REVIEW of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: MCU magic at its peak!

Since the launch of his Phase 4 last year, le Marvel Cinematic Universe is in the midst of a rather chaotic transition without an established narrative threadexcept for his recent exploration of the possibilities of multiverse† This narrative object with still vague outlines, highlighted since the series Lokiopens the door to the craziest ideas, small variations lead to big changes in What if…? ouch fan service the most total, interwoven various cinematic sagas in Spider-Man: No Way Home† le MCU slowly becomes more complex by leaning more and more towards comics, introducing concepts into the mind of the average spectator while simultaneously introducing characters, in addition to defining a new status quo for what remains of the avengers† Because of the title itself, we therefore had wild expectations of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessa film that promises from the beginning to make us discover different realities and directed by none other than Sam Raimi (the trilogies Spider Man with Tobey Maguire and Evil Dead including Bruce Campbell), who is thus well versed in superheroes and horror films.

A real good surprise in terms of direction and character development.

Indeed, if it wasn’t clear enough through the promotional videos, the director gives us a feature film miracle much darker than usual with gruesome touches and manages to keep its artistic touch despite the limitations of this (very) vast universe. On this subject we can only highly recommend you to watch the series Disney + WandaVision before going to theaters with the risk of characterizing the scarlet witch by Elizabeth Olsen, and of course the Doctor Strange of 2016. The rest seems optional to us, even if the episode of What if…? devoted to the wizard acts, among other things, as a good bonus. In all cases, don’t be late, because it starts at a quarter turn

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Criticism Review 01 07 05 2022The spectator we are is immediately embarked on a tense action sequence set in a strange dimension, where an alternate version of the hero camped by Benedict Cumberbatch is chased by a demonic entity next toAmerica Chaveza newcomer played by Xochitl Gomezwhile trying to get hold of a magical artifact, Book of Vishanti† The teenager manages to flee and that’s when our Doctor Strange wake up. Just a nightmare? The rhythm then calms down for a few moments as he witnesses a happy event for his friend. Christine Palmerbefore switching back to a dantesque showdown on the streets of New York against a creature with tentacles† this scary throat look like Shuma-Gorath (luckily in the end he is not, given his small role) gives rise to beautiful choreographies with the help of the mystic arts, he who tries to America† Yes, the last one landed in this universe, so it wasn’t a dream. But who is after her and why? We won’t say more about the progress that went smoothly after this first quarter of an hour, except that a little help a priori wouldn’t hurt, Doctor Strange will turn to Wanda Maximoffwell aware of what she has experienced before in Westview

Michael Waldron’s screenplay turns out to be much more classic than the trailers suggested., which also consciously concealed the real problems and showed a little too much for our taste. Anyway, the ins and outs are quite simplistic, but nonetheless logical in terms of the path. So we could summarize it all as: an exciting chase through the multiverse† Obviously, such a controlled narrative is much better than justifying a succession of inconsistencies fan service, and the screenwriting facilities inherent in these types of projects are widely accepted. We have enjoyed watching this sequence of events unfold before our eyes and parade the good two hours that the film lasts without ever tiring, which alternates accurately between action and exposition scenes, while providing highly stylized transitions. The ending also surprised us in its suddenness, which made us believe in an extra act at the time, before the credits kicked in and left us speechless. In short, pure Sam Raimi, who does not hesitate to refer to himself or in his own way other cult scenes from 7e art.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness criticism review 02 07 05 2022The director’s style can not leave anyone indifferent, which makes the film from the shackles of MCU Despite the “All public” classification in France (PG-13 across the Atlantic), some passages that are a bit trashy and deliberately violent should probably not be shown to a young audience or else they will be traumatized! Without spoiler about how or who is affected, some deaths have a slight taste of fatalityalthough the management of the camera shots during these moments suggests that the cursor was intentionally lowered so as not to shock too much Disney† The gruesome aspect lends itself perfectly to the occult nature of some of the characters, with simple but terribly effective staging ideas, tempting even to a few. to startle† Oui, the tension is really palpable during certain passages, leaving both the spectator and the protagonists in a certain hesitation, knowing full well what is to come, a certain lethargy captured perfectly through the lens. The threat whose name we’ll be silent seems so inexorable that the balance of power is somewhat variable to give our heroes a chance, to the rather disturbing, but fairly reasonable outcome.

And what are you doing? multiverse in all that? Its use may disappoint some which might be a wave of fan servicesince the universes actually visited can be counted on the fingers of one hand, a bit of a shame with such a title, but at least the film doesn’t scatter too much. The “cameos” are therefore in limited quantity and generally have a very specific function that will inevitably be questioned. This doesn’t detract from the fun while watching, with a light side to Proust’s madeleine enhanced by a particular musical theme for a particular character, and some well-placed references for those diligently MCU† The change of scenery is therefore minimal, but some plans still manage to impress. le multiverse ultimately serves more as a tool for the development of Stephen et Wandato mirror their actions.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness criticism review 03 07 05 2022Benedict Cumberbatch still embodies his role as a haughty wizard with classwho is also entitled to a superhero debut worthy of his status, yet so human when it comes to his interactions with Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams). The latter is far from an extra, a good surprise. And multiverse obligated, he also plays alternative versions of himself, in which he is able to give a very pronounced interpretation. Although he is Wizard Supremewong (Benedict Wong) stays by his side and helper very noticeable, which made us laugh with his lines, but also a little disappointed by one of his actions. For his introduction America Chavez has mainly served the plot without particularly shining, but manages to be endearing, however, it will be necessary to wait to see what the projects are for it. As regards Wandait’s simple, she steals the show from the rest of the cast in almost every scene she appears in. Elizabeth Olsen delivers a masterful rendition that perfectly showcases her character as scarlet witch and comes to close his narrative arc. Finally, apart from a duel that we can qualify as symphonic, which we especially loved, Danny Elfman’s soundtrack perfectly supports the action and gives us chills, which sometimes reveals itself as threatening, mystical and even hopeful. However, it will remain less in our minds than those of Eternals

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may be far from the great upheaval that was hoped for and only opens doors to the future of the MCUbut it constitutes a real good surprise in terms of realization and development of its characters† Finally, tradition Marvel Studios required, we are entitled to two scenes after the credits† The first serves as an introduction to a potentially important figure, but which a priori only comic readers will recognize and weaken the “shock” of the epilogue. The second, at the very end of the credits, is undoubtedly a small kiff from the director, next to which the general public will probably remain unmoved, but which made us laugh a lot. Since Doctor Strange has been returned, let’s hope Sam Raimi will make another foray into the MCU

Remark : 4 out of 5 stars

The first Doctor Strange and the WandaVision series are available on Disney+, the subscription costs €8.99 per month or €89.90 per year.

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