Pauline (Koh-Lanta) in a relationship with an ex-champion of France for 8 years (EXCLUDED)

It’s a blow to Pauline. The participant in Koh-Lanta, Le Totem Maudit was eliminated in one event since finishing last. The young woman with a passion for motorsport who was also entrusted to Miss Her adventure as a castaway, her family, the Miss contests and even her faithful companion… she trusts like never before.

How did you experience your elimination?

We all expect play-offs. But I didn’t think it would come right now, right after the reunion. I was very surprised when I left. Since I was never last in an event, I was more in the middle. I fell out a bit physically because I had been a little sick for three days because of the bad climate in the Philippines. I think I had reached the end physically.

What happened during the test?

When the event starts, I’ll be one of the first to return a puck. I immediately got the hang of the technique. But as the minutes go by, I pick it up completely. We sat in full sun, I was already a bit in a daze. So I took a different technique, throwing my grapple backwards, which was kind of bullshit. I don’t know why I did this. And then I was lost.

Emotion takes over, just like your comrades… What’s going on in your head at that moment?

I couldn’t believe it. It was so sudden. And then I see the others crying. It hurts me, but at the same time it comforts me. I see the sincerity in the eyes of my teammates and I tell myself that everything we’ve been through since the beginning was true. I felt the same as her, it’s an exchange, a real moment of emotion. And I hope they go far to represent me.

How did you survive with your cursed bracelet?

Koh-Lanta it is also very social. Unfortunately, we can’t go against affinities. In a group there are personalities who are loved or not. I have created very strong affinities with my classmates. They always remembered to protect me from this cursed bracelet. They helped me, did everything they could to make me get as far as possible. And I’ll never forget it, it’s a testament to their friendship.

Maxime seems to be in most danger with the ex-reds, why do you think?

The paradox of Maxime is that he is both super natural and cool. But in the game, the slightest reflection, the slightest character trait, a little special, quickly becomes unbearable. He didn’t calculate his words or his gestures. And under these circumstances, everything becomes an excuse to get on others’ nerves. It is true that he immediately had the part of the one who was in the hot seat with the Reds.

Did you find the end of the story of the cassava bowl empty?

Never ! We never found out who stole the cassava. I immediately thought of him, I looked at him with my eyes… He must have said to himself: “Ohlala, but what is happening to me?” And I saw right away that he had nothing to do with it at all. I wouldn’t blame him for that if we didn’t have evidence. We soon got nervous.

She’s uselessit’s a plague“…What do you have to say about this criticism from Internet users?

I guess I don’t care as that doesn’t represent the majority of comments. It doesn’t make me hot or cold. I’m used to being criticized for my brother’s and me’s performance. Let’s just say I’m used to it. And then, because it is completely unjust and groundless, it comforts my mind not to pay attention to it. I like to accept constructive criticism because it makes me grow and progress. However, these comments are beyond me.

It is also said that you hide behind Ambre and Louana… What do you think?

I had a cursed bracelet. So of course I avoided as much as possible to turn certain people against me. In retrospect, everything that happens in three days of adventure cannot be summed up in a two-hour episode. There are many discussions that take place out of the blue. I always had my role and my place in the group.

What was the hardest thing for you in the camp?

Between hunger and humidity, bad weather, I couldn’t choose. Secure Koh-Lanta, we have no choice but to starve. But I think if we had a better climate, we would have survived hunger better. What is also strange is that the relatives do not think much about it. We are so obsessed with food, we talk about it all day, that the few times we get questions about our family or whether there are rewards associated with it, it’s obvious to us. And we say to ourselves:But actually I haven’t thought about them since the beginning when they haven’t heard from me…“And that makes us feel guilty.

What was your first gesture on the way back?

I came back around December. It was the beginning of the Christmas holidays. So it was an eating orgy, chocolates galore. I ate a lot and it did me good, both in mind and body. Because I had to gain a few pounds.

You say you had to put your motorsport career aside to focus on your brother’s. Why this?

It is a sport that is far too expensive. We are not unhappy with my brother, but we had to make a choice. My father couldn’t afford to pay for the motorsport seasons for my brother and me. I reached the age to choose a field of study and I was less talented than my brother. It must be said, there is no reason to be afraid. It just made sense, even to me. It didn’t come across as a real sacrifice. I certainly couldn’t have done much. And when we see what my brother is doing today, we tell ourselves that we did the right thing in making this choice.

You were Miss, how did that come to you?

It didn’t come from me but from my mother. She said : “You no longer do karting, you can finally do feminine things that make me happy! It would be cool if you had a small election. Try your luck. And then there is worse than spending the evening made up and dressed by professionals. You will have fun, try and enjoy!“You should know that she likes to see my brother at the races, but it’s not considered a very feminine sport yet, the majority of women don’t like it. I said to myself why not.

On social networks you have shared a before/after (63 kg to 54 kg), what happened?

When I was karting, at age 14/15, it wasn’t really fashionable to take care of yourself, to exercise, to watch your diet. It wasn’t super democratized. And when I stopped, I had to find an activity. Because it took almost all my time and suddenly I found that I had time and didn’t know what to do with it. I was a little lost. All this has emerged a little on social networks. I became interested in it, I experienced it on my own body. I have carried out everything I have learned. It kept me busy and it became a second passion.

Many have fallen under the spell… and want to know if you have a heart to take?

I’ve been in a relationship for a long time! It’s pretty rare for someone my age that I’ve been in a relationship for eight years with Nolan Mantione, a former French kart champion. In the end I wouldn’t have made a career in sports, but I found the love of my life there.

What are your projects?

Like it Koh-Lanta gives us a lot of visibility, and it’s an opportunity, I would love to take advantage of it to introduce France to my passion for motorsport. I would like to open a YouTube channel and share videos on this topic, as well as share a bit of my brother’s career and our daily life. If they call me afterwards for an All Stars, I’ll be back without hesitation!

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