Quinté+: The great return of Cleangame in the GNT of Châteaubriant Wednesday April 27, 2022?

The Quinté+ appetizers for Wednesday 27 April

The forces present

True champion, CLEANGAME (16) should of course not be blamed for his recent faux pas in Vincennes. In its class, this gelding has the perfect means to overcome his initial handicap of 50 meters. However, to do his job, the resident of Jean-Michel Bazire will have to be wary of EPSOM D’HERFRAIE (10), who has just proved in Angers that he can shine on the courts on the right, and for ‘ HANNA DES MOLLES (13), in attendance, as witnessed by her recent third place in Vincennes in the Prix Henri Levesque (Gr2). In the stages of Amiens (third) and Reims (fifth), EIRE D’HELIOS (7) will also have supporters with FREYJA DU PONT (9), who can shine if she starts on the right leg. Winner of the Reims stage, GIROLAMO (1) keeps his shot at a place with FAWLEY BUISSONAY (4), in top form, and DREAMER DE CHENU (8), running close together.

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The starters in detail and the opinion of the pros


In the boxes of Antoine Lhérété since February, this son of Uriel Speed ​​​​satisfied his new mentor on April 13 by winning the stage of Reims. Even if the lot is higher here, a spot remains within reach.

Antoine Lhérété, trainer and driver:

“Girolamo (1) has recovered well from his victory in the GNT stage in Reims. The field is stronger this time, but we are confident to do well again. I prefer him when he runs to the economy so it will be a matter of racing. It can confirm its good form by taking a place. †


Quickly spotted in the foreground, this Denis Brossard representative was not unworthy in the Salon-de-Provence stage by only narrowly failing for fifth place. Faced with Wednesday’s tougher opposition, his task does not look easy.

Denis Brossard, coach:

“From the peak of his 10 years, Campione Mio (2) is still in good shape. He will still do his best. He has been ruled out for the podium, but I am not negative for a fifth place, at the end of a favorable course. †


After two sensible return flights, this Ricimer son caused a surprise in the March 30 stage in Salon-de-Provence by finishing fifth over 80/1. Again, he will try to shuffle the cards.

Maxime Busset, coach:

“Dixit Danica (3) still had to run in Salon-de-Provence. I was very happy with his fifth place. The horse is in good physical shape for this attempt, but we will face some very stiff resistance on Wednesday. On paper, he will have done well by finishing fifth. †


In top form, this native of Jean-Marie Monclin recently found only Kennedy to block his way to success on the 2,700 meters of the great Vincennes circuit. Good right-hander, confirmation from his side cannot be ruled out.

Jean-Marie Monclin, trainer:

“Fawley Buissonay (4) is a great horse. Even if he doesn’t win often, he gives us satisfaction with some very good places to his name. In the GNT stages the opposition is always tough, but my horse is in good shape and will still give his best. With a favorable course he can play a good role. †


After a good attempt in the last corner, this daughter of Un Mec d’Heripré got a bit stuck to finish in Reims in the stage of April 13, failing at the gates of Quinté+ (sixth). In this lot it will especially interest lovers of outsiders.

Adrien Pereira, Coach:

“Flower By Magalou (5) was in heat in the GNT stage in Reims. She is no longer under the influence of her gender and should therefore be much tighter. It will be necessary, because it falls with a strong part here. Approved for her beautiful third place in Laval, in mid-March, she can claim a place at the end of the combination. †


Despite a good final effort, this son of Jasmin de Flore could not really threaten in the Reims stage lately. He had done better in March, in the first game of this tournament, finishing fifth in Amiens. For a surprise.

Hugues Levesque, coach:

“Even if he only finished seventh, Favorite of Iton (6) reassured us in Reims on April 13. The opposition is strong this Wednesday, but with a good run of the race it should not be neglected for fourth or fifth place. †


Victorious at the end of February in Vincennes, this native of Franck Harel confirmed her form by taking third and fifth place respectively in the stages of Amiens and Reims. Along the way, he still has to actively participate in the finish.

François Lagadeuc, driver:

“Eire d’Helios (7) put in another great performance in Reims, as we were very far at the start of the straight. She is a chic mare who gives everything. The field is well put together this Wednesday, but with a good journey it will again be necessary to calculate with it for the places. †


Not the happiest last Friday in Vincennes in the Prix Alètheia, this representative of Jean-Michel Baudouin will run up close here. Although it has recovered well from its efforts, a place at the end of the combination is not out of the question.

Louis Boudewijn, son of the trainer:

“With Dreamer de Chenu (8), it is imperative to maintain his last burst of speed as much as possible. At the end of a millimeter distance, it can occupy a small spot at the end of the Quinté+ combination. †


Even if she disappoints since the beginning of the year, this resident of Nicolas Bazire has no less serious means. As proof his third place on December 5 in the GNT Final behind Cleangame (16). It is sensible at the start to strive for a good ranking.

Nicolas Bazire, trainer and driver:

“Freyja du Pont (9) left at a gallop in Vincennes on April 22. She then had a complicated journey. Since then she has only walked. With her, everything will still be a matter of wisdom when warming up. The real Freyja du Pont would have the means to fight for places in this Quinté+. †


On the podium of his last two appearances in Vincennes and Angers, this son of Rieussec took 18 victories in 34 public attempts. Once again entrusted to the good care of Éric Raffin, it should once again sell its chances in this area dearly.

Louis Boudewijn, son of the trainer:

“Epsom d’Herfraie (10) now prefers to be less attacking. If kept in the early part of the course, it can provide a very good last mile. We have made this race a goal. If all goes well, he should be on the podium. †


Runner-up of Farah des Caux in the first stage in Amiens, this native of Stéphane Meunier did not take advantage of the best course at the time in Salon-de-Provence. If things go better this time, he can get a spot.

Franck Ouvrie, driver:

“Django du Bocage (11) is back in shape. His second place on March 9 in Amiens, with Pierre-Yves Verva, was very good. In the Salon-de-Provence stage, he could not take advantage of a route that suited him. I find him in the sulky with claims for fourth or fifth place. †


On the sidelines since July 2021, this new resident of Yann Docquin could not play any role before his return, on April 17, on the grass track of Ecommoy. Undoubtedly still far from its best level, it will remain shod here. Without us.

Yann Docquin, trainer:

“Colonel Bond (12) has just returned to competition on the grass of Ecommoy. He will have to run to get in shape. Faced with such rivals, we have little ambition. You just have to watch him run. †


After a four-month absence and a necessary return to school at the end of March, this 5-year-old has just shown a clear recovery in form by finishing third in Group 2 at Vincennes, against his contemporaries. Well devoted, it has trumps to assert against its elders.

Alexandre Abrivard, driver :

“Hanna des Molles (13) gave us complete satisfaction with her third place in Group II on April 16 in Vincennes. It was only her second flight after a long absence and even if she is in good shape in the morning, this outing will have served her well. In the aftermath, this commitment comes at the right time. The job change must please him, as he is a good right-hander. I am optimistic about the podium. †


This son of Nahar de Béval, specialist in the trot in trot, will be shod at the start of this Quinté+. At 50 meters, his task looks very delicate in this Quinté+. Dead end recommended.

Nicolas Bazire, son of the trainer:

“Chalimar de Guez (14) takes his mind off this Wednesday. With his irons and in the third echelon you can ignore his chances. †


This daughter of Kénor de Cossé belongs to the elite under the saddle, but has far fewer references to driving. Closed and forced to start from the third rung, her chances seem very slim.

Charles Dreux, trainer and driver:

“Etoile de Bruyere (15) will benefit from this commitment to change his mind when pairing. Trained and on the third level, she will be content to maintain her good physical condition. You can exclude him from your games. †


A true champion, this gelding trained by Jean-Michel Bazire should of course not be blamed for his recent faux pas in Vincennes. In his class, he has the means to overcome his initial handicap of 50 meters.

Nicolas Bazire, son of the trainer:

“Cleangame (16) did a good final job this Sunday morning. It is of course never easy to come back 50 meters. That said, his form is optimal and he will have to be reckoned with again. †

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