Louis is back and the prom turns into a nightmare (Summary and Spoilers Episode #392 ITC)

“It All Starts Here” preview, detailed recap and spoilers for Wednesday, May 4, 2022 Episode 392 of ITC +Video. In your daily series, lyes is back, but the prom is turning into a nightmare.


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It all starts here: Recap of Episode 392 of Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Today is the first prom of the Auguste Armand Institute. Jasmine and Axel are busy in the kitchen preparing the latest petit fours. But the atmosphere is heavy. Axel puts on some music and tries to break the ice by asking Jasmine to put together the appetizers for the buffet. Jasmine coolly suggests that he ask Salomé, convinced she’d be happy to whisper the answer in his ear. The young woman then blames Teyssier’s cousin for not knowing what he wants and alludes to the fact that he initially agreed to go to the prom with her before changing his mind and eventually accepting Salomé’s invitation. Axel assures Jasmine that he wanted to go to the prom with her first, but realized there were no two of them. Axel explains to Jasmine that he appreciates her and that he didn’t want to hurt her. He admits that he should have told her from the start that he considered her a friend. ‘While Salome, you like her? Jasmine answers. Faced with his silence, Jasmine understands that she was right. Anyway, Jasmine thinks Salome isn’t the girl for him.

Before the ball, Constance hesitates between two chains and asks Charlène for her opinion. But the young woman does not have a clear opinion, which is not her habit. Constance thinks her daughter still resents her going to the prom with Zacharie, but she assures her otherwise. She thinks her mother is right to have fun. In reality, Charlene is sad. She has been in a long-distance relationship with Louis for three months. Charlène confides in Constance her disappointment that Louis will not be able to attend the ball tonight. The young woman is no longer sure she wants to go to the party. Constance motivates her daughter to hang out with her friends, dance and have fun, even though she’s not on a date.

Preparations are going well in the gym and Salomé supervises the organization. She doesn’t hide her joy when she discovers the huge disco ball. Salomé would like to hang it on the metal structure or on the beams. But a simple scale is not enough. Axel suggests borrowing to look for a telescoping basket he spotted outside. Tom and Enzo tease Salome. Enzo is even convinced that Axel is going to try something with the young woman before the end of the evening.

Gaëlle, Lisandro’s ex-wife, has a last-minute date and can’t get Esteban back. She couldn’t find a nanny. Lisandro has to keep his son, Anaïs promises to be there in time for their song. Anais is angry. To help Lisandro, Kelly offers to keep Esteban, much to Lionel’s dismay, who doesn’t want to go to the party alone. Anaïs rejects the young girl’s proposal, assuming that it is not up to her to handle the situation.

To Constance’s surprise, Zacharie rented a motorcycle to take her to the prom. Meanwhile, Greg, Eliott and Jasmine wait for the babysitter, but he cancels at the last minute. Eliott suggests to Jasmine and Greg to take Naël to the party and take turns keeping him in a small room next to the room. They accept.

Students and teachers begin to flock to the venue for the evening. Célia, Théo and Charlène arrive together (they have visibly reconciled) when Zacharie and Constance pull into the yard on their motorcycles. They are stunned. If Célia thinks it’s quite funny, that’s a shame for Charlène. Theo teases his sister. He thinks Charlene is disgusted because she would have liked to do this with Louis and everyone is watching her.

The long-awaited evening of the Institute’s students is about to begin. Amber is platinum. Eliott gives a short speech. He thanks Salomé for saving the evening and especially Jasmine, because thanks to her they are all reunited tonight. Eliott then declares the ball open. Eliott and Jasmine open the ball with a wild first dance.

The party is in full swing. Charlene is gone. Constance convinces her daughter to join her on the dance floor when suddenly… Louis puts headphones over Charlene’s ears to give her the most romantic dance of the prom. Charlène and Louis are alone in the world.

Claire didn’t know she would see her son at the prom and she’s very happy to see him again. She thinks Louis is still mad at her. Louis assures him otherwise and makes his mea culpa. He admits to doing something by stealing Auguste’s prescription and cheating in the competition. Louis admits that his mother was right and that he does not need the Institute to exist. He then apologizes to Claire for being unfair to her when she was always there for him.

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The party is in full swing when the first bolt of the metal structure falls to the floor. Jasmine sits apart, annoyed that Axel hasn’t picked her out for the evening. Greg tries to cheer her up and then invites her to dance.

On the track Salomé and Axel come a little closer. And just as they are about to kiss, a second bolt unscrews and falls on Salomé’s shoulder. Axel looks at the ceiling. And there the disco ball unhooks from its support and ends up on the dance floor. Salome and Axel narrowly avoided her. But the metal structure in turn collapses. Meanwhile, Hortense, Eliott and Naël are outside. They are joined by Lisandro.

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And here’s the drama. The beam is about to fall. Everyone panics and heads for the exit. A student bumps into Anaïs, who falls to the ground. She’s unconscious. Constance runs towards her. The door handle of the room is broken. Outside, Lisandro, Eliott, and Hortense are alarmed by the screams. The attendees of the party are locked inside when the ceiling also threatens to collapse.

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