‘Masked Singer’ Baby Mammoth Is Controversial, Emmy-Winning Actress

Baby Mammoth on ‘The Masked Singer’. (Photo: Fox)

The controversial (or, as host Nick Cannon put it, “stunning”) Rudy Giuliani revealed last week on The masked singer brought a lot of bad energy – and the lowest ratings ever in the history of the series. But with that elephant (or Jack in the Box, as it were) out of the room, Season 7 quickly picked up this Wednesday with Group C’s presumably more beloved celebrity cosplayers: the Prince, Queen Cobra, Space Bunny, and most of all, endearing Baby. mammoth. However, the episode’s ending featured the unmasking of another somewhat polarizing public figure: cheersLook who’s talkingVeronica’s Closet actress (and Giuliani supporter) Kirstie Alley.

Kirstie has occasionally come under fire for expressing her conservative political views (she even once claimed that she was “blackened” by Hollywood for being a Republican). But when she was unmasked this week, it was a really connecting moment, with good vibes everywhere. Her comedic timing and unexpectedly catchy and twerk-twerk-tastic theme song had the judges cracking up and guessing that she was Melissa McCarthy, Brett Butler or even Diane Keaton (Kirstie’s fellow Golden-Eared Conservative Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, guessed right.) And then Baby Mammoth took on fellow boblehead contestant the Space Bunny with her goofy, spoofy rendition of Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too,” Judge Ken Jeong — clearly in a better mood than he was last week, when Rudy’s reveal prompted him to leave. walk the set – calling it the “cutest duel ever!”

I have to say that, in addition to her comedic skills, Kirstie was quite the singer. Her solo performance earlier in the evening, of ‘The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss)’, was surprisingly strong, and had she not been in braces with three contestants who are clearly professional singers she might have made it. the next round. She may even want to consider releasing her song “Baby Mammoth”; it could be a viral hit, like the next “Baby Shark.” But whatever she does next, Kirstie was sure to have a good time during her short but memorable masked Singer walk. “I’ve done a lot of things in my career, but I’ve never been to the circus,” she laughed.

As for the three remaining entrants from Group C, they all have a good chance of making it to the grand final to compete with Group A’s Firefly (who is no doubt Teyana Taylor) and Group B’s ringmaster (Hayley Orrantia), so it is a pity that the next week will bring a double elimination. But until then, let’s review and guess this week’s Group C lists.

Queen Cobra (Team Bad), “I say a little prayer”

This soulful, harmonious performance was spectacular from start to finish – but than, just when we thought they were done, they gave us that fantastic a cappella ending! The jury was understandably surprised. †that is how it’s done! … That was sick! That was awesome!” exclaimed Jenny. Robin Thicke called this “one of the most special and incredible performances we’ve ever had on this show” and said he was “almost snake” that Queen Cobra was going to the finale.

Clues: This week’s “mega clue” was a red “love” heart addressed to “someone special” named “B. Mine.” We also saw a lucky video message from the Cobra’s “bestie”, Holly Robinson Peete. Last week we saw a space rocket, a Batman logo, a picture of Bradley Cooper, “1990” … and at one point two cobras, then what? sixindicating that Queen Cobra may have gotten her start in a 90s duo or group.

The jury’s guesses: Brandy & Monica, Allure, the Clark Sisters, Zhane.

My guess: It was just unclear how lots of sexy singing snakes slithered on stage, but this week we definitely heard at least two voices, possibly three. Last week I suspected that this was Terry Ellis from En Vogue. That girl group’s debut album came out in 1990, and in 2006 they released a single called “Rocket”, but more specifically, Terry recorded the theme song for the sitcom Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper (starring Holly Robinson Peete) and co-starred in Batman forever† I’m even more sure (or, er, “snake”) that this is Terry, but now I think it’s her plusone or both of her fellow funky divas, En Vogue’s Cindy Herron and Rhona Bennett. And Vogue recorded a lot of love songs during their career and they gave me something I could to feel tonight with that song!

Space Bunny (Team Cuddly), “All Night Long”

Ken described the slick ‘n’ groovy Lionel Richie cover of Space Bunny as “easy like Sunday morning”, and Nicole Scherzinger said it was “easy on the ear”. This hippity-hoppity showman definitely brought the smiles and warm fuzzies tonight.

Clues: This week’s mega cue was a 500-pound dumbbell, as the Space Bunny went through “intense training” to “knock out” its competition. Last week we saw fiery basketballs and a fluffy dog, and he proclaimed, “I shoot for the moon in everything I do.”

The jury’s guesses: LL Cool J, Floyd Mayweather, Sean Paul, Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Usher.

My guess: Last week I thought this was Shaquille O’Neal. huh† Oh well, at least I got the first three letters right: This week I did what Robin did last Wednesday and recognized that booming voice as shaggys† Only the vocals gave it away, but now I realize that “shoot for the moon” was probably a reference to the Jamaican-American reggaester’s album hot shot, and of course that shaggy dog ​​was a big tip. Maybe the basketballs have something to do with this. Maybe the dumbbell has something to do with this? But the Space Bunny is definitely the “It Wasn’t Me” singer. It used to be him, all this time!

The Prince (Team Good), “Lay Me Down”

Sam Smith songs are never easy to sing, so you know that this prince is a pro. The Prince was great last week, but this week he jumped to a whole other level – and he sounded completely different, so I think this could be some kind of theater actor who can get into character well. A tearful Nicole gasped, “I just appreciate your talents. … I felt like your heart was just wide open, so you must be an extraordinary person.” Jenny added: “I am so overwhelmed by your talent. I have no doubt that you will jump all the way to the final.”

Clues: This week’s mega cue was baggage, as the prince has traveled the world and stayed in many hotels. Last week we saw the planet Mars, a massive diamond ring, the price tag of $20.06 (possibly the year 2006), and a video message from the prince’s friend, Jamie Lee Curtis. He also said he was “happy to be on a team again” and “has performed for a lot of people before”.

The jury’s guesses: Enrique Iglesias, Niall Horan, Darren Criss.

My guess: Last week I suspected Nick Jonas based on many of the clues, but he probably wouldn’t do this show…and the point is moot because this week the prince sounded nothing like Nick. so i change my guess to Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson. He had a big career year in 2006 when he appeared in the Oscar nominee United 93† he appeared in the tv show Life on Mars and played Johnny Diamond on american housewife† he just finished starring border areas with Jamie Lee Curtis; and he once called rolling luggage one of the nine things he can’t live without.

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