is it a source of pressure for the next step? It’s a mix of both! I am very happy that my coach trusts me and supports me for the future and at the same time I tell myself that I may not be allowed to please the audience and that for the Super Cross Battle [l’étape suivante], it’s not won (laughs)! †

Marc Lavoine team: Ofé was “hyperdisturbed”

“It’s a bit of an emotional lift because I was super proud of my achievement and honestly I had a lot of hope. I loved sitting at the piano, standing up, the way I was dressed: it represented the music I make. I was too happy to show this. At the same time I was very happy to see Nour . to see [de l’équipe de Florent Pagny] win, the smile on his face. So of course I wasn’t going to complain. It is mainly destabilizing. In my head I was preparing to leave. We definitely hope to be saved, but I admit that at the time I was mostly disappointed because I believed in my performance and it hadn’t worked. I felt a little misunderstood and had resigned myself. I said to myself, “Too bad, I’m going out”. The moment I’m rescued, I’m obviously a bit stunned (laughs). It’s violent, it goes so fast. I was very disturbed, I wasn’t sure about this second chance, “Is it true? I’m going through?” (laughs) When I arrived on set during the blind auditions, I wondered if the four coaches would turn around, which team I would go to. In my head I was sure I wanted to join Marc Lavoine’s. I felt that we would be connected to our universes, to the people that we are. It didn’t miss. When he said I was the talent he was waiting for, it was very moving, I felt included in his universe. He taught me a lot of things and today I’m still learning and that’s cool. †

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