Martin kills Ophélie Messy and Robin Bellanger is back in Sète (Summary of DNA Episode 1176)

“Tomorrow Is Ours” advance, detailed recap and spoilers from Monday, May 02, 2022, Episode 1176 of DNA. In your daily seriesWhen the intrigue surrounding the Messy comes to an end, Alex finds his brother and makes a horrifying discovery.


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Tomorrow’s Ours: Recap of Episode 1176 from Monday, May 2, 2022

Ophélie Messy is on the run and has taken Sophie Novak hostage. A camera spotted the lawyer’s vehicle heading for the Cerbère dam, not far from the Spanish border. Nordine and Martin are on their trail. Nordine feels guilty for letting the young woman slip away and not trying to disarm her. Martin assures his son that he did the right thing. But in love with Sophie, Nordine is maddened by the worry that Ophelia could hurt her. Martin asks her to stay focused and not think about it. Then he receives the GPS coordinates from Sophie’s cell phone that has just stopped. Ophélie Messy and the lawyer pause at the edge of a dirt road. Sophie took advantage of a moment of Ophelia’s inattention to turn her phone back on. She tries to buy a few extra minutes, but the time when they were friends is over. Ophelia won’t hesitate to hurt her if she doesn’t obey. Martin and Nordine get out just before Ophélie and Sophie set out again.

The two police officers summon Ophelia to drop her weapon, but the young woman threatens to kill Sophie. The lawyer pushes Ophélie in the ribs, causing her to fall backwards. Nordine runs to Sophie. But Ophélie gets up to shoot the policeman. Martin has no choice but to shoot him. Seriously injured, Ophelia is unconscious. She is transported to Saint-Clair hospital. Nordine is slightly upset. He thanks his father for saving his life. Ophelia, meanwhile, did not survive her injuries.

At the police station, Karim questions Sophie who is concerned whether Ophelia suffered before she died. Martin, meanwhile, must be the subject of an internal investigation that should reveal whether he had no choice but to shoot Ophelia. He is supported by public prosecutor Perraud.

Charlie is with François and tells him she can’t stop thinking about Anthony’s last words. She always told herself that there was a special bond between her and him, and that if she let him down, it was like she was betraying something precious. However, she loves François as she has never loved anyone before. He in turn tells her that he loves her the way she is and that he can no longer live without her.

François goes to the Morenos a little later to see Charlie. He didn’t know they would be there. But Charlie wanted to officially introduce them. Christelle and Sylvain are delighted to meet him.

The police investigation into the Rommel remains open, as two accomplices helped them flee. The first, Yohan, the one who stole the car and parked it in front of the court, was arrested, but the police still don’t know the identity of the second accomplice, the one who hid the weapon under the couch. Since the Messy are dead, this investigation is no longer the police station’s priority. Nordine is relieved to know that Sophie was not the Messy’s accomplice. The fact that she was held hostage by Ophelia is enough to clear her up in her eyes, but not in her father’s.

Martin meets Sophie in front of the police station that Nordine has come to find. Martin asks him to let his son out of his dirty tricks. But Sophie replies that at least she didn’t kill anyone. She regrets that Martin could not stop Ophelia without killing her. Sophie then warns Martin not to count on her to support him with the IGPN. Martin is not discouraged. He threatens to throw her in jail on her next discharge and have her kicked out of the bar.

Louise and Bart bickering

Anna feels better. Marianne is waiting for her daughter’s final results and if everything goes well, Anna can leave the hospital during the day. Bart is standing at his bedside. Anna is eager to help her son prepare for his fast approaching wedding. Bart and Louise have indeed decided to keep it on the scheduled date. But Bart wants Anna to rest and explains that Chloe is helping them with the flowers and decorations. He then asks Anna’s opinion on the choice of her costume. Meanwhile, Chloé goes to the beautiful boutique “Les fleurs de Violette”. The manager, Violette, makes some suggestions when Chloe notices someone watching them from the street. Violette minimizes and explains to him that it is always misleading through a window.

Back at the Spoon, Bart talks to Louise about the map and discovers that she has invited her ex-husband. But Bart doesn’t want Gary to come and blames Louise for not talking to him about it. Louise explains to him that she can’t undo it, especially because Mathilde and Aurélien wouldn’t understand. Annoyed, she goes shopping. But Vanessa noticed that the couple was cold and decided to get involved. She makes Bart realize that no one is safe from making a mistake. And Vanessa advises Louise to make amends instead of stepping on her high horse the next time she makes a mistake. Bart and Louise reconcile.


Robin Bellanger back in Sète

Chloe picked up Robin Bellanger at the train station to surprise Alex. He comes straight from London to help his brother. Alex is surprised to see him show up at the house. When he bought Robin his shares of the Mas, he didn’t think he was concerned about its destruction. But at least he’s glad his brother is here.

If the Mas is destroyed, the oyster bed is intact. Robin encourages his brother not to give up and reminds him that they managed to put everything back together after the fire. But Alex wonders if it wouldn’t be better to accept failures. Robin meanwhile remains evasive about his job in London when Alex questions him about his professional life.

Chloe and Alex organize a small dinner party to celebrate Anna’s discharge from the hospital. Robin takes care of preparing the meal. Alex decides to go and buy flowers to brighten up the table. But when he arrives at the florist, Alex makes a macabre discovery. In the back room he discovers Violette’s lifeless body.

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