Qualified Countries, 2022 Favorites… What to Remember

Eurovision Song Contest: Qualifying Countries, Favorites for 2022... What to Remember

EUROVISION 2022. This Saturday, May 14, 2022, 25 countries will participate in the Eurovision final. Ukraine is already the big favorite to claim victory. Here’s everything you need to remember for the singing contest.

18:00 – No new win for Ireland in 2022

END OF LIFE. Ireland, which has won the most Eurovision Song Contest since the competition was founded in 1956. The country has been crowned winner seven times: in 1970, 1980, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1996. But it will not offer itself another victory in 2022, as the Irish candidate failed to qualify after her performance in the semi-final. For your information, among the biggest winners of Eurovision are Sweden (six wins), France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (five wins).

17:31 – Mika hosts in Italy, the reason

Mika is one of the presenters of Eurovision 2022 with Laura Pausini. The singer is indeed very well known in Italy as he revealed that he was “able to show the extent of my creativity, my albums, on the TV shows I participate in, and the ones I made. Italy is a from my adopted countries. I spend a lot of time in Tuscany, it is my oasis of peace, as they say!” It is therefore quite natural that the singer agreed to host the evening organized in Turin.

17:10 – Who organizes Eurovision Song Contest in France?

Every year, Eurovision is the subject of commentary and context by well-known personalities from the small screen or music world. For this 2022 edition of the competition, Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini have been chosen to present their thoughts and share their thoughts during the evening broadcast on France 2. The Secrets d’histoire presenter therefore fulfills this role for the seventh consecutive year, while the former host of the weak link takes on this role for the second time.

16:45 – When was France’s last Eurovision victory?

France has not won the Eurovision Song Contest since 1977 and Marie Myriam’s victory. In total, 5 French victories have been won since the singing competition was founded: in 1958 with André Claveau, 1960 with Jaqueline Boyer, 1962 with Isabelle Aubret, 1969 with Frida Boccara and 1977. Last year Barbara Pravi came second with the song “Voilà” .

16:16 – Which Eurovision 2022 song is most listened to on Spotify?

Spotify can also be an indicator to determine the Eurovision favorite(s). In 2022, the most listened to title on the music streaming platform is not Ukraine! This is the song “Brividi”, by the Italian duo Mahmood & Blanco. In second place we find “Hold me Closer” by the Swedish Cornelia Jakobs. Note that last year Spotify plays the critically acclaimed Maneskin, who turned out to be the winner of Eurovision. However, it is rare for a country to win the competition twice in a row. However, this has already happened for Spain, Luxembourg, Ireland and Israel.

15:42 – What will happen to Maneskin, last year’s winner?

Since winning in 2021, Maneskin has continued his career in music. They released the single Mama Mia, a reference to the controversy that had tarnished their coronation in the Eurovision Song Contest. They were indeed suspected of drug use during the show, but a negative screening came to brush these allegations away. Their third album is in preparation. Before that, they opened for the Rolling Stones in Las Vegas on November 6.

15:26 – Where will the Eurovision Song Contest take place this year?

As a reminder, the winning country is responsible for organizing Eurovision the following year. Italy, winner in 2021 with Maneskin, is therefore the organizer this year. It is in Turin, to be precise in the Pala Olimpico, that the singing competition will take place in 2022.

14:54 – How can the public vote in Eurovision?

In France, in addition to those of our candidates Alvan and Ahez, it is possible to vote for the performance you prefer. All you have to do is send a text message, call or vote on the official Eurovision application. The telephone numbers to be called will be announced on the day of the final, next Saturday.

14:25 – How does voting at Eurovision 2022 work?

Eurovision voting can sometimes feel like a complex machine. Explanation: the countries in competition, including the countries that did not qualify during the semi-finals, each compose a national jury. The latter awards points individually to ten countries (12 points, 10 points, then 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). When the judges announce their vote to the cameras, they only give the name of the country to which they awarded their 12 points. Since 2016, viewers from competing countries can also vote! This is the public vote. It is of course impossible to allocate points to your own country.

14:03 – Russia excluded from Eurovision 2022

Russia was excluded from Eurovision this year due to the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s troops. “In the context of the unprecedented crisis unfolding in Ukraine today, there were concerns that a Russian entry this year would discredit the competition,” a Union press release stated on February 25, 2022. European Radio-Television (EBU), organizer of the event.

13:41 – Who is Kalush Orchestra, the band that represents Ukraine?

In 2022, Ukraine will be represented by the Kalush Orchestra group. The three members that form it met in 2019. They will perform the song “Stefania” on Saturday on the stage of the Pala Olimpico in Turin (Italy). This song pays tribute to the singer’s mother, but since the invasion of the country by Russia has been reinterpreted as a hymn to Ukraine, seen as a mother figure. At the same time, the group released two albums in 2021: Hotin and Yo-yo.

13:16 – Who are the other favorites for Eurovision 2022 besides Ukraine?

Ukraine is announced as the big winner of Eurovision 2022. But other candidates could surprise us on Saturday! The UK, Sweden and Italy could also win, according to the bookmakers, although the odds are much lower according to the predictions. It should also be noted that Sweden is the preferred candidate of the OGAE, the official grouping of Eurovision fan associations around the world.

12:54 – Listen to “Fulenn”, Alvan and Ahez’s song on Eurovision

France will be represented by the group Alvan & Ahez at Eurovision 2022. They will perform the song “Fulenn”, which means both “spark” and “beautiful girl”, on the Turin stage this Saturday, May 14, 2022. Entirely in Breton, this title speaks of the emancipation of women. You can listen to it below.

12:32 – Why is Australia participating in Eurovision?

Australia qualified for the final of Eurovision 2022 on Saturday. Since 2015, the country has regularly participated in the singing competition. However, it is not part of Europe! Seven years ago, the country of Oceania was exceptionally invited to the 60th anniversary of the event. Australia had been broadcasting Eurovision for several years and even had a dedicated delegation. Given the success of the country’s first participation, which is also part of the Commonwealth, the invitation was renewed in subsequent years. However, Australia was unable to drive in 2021 due to health restrictions imposed on travel abroad in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

12:09 – Does France have a chance at Eurovision?

Of course, French viewers following Eurovision are likely to support Alvan and Ahez, the candidate from France. But does the Breton group really stand a chance of winning? For the time being, the forecasts are not favorable for the tricolor flag bearers. France would have less than a 1% chance of winning before the game, according to bookmakers’ predictions, and the order of passing (in the early part of the evening) is also not favorable for a win. Fortunately, nothing has been decided yet and the title “Fulenn” might surprise us on D-Day.


Eurovision 2022 marks the beginning of May. The final will take place in Turin, next Saturday, May 14, 2022. In France, the event can be followed on France 2 from 9 p.m. Previously, two semi-finals made it possible to select twenty candidate countries for the final. They took place on Tuesday 10 May 2022 and Thursday 12 May 2022, a few days before the winner of this 66th edition was announced.

France is represented by the Breton group Alvan and Ahez at Eurovision 2022. This formation consists of four members: the female trio Ahez Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Diridollou and Sterenn Le Guillou and the musician Alexis Morvan-Rosius, better known as Alvan. They were selected on March 5 during the program “Eurovision France: you decide”. The tricolor group performs the song “Fulenn” on the Turin stage, which means both “spark” and “beautiful girl” in Breton. It has been since 1977 and Marie Myriam’s victory that France has not won the Eurovision Song Contest.

We do not yet know the ranking of Eurovision 2022. Last year, the Italian group Maneskin won the singing competition with 524 points, mostly saved by public votes. He was ahead of France and Barbara Pravi (2nd with 499 points) and Switzerland (3rd, 432 points) on the podium. The top of the ranking was completed by Iceland (378 points), Ukraine (364 points) and Finland (301 points). Below you will find in detail the latest Eurovision ranking.

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