Pirates of the Caribbean 5: 11 Hidden Details in Salazar’s Revenge

While last night “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of Salazar” aired on M6, back to all the hidden details of the Disney movie.

The return of a great villain, a pirate prank, the song of Popeye and the origin of the name of Jack Sparrow… While Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (fifth episode in the famous Disney saga) aired last night on M6, the hidden details, Easter eggs, winks and references that should not be missing in the film.

Pirate Flag

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From the first seconds of Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge, the fifth opus of the famous saga, we can see that the famous castle of Disney studios has decorated itself for the occasion with a pirate pavilion. On the river that meanders just behind it, one can also notice the presence of a ship that looks like two drops of water in front of the Black Pearl or Jack Sparrow.

Dead men don’t tell stories

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The original title of this fifth part (replaced in the French version by La Vengeance de Salazar) was not chosen arbitrarily. It is indeed a replica that could be heard in the original Disney parks attraction, and has already reverberated several times in the first opus of the saga.

It was thus pronounced by Mr. Cotton’s parrot in The Curse of the Black Pearl, and whispered by a mysterious voiceover as Sparrow’s ship rocked toward Davy Jones’ lair, at At World’s End.

Air known

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It’s hard to be completely sure, but the melody played by the musicians of Barbossa (when the latter scurrying around in his luxury ship) is very similar to the theme from the Popeye series, another well-known wolffish.

After all, it wouldn’t be surprising if an old pirate captain like Barbossa enjoyed famous sailor songs as classics.


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Captain Armando Salazar, nicknamed “El Matador Del Mar” (“The Matador of the Sea”) by his opponents, seems determined to keep his legend every time he draws his sword. This pirate killer, sworn enemy of Jack Sparrow played by Javier Bardem in this fifth opus, indeed grabs his rapier like a matador in a bullfight.

Jack’s uncle

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After finding his father – played by Keith Richards in the third installment of the saga pirates of the caribbean – Jack Sparrow encounters another member of his family when he ends up behind bars in this fifth episode: his uncle, played by… Paul McCartney.

With a Rolling Stones father and a Beatles uncle, we can say that Jack has mostly rock’n’roll origins!

Uncle Jack’s joke

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“Did I ever tell you the skeleton joke? It’s a skeleton who walks into a bar and orders a beer and a mop,” Jack’s uncle tells his cousin, who is about to be executed.

This joke was not posted here by accident. Indeed, as Johnny Depp told the newspaper emphatically in 2010, it is a joke that Al Pacino tirelessly repeated to him on the set of Donnie Brasco, without Depp being able to understand the meaning.

Sinister cameo

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The severed heads that Jack Sparrow sees in the basket when he is on the guillotine are not just any one, they are designed to reproduce the characteristics of the film’s two directors: Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg.

Where does the nickname Jack Sparrow come from?

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During the flashback sequence where a Johnny Depp Numerically rejuvenated confronts Captain Salazar, the latter reveals to us how he himself came up with the nickname Jack Sparrow, the day he saw the young pirate sitting on the crow’s nest of his ship: “He stood there, it looked like a sparrow,” he says . “And that was the day he gave himself a name that would haunt me for the rest of my life: Jack Sparrow. Jack the Sparrow.”

The Return of Captain Teague

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Even if his interpreter Keith Richards (the guitarist of the Rolling Stones) is missing in this fifth part, the father of Jack Sparrow nevertheless turns up secretly Salazar .’s Revenge† Still in the same flashback, we can indeed see Captain Teague just behind his son. Also rejuvenated, he is played here by Alexander Scheer.

Maiden name

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Also in the series where Jack Sparrow confronted Salazar in the past, we can notice that the young pirate is at the wheel of a ship called the “Wicked Wench”. According to the vast universe of Pirates of the Caribbean, this is nothing more than the name the Black Pearl originally had, before Sparrow struck a deal with Davy Jones.

The Return of Davy Jones

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If you stay until the end of the credits, we can witness the return of a famous villain from the saga. Indeed, while Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann are sleeping peacefully in their bedroom, the sprawling Davy Jones bursts into the room and disappears when Will wakes up with a jolt, not without leaving a few winks on the floor.

A fairly logical return, as the Trident’s powers have now lifted all the curses of the 7 seas.

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