Nathalie Marquay gets plates from Jean-Pierre Pernaut from outside!

Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who died on March 2, 2022, left a great void. However, his wife, Nathalie Marquay, claims to receive daily signals of her husband’s presence.

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, Nathalie Marquay told the magazine that she had received signals from her late husband. For two months, I walked out of the hospital at 9:00 PM every night and the Eiffel Tower was turned off. The day she died, when I left, she was on, she was beaming. That’s where we had our first restaurant date, she recalls.

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Nathalie Marquay adds: The next day I go to my car and when I turn on the radio there was his favorite song from Johnny Hallyday, Allumer le feu.

Lou and Tom Pernaut also involved

The 50-year-old has no problem believing in angels, in life after death. Nathalie Marquay also claims that her children have also witnessed her drawing, as if they are connected to their famous father.

For example, her daughter Lou Pernaut’s television turned on automatically at 1 am. There was a movie where a man said, “I’m proud of you, girl. And he died right after that. Tom Pernaut, who complained that he was not receiving messages from his father, is said to have finally had contact with Jean-Pierre Pernaut. On the night of the presidential debate, he stood in front of a photo where he repeated: Dad, give me a sign, explains Nathalie Marquay. Suddenly our two televisions stopped, the picture was frozen. The young man was very moved on the day of his father’s funeral, March 9.

Nathalie Marquay

Nathalie Marquay: She’s letting herself die!

At the age of 55, Miss France 1987, devastated by the loss of her great love, only thinks of joining Jean-Pierre.

On April 8, the late Jean-Pierre Pernaut would have turned 72. For his widow, Nathalie Marquay, it was a painful day marked by the terrible suffering of the loss of the man of her life. She would have loved to wish him this birthday, she who had been preparing this feast for so long! Unfortunately, fate decreed otherwise.

This lung cancer, which arrived like a galloping horse, took away the 1:00 PM presenter of TF1 in just a few months, his wife devastated. And since March 2, the day of her sudden death, Nathalie has been struggling to get back on track.

Unrecognizable, she spends hours sobbing on the grave of the deceased.

At the funeral that takes place a week later in the Sainte-Clotilde basilica, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, Nathalie Marquay shows herself with dignity, especially out of respect for her husband’s fans, who have come en masse to comfort her in this ordeal. .

At the conclusion of the ceremony, she stood with her head held high in front of a troop of excited photographers next to her children, Lou and Tom, as the coffin was placed in the hearse before being driven to Picardy, the deceased’s birthplace. buried there in the strictest of privacy.

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But ten days after the death of the man she loved for more than twenty years, when she went back on stage to play Les Tontons farceurs in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), she swore never to come on television again.

Why did the 50-year-old return to work so quickly? In honor of an oath Nathalie Marquay made to her husband, as entrusted to Here by a relative of the couple: Jean-Pierre made her promise that if anything happened to her, she would continue to play comedy, hold to her acting career.

Nathalie Marquay

So, not to break her word, Nathalie Marquay, admirable in her bravery, strives to honor every date of her tour. Yes, but at what cost! Those who have seen it on the streets of the provincial towns where it occurs can testify to this:

The widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, exhausted by grief, is very thin. A few days ago, the features drawn, it was in this state that we saw her walking in Châtelaillon-Plage, near La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime), where the piece was played.


Once the curtain has fallen, Nathalie asks only to find her deceased Prince Charming in the cemetery of Bouvaincourt-sur-Bresle, the village on the Somme where the journalist now rests. What a heartbreaking sight for the inhabitants of this village to see her meditate on Jean-Pierre’s grave.

A harrowing sight that makes them say that this woman, devastated by grief, asks only to join the remains of the man of her life in this windswept tomb, as in fairy tales, where a prince and a princess live forever. hold each other!

nathalie marquay

A being is missing and all is depopulated, this single line was enough for Lamartine to formulate the tragedy of losing the chosen one of his heart. How to live without him, Lou and Tom’s mother seems to wonder, realizing that it is not a void that Jean-Pierre has left, but an abyss!

Even if she unknowingly hopes to join the man she loved more than her soul, Nathalie must also stand up for her children, as well as for Jean-Pierre, to whom Nathalie Marquay has promised to stand up for the occasion. Even when grief overwhelms her, the beautiful brunette knows she has no right to disappoint the man who believed in her so strongly.

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