Schedule of the 19th PANROTAS Forum is available

Registration for participation in the most relevant tourist event in Brazil is open
Registration for participation in the most relevant tourist event in Brazil is open

There are only 40 days left until the 19th PANROTAS Forum, which will take place on June 21 and 22. And now that the event schedule is available, we can take a look at the important travel industry topics that will be discussed and the big meetings that will take place on the FecomercioSP stage.

Speakers include Damian Skokin, CEO of Despegar; Andy Finkelstein, Senior Vice President of Global Agency Sales and Enterprise Solutions at Saber; Leonel Andrade, CEO of CVC Corp.; Marcelo Cohen, CEO of BeFly; Frank Medina, Vice President of NCL; Adrian Ursilli of MSC; Sean Tracy, Vice President of Royal Caribbean; Dario Rustico of Costa Cruises; Jerome Cadieu, CEO of Latam Airlines Brazil; and Paulo Kakinoff, President of Gol Linhas Aéreas.

In addition to tourism, we will have a rich experience, such as the experience of a specialist in creativity and innovation, Christina Naumovs, CEO of IO Diversidade, Luis Gustavo, CEO of Instituto Locomotiva, Ricardo Meirelles, journalist William Waak, presence on the forum since the first edition, in including.

On the panels we will have debates on hospitality, entertainment, tourism and mobility with names such as Pablo Morbis of Grupo Cataratas, André Sena of Accor, Fabio Mader of GJP, Karen Schmidt of BWH Hotel Group, Marcelo Marinho. , from ICH, Rodolfo Delforno, from Omnibees, Fabricio Amaral, from Fornatur; among others.

The event will highlight the destinations of Fortaleza, Mato Grosso do Sul and Argentina, as well as CNC projects and proposals for candidates in the 2022 elections and the successful cases of Sebrae.

“It will be a PANROTAS forum in the middle of the year, as the pandemic has moved 2020 to last November. We are very excited about the partners joining and the first registrations, as well as the topics that will be on the stage of the event. In 2023 we will be back to March and the announcement will be made at this year’s forum,” explains José Guilherme Alcorta, CEO of PANROTAS.

The figures for the 2021 edition show the relevance of the PANROTAS Forum to Brazilian tourism. Of the more than 1,100 members, 65% are in leadership positions. Experts from 514 participating companies from all segments represented all parts of the industry.

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Check out the PANROTAS 2022 forum schedule below.

Tuesday 21 June

  • OPENINGA: Welcome from the host. Destination: Fortaleza (09:00-09:15).
  • DESPEGAR’S VISION FOR TOURISM IN LATIN AMERICA: Talk show with Despegar CEO Damian Skokin and PANROTAS CEO José Guilherme Alcorta.
  • GREAT PLAYERS IN LATIN AMERICA: With GOL Linhas Aéreas President Paulo Kakinoff.
  • A HEALTHY WORLD FOR TOURISM: Sebrae turns 50 and asks: Are you doing your part? Company case on energy efficiency.
  • ARGENTINA – SUCCESS IN THE PROMOTION OF THE DIRECTION: Destination, always present in the desire to travel Brazilians, shows all the news with Ricardo Sosa of Inprotur.
  • ARE WE READY FOR THE NEW POWER?: Alexandre Sampaio of the CNC and FBHA and Artur Andrade, Editor-in-Chief of PANROTAS, present the paper “Tourism Proposals for Government Candidates”.
  • THE NEW ROLE OF THE CAR IN THE LIFE AND TRAVELING OF PEOPLE: Important industry players will be attending here: Movida’s Jameel Jarrus Jr., Localiza’s Paulo Enrique Pires, Mobility’s Oscar Kedor and Toyota’s Roger Armellini.
  • DINNER: A moment of interaction and networking
  • ESG PRIORITY AND IMPACT ON HOTELS, FINANCE AND CUSTOMERS: Marina Cansado, Head of XP Investimentos, provides an updated overview of the subject.
  • TRANSFORMATION IN HOTEL SALES. IS THE PRICE IMPORTANT? DIRECT OR INDIRECT SALE? WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES FOR INCREASING PROFITABILITY?: On stage André Sena of Accor, Fabio Mader of GJP, Karen Schmidt of BWH Hotel Group, Marcelo Marinho of Intercity and Rodolfo Delforno of Omnibees.
  • WORLD POLITICO-ECONOMIC SCENARIO AND CONSEQUENCES IN BRAZIL: Journalist William Waak provides an up-to-date summary of the social, political and economic situation.
  • THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR THE RIGHT CUSTOMER. HOW IS TECHNOLOGY ACCELERATED THIS MATCH?: Andy Finkelstein, Senior Vice President of Global Agency Sales and Enterprise Solutions at Saber, talks to us about the big fronts of technology.
  • COFFEE BREAK: A moment of interaction and networking
  • GREAT PLAYERS IN LATIN AMERICA: A meeting between BeFly CEO Marcelo Cohen and publicist Walter Longo about the governance ecosystem, the metaverse, and more.
  • INCLUSION IN ORGANIZATIONS – FACT OR PROJECT?: Luis Gustavo, CEO of IO, and Renato Meirelles of Instituto Locomotiva talk about integration in companies and how organizations can be anti-racist.

Wednesday, June 22

  • OPENING (09:00 – 09:15)
  • BORDERS OF THE PANTANAL: The state of Mato Grosso do Sul presents us with an artistic and cultural moment.
  • HOW TO INTRODUCE INNOVATIONS IN CONTINUOUS CHALLENGING MARKET?: Innovation and creativity consultant Kristina Naumovs, through her extensive career in various sectors, along with her passion for travel, will guide us through this exciting topic. How to upgrade?
  • TRENDS AND CHALLENGES OF THE CRUISE INDUSTRY IN LATIN AMERICA: Adrian Ursilli of MSC Cruises, Dario Rustico of Costa Cruises, Frank Medina of NCL, Sean Tracy of Royal Caribbean and Thiago Vasconcelos of Pier 1 will be part of this panel.
  • THE FUTURE OF TRAVEL – EXPERIENCES: Douglas Quinby, co-founder and CEO of Arival, shows us how fundamental the third part of the journey is the experience. Exclusive data will be presented.
  • SMART DESTINATIONS IS A BUSINESS BASED ON THE AXIS OF EXPERIENCES: Sebrae provides a case study selected from 30 pilot projects they have recently reviewed.
  • SIGHTS AND PARKS AS REGIONAL TOURISM DRIVERS: a panel on how attractions should position themselves and how to offer services that meet travelers’ expectations. Equipment and Destination Management Expert, Grupo Cataratas CEO Pablo Morbis participates as an intermediary with Alexander Zubaran from Enjoy Hotels, Paulo Schneider from Aviva and Fabrizio Amarala from Goiás Turismo and President of Fornatur.
  • DINNER: A moment of interaction and networking
  • GREAT PLAYERS IN LATIN AMERICA: Jerome Cadieu, CEO of Latam Airlines Brasil.
  • COFFEE BREAK COMMUNICATION AND CLOSURE: A moment of interaction and networking

The PANROTAS Forum will take place on June 21 and 22 at the Centro Fecomercio de Eventos in Sao Paulo and is sponsored by Aerolineas Argentinas, Ancoradouro, AquaRio, Visit Argentina, Aviva, BWH Hotel Group, Coris, CVC Corp, Delta Air Lines, Easy Travel Shop, Elo, Enjoy Hoteis & Resorts, FecomercioSP, Fortaleza, GTA Assist, Gol Air France KLM, Iberostar, Latam, Localiza, Movida, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mondiale Operadora, Movida, R1 Audiovisual, Saber, Sheraton WTC Hotel, Tes Cenografia, Viagens Promo, Villa Blue Tree, Visit São Paulo 42 Labs and support from Shift and Tour House.

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