Salome saves the ball and Axel stops Jasmine (Summary and Spoilers Episode #391 ITC)

“It All Starts Here” preview, in-depth recap and spoilers for Tuesday, May 3, 2022 Episode 391 of ITC+Video. In your daily series, thanks to Salomé, the ball will finally take place as Jasmine continues to experience disappointment..


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It all starts here: Recap of Episode 391 from Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Hortense resists her urge

After her first session with the psychiatrist, Hortense visits Mehdi in her room at the boarding school. Hortense is determined not to be overwhelmed by her impulses. Mehdi is very proud of his girlfriend who has managed to keep many things in her own hands, and to face Hugues and his father. He supports her and reminds her that he is there if she ever needs him. And that is the case. Hortense needs it to keep it from being destroyed by food. Mehdi is said to be some sort of anti-squat guardian angel who will have to divert his attention if he sees her blocking food. Mehdi proposes to replace her for the afternoon shift in double A, but the young woman refuses. She wants to go back to her habits and cook because it makes her feel good.

At the double A, Théo decides to start with a new recipe for the dish of the day: mustelle mousseline in a roasted shrimp shell and potato tuile in basil opaline.

Hortense wants to help Theo. The latter hesitates. He admits to Hortense that he was thinking of asking Mehdi. Theo knows that the young woman is coming from a difficult period. He doesn’t want to put her in a stressful situation. Hortense shows himself combative. Theo eventually accepts. Successful challenge for Hortense. Despite the temptations, the young woman resisted her impulses.

Charlene is afraid of gossip

Constance is looking for an outfit for the prom. She wants to be chic and dance comfortably at the same time. Constance asks Charlene for her opinion, which doesn’t hide her surprise. She thought her father didn’t want to hear about it. Constance explains to him that this is always the case, so she goes to the prom with Zacharie. Charlene is shocked and already thinks about the gossip it will cause. The young woman does not want to explain to everyone that her mother does not cheat on her father. Constance reassures her that she doesn’t have to.

Lisandro meets Zacharie who has just bought his costume for the prom. Zacharie confesses that he was so happy that Constance invited him that he didn’t dare refuse. Lisandro thinks his friend is really playing with fire.

Charlène sounds the alarm to her father, but in vain. That Zacharie brings Constance to the ball suits Teyssier. Charlene continues to think about the gossip this will cause, unlike her father who doesn’t care what others say.


Salome invites Axel to the promo

The village hall reserved by Jasmine for the ball had water damage. The young student informed the other students of the Institute the day before that the ball had fallen because of this. But some students still believe in it, like Eliott who works on the appetizers for the buffet. Jasmine has lost all hope. She called all the rental rooms in the area to no avail.
But Salome brings them good news. Thanks to an acquaintance of her father, she found a room for the ball, 20 minutes from Calvières. Salomé offers Jasmine to visit her with her. Jasmine invites Axel to join them, because he had negotiated a good deal about the reservation of the first room.

The new room is huge. Salomé and Axel do a few waltz steps, much to Jasmine’s chagrin. Then they imagine how the projectors and sound system are set up. But Jasmine hesitates. They don’t have enough decoration for the whole room. She thinks it will hide misery. She thinks it should be a smaller, warmer place. Axel encourages Jasmine not to miss a great plan because the room is not what she wants. But this one has been working on this ball for weeks and won’t take anything cheap. Salomé wonders if Jasmine wouldn’t rather have a whim, as she’s the one who found the room. Axel finds Jasmine annoying.

Back in Calvières, Jasmine is not interested in choosing the room. Axel feels that waiting is useless and that the owner should be confirmed, which Salomé does immediately. The young woman then wants to warn everyone and send the address. Salomé decides to make an inventory of the groceries and arranges for Axel to meet in the Studio to work on the buffet with Anaïs.

Axel then apologizes to Jasmine, who admits to being annoying. She admits that Axel is annoyed by the way Salomé presents himself. Jasmine then confides to him that she’s disappointed he’s not accompanying her to the prom. Axel finally intervenes and is honest with Jasmine. He explains to her that his feelings are not reciprocated.

Jasmine is angry and later trusts Charlene. She thought there was really something wrong with Axel and regrets that in his eyes she no longer exists since Salomé arrived. Jasmine is aware that she cannot compete with the young woman. But Charlene can’t help drooling over Salomé and calls her manipulative. She confides to Jasmine that Salomé has a long relationship with Maxime before breaking up with Louis. Jasmine is not surprised. Salomé is such the perfect girl that it can only be fake.

Salomé has not yet chosen her outfit for the prom. Besides, his stuff is all dirty. Anaïs thinks her friend deserves her “Wow” effect when she arrives at the prom. However, she got a dress for her birthday that doesn’t suit her at all and offers Salomé to try it on in the studio. The young woman is sublime, which does not escape Axel. Consumed by jealousy, Jasmine prefers to get some fresh air.

Salomé later confides to Anaïs that she likes Axel, but she doesn’t want to make things worse with Jasmine. Anaïs thinks her boyfriend should go for it. But Jasmine is frustrated when Salomé asks her to reserve the last batch of petit fours. She has had enough of Salomé monopolizing the entire organization for a week while the idea of ​​the prom is at its root. Salomé assures her that she is doing all this to help her, but Jasmine doesn’t believe her. She thinks Salome is only there to seduce Axel. Show on. Salomé tells Jasmine that she has a huge problem with jealousy. Jasmine replies that she would rather that than act like a whore. Then she deliberately drops the tray of petit fours. Jasmine then tries to apologize, but Salome has turned on her and she doesn’t care. Jasmine criticizes him for only thinking of her when Axel arrives. Salomé replies: “Do you want to see what it feels like just thinking about my face? † Then the young woman rushes to ask Axel if he agrees to accompany her to the prom. Axel is happy to accept..

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