Television. After La Flamme, Marc returns to Le Flambeau: we’ve seen the first episodes

After La Flamme, Marc is back in Le Flambeau.
After La Flamme, Marc is back in Le Flambeau. (©Julien Panié – MakingProd / Between 2 and 4 / Canal+)

Mark is back† Less than two years after he found love in The flamethis is parachuted on the uninhabited island of Chupacabraon a game show, The torchwhere he will have to learn to survive and take out his competitors, including some familiar faces… We were able to see the first two episodes

In familiar territory

Jonathan Cohen adventure therefore its character, after a very successful passage in the pastiche of the Bachelor educationthis time in a parody of type adventure games Koh Lanta† And from the first minutes of FlambeauObviously the parody is clean, the team has been watching the TF1 show a lot to stick to that as best they can.

Thereby, Jerome Commander camps an animator filmed as Denis Brogniart east, with the same gestures, and its interventions are interrupted by these famous carvings on the ocean, the fauna and flora of the island.

The editing also brilliantly resembles that of Koh Lantawith its introductory part, its confession shots, its shoulder cameras to better follow the action, etc. : the amateur spectator of the game of TF1 swim in familiar territory.

Koh Lanta lovers will recognize all
Koh Lanta enthusiasts will recognize all the “necessary passages” of the show. Here’s a lottery… (©Julien Panié – MakingProd / Between 2 and 4 / Canal+)

Recurring characters

Question marks, in the first two episodes we find Anne (Ana Girardot), still so hated, we don’t really know why by Marc, Soraya (Adele Exarchopoulos), finally miraculously alive, with a transplanted gorilla heart, Chataléré (Camille Chamoux), still naked, Marina (Geraldine Nakache), who became a police officer – and is still in love with Soraya -, Tony Tonic (Ramzy Bedia), and Doctor Juiphe (Pierre Niney† Others will come back later, but we won’t tell you more about it.

Newcomers have been added to the band, and in particular Kad Meradiwho portrays the perfect beauty, Gerard Darmonthe adventurer a little myth or even Thomas Scimeca, the mad conspirator. We could quote others as the casting is, such as that of The flameof a pleasant density.

Each portrays a very distinctive character, in a universe that will offer the same storylines as that of Koh Lantawent through the mill with valves and jokes of Jonathan Cohen and his friends: survival, hunger, betrayal, hardship, fatigue, coexistence etc. So many situations where each character will play their part.

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The famous raft test remixed with Jonathan Cohen sauce...
The famous raft test remixed with Jonathan Cohen sauce… (©Julien Panié – MakingProd / Between 2 and 4 / Canal+)

Mozzarella and plantains

And as in The flamesome float around: in the two episodes we have seen, the most pronounced bursts of laughter are of course offered by Marc (the “mozzarella” and the plantains are the two brilliant moments of this beginning of the adventure), also by Doctor Juiphe (the reunion between the two zigottos is perfect), as well as by Ana Girardot.

Other characters seem withdrawn, less interesting, more programmatic. In fact, what works best in those first two episodes is actually what worked in The flame : see Anne doing her best again but Marc continues to loathe her, Doctor Juiphe and his non-academic methods… these are the references to the series that has become cult and works best for the time being: du fan servicein brief.

And the newcomers will inevitably take the time to be kind to us, because it’s easy to fall in love with the old again, through the old formulas: here we are as if we started private jokes from which those who were not part of the first adventure are automatically excluded. We barely smile with the new kids, except thanks to Kad Mérad, who is automatically very good at his role as the band’s redneck, ready to do anything to bring a good mood to the camp.

Marc is no longer in the center of everything

When the series focuses on other supporting characters, it kind of loses us. Because what is always a bull’s eye? The flameit was not the characters individually, but their link with each with the odious Bachelor education – the series was also cut so that each episode offered its moment of courage to one of the contenders.

Here’s another parodied program format (more chorus) obligatory, Marc is no longer the only candidate at the heart of the show (even if he’s the one we see the most), he’s an adventurer among the others.

In the first two episodes, because of course you have to introduce everyone, Marc is less of each scene, and the rhythm of the series suffers. The moments in the team other than his are rather dull, the characters don’t have enough incarnation (yet?) to function without a direct link to Marc.

Yet Jonathan Cohen confirms what we thought of him in The flame : he is the best French comics partner of the moment.

The characters, who would certainly all be way too overwritten, as expected, in any other series, all find their consistency and rhythm when they come face to face with him. Let’s bet that when everyone is well-characterized and the “reunion” takes place, Marc will be back on all levels. Then the series certainly finds its own rhythm, he no longer looks in the rear-view mirror from the previous season; new things will happen and the writing will be able to free itself completely from its framework, more constraining and restrictive for the moment than what the concept of The Bachelor offered The flame

Practical information :
Broadcast on Canal Plus from 23 May.

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