“The French version of “Top Chef” is of a much higher quality than the American”

Dominique Crenn: «La version française de “Top Chef” est d’une qualité bien supérieure à l’américaine»

INTERVIEW – The three-star San Francisco French chef has agreed to participate in the M6 ​​gastronomic competition. She challenges the candidates on seafood. At 56 years old, Dominique Crenn is one of the most recognized female chefs in the world. She is the first to achieve three stars in the United States with her restaurant … Read more

‘The aftermath of ‘The Voice’ is quite shocking’

Gautier: «L’après ‘‘The Voice’’ est assez choquant»

INTERVIEW – During the Super Cross Battles, the last leg before the live broadcast this Saturday on TF1, the singer led by Vianney made a bet to perform a title by Florent Pagny. If the key stakeholder welcomed the performance, the public vote did not allow him to qualify. TikTok Boom. A video on the … Read more

“I have invested my life in “Hôtel du temps””

Thierry Ardisson: «J’ai mis ma vie dans “Hôtel du temps”»

INTERVIEW – The 73-year-old presenter is back on France 3 with a new program that makes the missing stars talk. It has hardly changed. Thierry Ardisson, still dressed in his traditional black, is making his comeback to television after a three-year eclipse. The host launches “Hôtel du temps”, a completely new concept that should not … Read more