“Sarah and Diego’s relationship touched me,” says Louane Emera

A fiction that skillfully combines paranormal, family drama and thriller! In Visions, a six-episode miniseries presented in world premiere on CanneSeries, available on Salto and airing Monday, May 16 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1, Louane Emera plays Sarah, a child psychologist. The young woman will forge a special bond with Diego (Léo Durrieux), an 8-year-old boy who has strange visions after the disappearance of Lily, an 11-year-old girl. A drama explored by Romain (Soufiane Guerrab, seen in Lupine), captain of the gendarmerie and companion of Sarah. Louane Emera told 20 minutesduring a telephone interview, his first foray into the world of series.

Why did you want to star in this miniseries?

I had never played with a child in my life and it really interested me. When I read the script Visions, the relationship between Sarah and Diego’s character touched me. That’s why I wanted to make this series. At the same time, I saw the work of Akim Isker, the director, and I really liked what he was doing. I loved his movie, a single for France Télévisions, nobody’s childwhich literally broke my stomach it was so beautiful. The relationship with Diego and Akim’s work convinced me to play in this series.

You have many scenes with Léo Durrieux, the little boy who plays Diego, how do you work with such a young actor?

By being a child! It’s not easy for the director who really has to frame things, but I became friends with Léo. We clicked immediately when we met. There was something immediate and easy between us. And we laughed the whole shoot. And the fact that we could laugh like that, feel comfortable and move forward together, that was great! During the lunch breaks we did pool sessions. Really, we had fun. Which was not always easy for Akim, who had a lot of work to channel us. But once the camera got rolling, it was a no-brainer. This little boy is great. In life he has absolutely nothing to do with his character, he is an ultra-social, mega-extroverted little boy who runs, jumps and laughs! Here we realize his performance as an actor. It is a real composition work on which he worked together with Akim and his coach. It’s super impressive that a kid his age can play like this!

How would you describe your character Sarah?

Sarah is a young woman torn between the desire to give her life to others and the fact that she is completely lost. This woman loves children and learns from them, but she has been through severe traumas that she does not remember. She is trying to get ahead with that and that is not easy. The relationship she has with Diego will allow Sarah to discover exactly the things she needs to move forward in her life.

Have you met psychiatrists to prepare for the role?

I have not met a psychiatrist. On the other hand, I worked with my coach, an exceptional woman, Catherine Chevallier, who has been following me since my second acting film. For me this work is still an apprenticeship, it is still very new in my life. It’s my fourth film project, so it’s very fresh. And I also talked a lot with my sister, who studies psychology, a psychiatrist in the making. It was very interesting.

Sarah has a relationship with Romain, played by Soufiane Guerrab, how do you build such chemistry? Does it work?

Of course she works! I am someone who is quite reserved in physical contact, both in real life and on set. I don’t like it that much. I was very lucky because I found a director and an actor who fully respected that. They have supported me in adjusting to this role and building this relationship. We didn’t know each other with Soufiane, we had met once or twice. Soufiane is a brilliant actor, but also a very respectful man, who brought me a lot and carried me to the series.

Did you like this first experience in the world of series? Do you want to start again?

The big difference is the rhythm! It’s much more intense! The number of usable recording minutes per day is greater than in a movie where there is much more opportunity to redo things and more waiting. I was fine with it honestly, because that’s my problem in quotes in a movie, it’s to maintain concentration when you’re cutting. The fact that there is no need to wait has helped me and I liked that. In retrospect, what I like about the idea of ​​a movie compared to a series is not being tied down to anything. I don’t know if I’ll be able to commit to a role that doesn’t a shot† I like the idea of ​​the miniseries because it leaves a kind of freedom behind.

Not a recurring role, but another miniseries, why not?

That’s exactly it!

Are you a fan of series, and if so, what are your favorite series?

I will see light series as very heavy things. My favorite series in the world is gomorrah, a Neapolitan series that I find special. In addition, I have no problem looking at things like: The Bridgerton Chronicle if i want to kill time and something lighter.

The American adaptation of “Aries Family”, “Coda” was a hit and won three Oscars, including Best Picture, have you seen it and what did you think?

The success of the film was obvious to me. It’s great to see this movie because some things are very similar. So to relive this moment by proxy, it was interesting and special. The film is played very well by everyone, but of course I focused on the role of Emilia Jones! This success does not surprise me because this story can only touch. She is so benevolent and open to the world, it can only be a success. In France it was huge, there was no reason why it shouldn’t be the same on the other side of the Atlantic. In my eyes of course!

You are preparing a new album, what can you say about it?

The album title will start with an “N”, if I don’t change my mind by then, but I don’t think so. I’m working on this album with P3GASE, but that’s obvious! As I speak to you, we’ve got half the album so it’s not about to be released, but we’ll be singing an unreleased album on tour starting May 6. I’m so happy, can’t wait to see the audience reaction, I hope they like it.

You are part of the jury “The Voice Kids”, you are preparing a new album, you are touring and promoting the series “Visions”, how do you find the balance between all these activities?

I don’t really know what to say to you, I’ve been doing this since I was 16. I think I love what I do above all else. If the question concerns my life, I organize like all working women. All these activities are very compartmentalised. It’s a personal choice. Music is my thing and I don’t want to mix things up. That’s why I rarely do projects, except animation where I sometimes agree to sing, where I sing. I haven’t sung in movies since then. The Ram . family because I don’t want to mix things up. Role playing is very cool, and it allows me to be a thousand people at once. It’s super fun to immerse yourself in new characters and sometimes be someone different from both. The music is mine, and when I sing to people, I give them everything I have inside.

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