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Silvie Couto, 46, challenged herself on September 2, 2021: Visit 365 places in Portugal. The “incredibles” part, a word he includes in the Instagram description where he shares the photos resulting from this challenge, made sense as he set out on his way to each new destination.

“It’s all so beautiful and there are places where I feel blessed. I have to stay there for a while and look. Look, breathe, feel that place that moves us, with the soul. It helps to calm down and relieve the stress day until today,” Silvie tells MAGG. As obvious as they may seem, many of these places are still unknown to the Portuguese, even to those who live near these treasures.

“A lot of people say to me, ‘I live in this province or neighborhood and I didn’t know this existed’. But that’s Silvie Couto’s role: to publicize the wonders that roam Portugal, often just a few miles from their hometown, which also means lower costs for travel and discovering incredible things.

“My goal is to show the Portuguese and the people who follow me that in Portugal we have the equivalent of any beautiful place that exists abroad. I will give very concrete examples: we have a Venice [cidade em Itália] Portuguese in Aveiro, we have a Santorini [ilha grega] no Algarve,” Silvie compares.

Choosing to explore what’s ours and what’s still so secret is not only an asset to the wallet, Silvie says – not least because most shared shares are free or access – but also to the country’s economy. . especially at a time when it is still trying to recover from a two-year pandemic that shook the tourism industry.

In order to get to know these places, which are not only relaxing but also avoid the stress of rushing through airports, Silvie had to devote a lot of her time to this challenge. By day she is an event producer and on weekends she is Silvie of the 365 fantastic places in Portugal challenge – next to the mother of Gabriel (16) and Ema, 13. Those who accompany her are always waiting for the next one, and until now so far it only failed once and it wasn’t his fault.

“I didn’t miss a single day, except a day when it wasn’t my fault, it was Instagram’s. Right at the start of the challenge, there was a day when Instagram went down. It was the only one where I was unable to to publish, but why not leave me,” Silvie says between laughs.

The most incredible location award goes to the Northern Region of Portugal

Every year Silvie Couto went to the Algarve for at least one weekend getaway. But when it comes to longer vacations, I have always chosen to go abroad. Until COVID-19 comes. “Last summer there were still a lot of restrictions on traveling abroad, and unlike what happened in previous years, I chose to go to the Algarve coast,” he says.

The pandemic may have had its downfall, but in this case it brought a unique opportunity for the now Portuguese influencer. “I was fascinated. I thought, ‘I mean. I sometimes travel so many miles to go to Ibiza and I have the equivalent here, probably superior, in terms of beaches and natural beauty’. Because we have rock formations there like that well-known heart on Praia da Marinha, that’s fantastic and you don’t have that in Ibiza, right?”.

When she started to wonder what she could find so beautiful in other parts of the country, Silvie decided to take up the challenge for herself and share it on Instagram, where she already has more than 14,000 followers. It has tried to diversify between countryside, mountains, beach and cities, as well as between north and south to make what is available here to a wider audience.

Ursa beach, which is difficult to access, was one of the places that surprised Silvie the most because when she arrived at the beach she felt like she was in “paradise”, but there are others that are on the same level are even a bit more touristy. Of all those she has met in the past nine months, Silvie Couto highlights a special place.

“It’s in Fraga do Cão, and I repeat this to everyone because that’s really what I felt when I got there and thought, ‘No. There’s no way this hasn’t had the hand of man.’ This was built by someone because it really looks like a dog,” she says of the attraction in Torre de Moncorvo, Bragança district, in the north of the country. From dog, Silvie contacted the Torre de Moncorvo Municipality, which confirmed that, yes, nature was capable of this feat.

Fraga do Cão, Moncorvo Tower

Fraga do Cão, Moncorvo Tower

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” data-title=”Fraga do Cão, Torre de Moncorvo – Silvie tours Portugal with one goal: to show 365 amazing places – like this one – MAGG”> Fraga do Cão, Moncorvo Tower

Fraga do Cão, Moncorvo Tower credits: disclosure

These and other feats of Mother Nature take center stage in Silvie Couto’s photos, which are almost always in the background. The reason? “Because of my personality. I’ve always worked in communications and marketing, but behind the scenes, so in all my other projects I’ve always stayed behind the camera and don’t feel very comfortable appearing,” he begins by to explain. “My goal is to show the place, the beauty of the place and not show myself. I have to come because I do the work myself, but in a more subtle way,” he continues.

Viewpoint of Sao Bento das Peras

Viewpoint of Sao Bento das Peras

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” data-title=”So Bento das Peras point of view – Silvie travels through Portugal with one goal: to show 365 incredible places – like this one – MAGG”> Viewpoint of Sao Bento das Peras

Viewpoint of Sao Bento das Peras credits: disclosure

And after the 365 days? New days, new challenge?

By September 2022, Silvie must have visited 365 places. But then what? Is there a goodbye? Not in principle, but it is certain that you will devote yourself to long hours of sleep after months split between full-time work, busy weekends exploring new places and producing content for the challenge, and spending time with your family.

“Even as a joke I’ll say my next challenge once it’s over is to try and sleep for 24 hours. Then I’ll see what I’m doing. Maybe not publish every day, but keep promoting, probably a little more”, he moves on to MAGG, referring to the sharing of more than landscapes, including hotels and restaurants that he gets to know.

Over the course of the challenge, Silvie has felt that she has become more than that. Which ultimately resulted in creating “a community of people who love the land and didn’t know they liked it”. For that reason, he plans to somehow continue with the project, and always in Portugal, even after a year without going abroad.

“I’m really happy, accomplished, with what I’m doing and I think it’s very unlikely that I’ll travel abroad so soon. Because my 365 days won’t be enough to get to know everything I want in Portugal,” refers.

But before the challenge ends, Silvie has one goal: to get to know Madeira.

“It is one of my greatest shames, but I must confess that I do not know the island of Madeira. And yet I have been to Ibiza, Las Palmas, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Capri. Many islands around the world and Madeira, which I think is ‘mine’, should be part of the [desafio]”, he says.

The influencer simply waits until school term is over so she can travel to the island as a family, but she guarantees that the 365 days will not end without visiting the archipelago of ponchas and bolo do caco.

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