Know the foods you consume that are bad for your health.

All people love to eat healthier and more nutritious food. In fact, many people are searching for it right now. However, some of the information communicated to you may be incorrect and no one warned you. Know some foods that are bad for your health.

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Foods that are bad for your health but you consume:

1 – Canned fish

Canned fish enters the list of unhealthy foods. This is for a very worrying reason. Heavy metals stay in the can when canned with water. When eating food, metals go directly to the human body.

2 – Gelatin

Well, the famous gelatin is also on this list of foods that are bad for your health. The amount of collagen in gelatin is minimal and ranges from about 0.76 g to 2 g per 120 g of gelatin. The ideal is to consume between 8g and 10g for the human body. Gelatin is also rich in maltodextrin, artificial sweeteners and colors.

3 – turkey breast

Turkey breast has always been an ally of healthy eating, as it creates natural, light and dietetic snacks. However, this food is not something natural or even healthy. Turkey breast is one of the unhealthy foods as it contains lots of sodium, sugar, nitrites and nitrates. It has less fat than other processed meats.

4 – Tonic water is among the foods that are harmful to health

It is quinine that gives tonic water its bitter taste, which is harmful when consumed in large quantities. Additionally, tonic water usually has the same amount of sugar as traditional sodas. To consider this drink less harmful is simply a mistake.

5 – Bacon

The bacon we’re dealing with here is processed bacon purchased prepackaged by major industrialized food distributors. This food is a bomb of fat, sodium, liquid smoke, sugar, and monosodium glutamate. On the other hand, handmade bacon can be used in moderation without sacrificing health.

6 – Microwave popcorn

Although microwave popcorn may seem harmless, it is one of the dangerous foods that many people often consume. In short, almost everything in the product has the feature of being harmful to health. This is because microwave popcorn relies on genetically modified corn, processed salt, and chemicals to preserve and flavor it. In addition, the oils in the bag are extremely harmful to the human body.

Microwave popcorn contains ingredients that cause Alzheimer’s, according to a survey published by the O Globo news site. The study was developed by USP.

7 – Foods that are bad: Nuggets

Like all the products on this list, they’re delicious, but dangerous foods. Nuggets are nothing more than processed meat and chicken guts packed with salt and fat. The chances of developing diabetes and cancer have already been linked to bullion consumption.

8 – Powdered juice

If there’s one thing that a juice bag (in powder form) can’t even come close to, it’s juice. What you buy at the grocery store is nothing more than a bag full of colours, sugars, flavor enhancers, flavors and artificial preservatives. They are linked to cases of high blood pressure.

9 – Foods that are bad for you: Noodles

It has already become clear that the problem lies in over-processed and industrialized products. So, of course, noodles couldn’t be off this list. The truth is, these instant noodles are a bomb of sodium, fat, and preservatives. It is a powerful trigger for acute gastritis and gastroesophageal reflux.

10 – Sausage

I know you love hot dogs and sausages with tomato sauce. However, sausage is among the processed foods that are full of oil, coloring, salt and chemical additives. Excessive consumption of processed meats like sausage can cause high blood pressure, intestinal disorders, cancer and more.

11 – Common kitchen salt

Table salt is one of the worst foods you can eat. But in this case we are talking about excess salt, which can harm the body due to fluid retention, increased blood pressure and overload of the body.

12 – Vegetable oils

This type of fat can be found in many industrialized foods, such as cookies. They are often used to extend shelf life and help increase bad cholesterol levels in the body.

13 – soda

To get an idea of ​​the problem with consuming too much soda, just know that one can contain 10 tablespoons of sugar. So soda is a bomb for gaining weight and triggering various health problems. A recent study linked high soda consumption with an increased chance of pancreatic cancer.

14 – Refined sugar

Studies show that refined sugar is among the unhealthy foods. Cancer cells exposed to it multiply at an accelerated rate.

15 – Margarine

No matter how much the packaging tries to mislead the consumer, the truth is that margarine is a jar containing saturated or trans fats. It directly affects the high level of bad cholesterol in the body. This means an increased risk of developing heart problems.

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