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Discover our astrologer’s predictions today to know the astral climate of the coming weeks for the natives of your zodiac sign.

How will the astral climate be in may 2022?

If you thought you could enjoy this early spring carefree, you run the risk of some of your projects collapsing due to the influence of the stars. As of May 5, the Uranus/Sun conjunction suggests a change of course. The presence of Jupiter in Pisces has beneficial effects, but they will disappear quite quickly with the arrival of the sun in Gemini from May 21. Note that a total lunar eclipse is scheduled for May 16: this particular conjunction marks a break from the past few weeks. You might be tempted to embark on a real introspection that will leave you wanting something new in the coming weeks.

What are the happiest zodiac signs in May?

While the coming weeks promise to be a little disrupted for the signs least favorable to the astral climate, others will actually take advantage of the favorable properties of the stars. Thus, the natives of Aries will take full advantage of the positive influx of the sun that will be in Gemini from May 21. You’ll be brimming with energy and show unwavering motivation to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, and the results will be there! If you are Taurus, you also benefit from the good attitude of the stars towards you. Don’t be afraid of the changes to come, they could well be the starting point of a new adventure… People born under the sign of Aquarius will be happy to see that their seduction power is still wreaking havoc and they will be determined to make it happen. play.

The signs that are least loved by the stars according to the horoscope for May 2022

This early spring promises to be less favorable for some astrological signs, which could cast doubt on some of their projects. This is the case of Gemini who will suffer the wrath of Mercury, going retrograde from May 10. This particularly unstable astral climate can have a direct effect on your mood: be careful not to overflow what you may regret later. The situation is no better for Libra residents, who will likely find it difficult to cope with the pressures at work. Try to take it in the first half of May, the alignment of the planets will be more favorable for you then. It is also the professional atmosphere that risks testing the nerves of people born in December. Do not be overwhelmed by your work and do not hesitate to share your difficulties, otherwise you risk being placed in an awkward position with regard to your hierarchy.


Nothing will stop you: in your astral sky this month of May will rhyme with temptation† On all floors. Both at work and in your private life you will have the art to charm, to crack your interlocutors, even the usual recalcitrants. You dare to formulate your desires, your ideas and you manage to unite around you. Yes, the month of May fits you like a glove. Read the full Aries horoscope for May.


The month of May announces big changes for you, because the planets move fast in your sky† The presence of Mars during the first two weeks will allow to find the energy and motivation necessary to accompany this need for novelty. For some it will just be adjustments. For others we can speak of unrest. But in any case, everyday life will be much better. Read the rest of the Taurus monthly horoscope.


Lots of turmoil in your birth chart this month of May. You will tend to be aggressive, sensitive and a little slow. You will not be able to show diplomacy and patience, two qualities that usually characterize you. What will cause? what tension† Both professionally and personally. Read more about Gemini’s monthly horoscope.


The month of May will be the scene of many questions for the natives of the sign of Cancer. When they become aware of certain inconsistencies in their lives, they will decide to reconsider their behavior and start on a new basis. For the good of all. This is a period that promises to be healthy! Read the full May Cancer horoscope.


A fairly quiet month of May is approaching. After the frenetic pace of this beginning of the year, you will surely a little peace and serenity† To rest. To be in even better shape next month. But that does not mean that this period is boring, on the contrary! Read more about Leo’s horoscope for May.


Relief! Your month of May will be calmer than the previous months and this will not displease you. It is a period conducive to reflection, to define new professional projects, but also to life. With serenity you set milestones, consider new foundations for your existence† Your weapons will be patience and fighting spirit. Read the full Virgo horoscope for May.


Your month of May promises to be intensive on a professional level. As in the month of April elsewhere. Your shape won’t let you down and you will be able to meet the expectations of your hierarchy. In your friendship life, on the other hand, there will be changes. But it won’t displease you. Read the full Libra horoscope for May.


The month of May is very positive for you in the professional atmosphere, because you are protected by Jupiter† An unforeseen event will lift you out of your listlessness and you will welcome it. Sentimentally, there is room for improvement whether you’re in a relationship or single. In terms of your physical form, it will be a little more complicated. Read more about the Scorpio monthly horoscope.


Beware of overload! This month of May will force you at work at breakneck speed. But a little tired of the past few months, you will manage to spend some time with your loved ones. Without forgetting your personal well-being. Vacation plans are being made. For loves, the sky is always clear. Read the full Sagittarius horoscope for May.


Take advantage of a exceptional air for several months in the period of may you want to take risks, think outside the box, let their originality speak. The results will be mixed. There will be good and bad. Your health will be excellent! Read more about the Capricorn horoscope for May.


This month of May will be very favorable for singles, encouraged by Venus comes into your sky† Encounters and a beautiful story of the heart are on the program. For couples, the period will also be conducive to romantic manifestations. Indeed, when all is well at work and health is good, how can you not have an insane desire to seduce!? Read the rest of the Aquarius monthly horoscope.


Beautiful month of May for your plate! The first two weeks are all about love. Consolidated love or budding love, the relationship between the two is preferable† A lightning strike is not excluded during this period. But the month of May is also a swarm of ideas. Especially in the professional field. In this intellectual effervescence, however, it will be necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff. Read the full Pisces horoscope for May.

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