Sacred geometry that harmonizes and heals the energies of the planet

TWH – As concerns about the planet and climate change continue to dominate the news, there is not only a greater focus on sustainable practices, but also energetic practices that can support the soil from a Pagan perspective.

TWH We interviewed Karen Crowley-Susani and Dominique Susani from Energetic Geometry, who work to harmonize and balance the land and by expanding structures that use the natural elements of the land.

Dominique and Karen stand on a stone at Kerzhero Alignments near Carnac. [courtesy]

The essence of his work is based on the placement of stones and trees, trying to harmonize the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms in harmony with the sun, moon and stars.

The work Susanis does is fascinating and they use techniques that can be found in ancient structures and monuments around the world.

For the builders of ancient monuments, the sun and solar energy played an important role. These ancient architects sought to combine the energy of the sun with the land and structures they built.

The Susani use similar techniques that employ a solar rectangle or solstice quadrangle created and defined by the sun’s positions relative to the solstices and equinoxes, and true north.

Dominique Susani told a story that piqued her interest at the age of 13: “I met a veterinarian man who came to make the soil better for the horse – he was a bit skeptical of making the grass better using the stones.” Despite his reservations, Dominque said the vet “knows too much about animals, [and was a] He’s a very smart guy, but he’s also a dowser.”

The vet advised them to put stones in the ground. It took some time to find and move the stones, but the following year “the quality of the grass was much better and different,” Dominique said. To him, this early experience was “a kind of proof that it was valid”.

After his early experiences, Dominique wrote, “To solar geobiology, by studying the energy of churches, [and] After that, he started to teach many things. I see people can learn, everybody can learn.”

Karen Crowley-Susani researched the placement of stones and shifting energies after moving to a new home in Denver that was very close to major power lines and a power station.

He wanted to make the house better and safer for his children and learned about Feng Shui, dark spirits and sacred geometry. This was Dominique’s first work, teaching about geomancy and mandalas, providing the tools necessary to make her home feel as good as possible.

I wondered if they had ever encountered territory they didn’t want to adapt to or work with. Dominique said, “No, not really. People, yes. I meet a lot of people who want [their space] to be compatible but I really don’t want to [it to be]He went on to say that people would “move some stones to transform and then break the forms used.” Doing so alters and destroys harmonizing patterns.

He mentioned a friend who requested the alignment of their house, where they used four stones to create a sun-aligned formation. As soon as it arrived, the family’s dog entered the void and went straight to the center of the whirlpool they had created. The dog was pleased with the change in energy.

Unfortunately, the friend removed the stones a few months later and made the space mismatched.

“The other thing we know is that when we harmonize a place, everything you sweep under the rug – the harmony brings something to the surface – the energies don’t allow for fake things. We have to say that when we do this work something can happen, it will bring up problems, so people should do it. [a] vote.”

He talked about the work they did on their property and how it affected the land, and some of the workers they hired to work on a barn restoration project. “For example, at home, we harmonized our house. We have increased the energy of the place to have more. We have a phenomenon where nettles grow to be 6 feet tall. We also have some work restoring a stone barn.”

Harmony efforts created an “energetic column or channel” and some workers were disturbed by the energy. Some workers are left and working fine. Without sufficient integrity, they cannot stay.”

Crucuno Cromlech in Brittany is the oldest solstice quadrant and is the Susanis favorite stop on their tour of Brittany. [courtesy]

TWH wondered how studies like this might have an impact when it comes to climate change. Dominique told TWH: “We have a big plan, what are we promoting? [is to] The land and the house were harmonized. And to create human communities, for example 1 acre of land energy and food – create small structures [to support this].

Dominique tells the story of an experience she had with a rancher: “Years ago, I was hired by a 13,000-acre Uruguayan man and he wanted to harmonize his location, his land, his farm, and his cows. He wanted happy cows. We made a plan for that, the first thing we did was harmonize the house and the surrounding land – there was a drought for ten years.”

“Four months after doing the work, it rained but it’s just there. Not around.” In essence, his work created a microclimate.

“When you harmonize the soil, you start to create a microclimate and that stabilizes the soil,” Dominique said.

He outlined how education and principles involve helping those he teaches to experience the energies of the earth in the most harmonious way. And how could this translate into balancing the entire planet if it were done on a large scale.

“By educating people to feel and understand energies, we teach some geometry. Thus, people can be more open to their environment and feel the energies around them.

“The exercise consists of making 20 equilateral formations with the pots and then the students go there to the middle of the structure and what happens is a great connection with the cosmos, a great connection with the Gods.”

“For many, this is their first time accessing this link. So imagine using it on a large scale.”

Equilateral formations with pupils and pots – [courtesy]

“When we do this training on the elements, we go back to earth as many of our students are disillusioned architects – they went to study architecture to create buildings, but they don’t learn to create spaces that make people healthy and happy. ”

In contrast, Dominique and Karen believe that teaching people to feel and recognize the health of a place or building’s energy helps promote healthier environments.

“You can feel the energy or the ambiance and whether it’s right for you. This is what some people can feel. But if you’re an architect, you should be able to feel if the rooms you’re designing have a nice ambiance. This is the purpose of architecture. “If a place is unstable, if there’s water underneath, how does it feel and how to fix everything that’s good or not,” Dominique said.

Susanis’ work is interesting and they have traveled all over the world presenting her workshops. They have various events planned throughout the summer and listed on their website.

Summing up their work, Susaniler said, “What we generally think about is people. We want people to be healthy and happy, and that’s the core of what we do.”

“We love to have fun and laugh, this may be why we are booked!”

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